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TTH/SFD-001 "Astraeus" - Class Stellar Pentecounter

- - - - - TGC The Golden Company TTH The Thyrsian Hierarchy REC Republic Engineering Frigate

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Intent: To create a Thyrsian Frigate-Destroyer for the Golden Company, and later Thyrsian Hierarchy.
Image Source: Eve Online Amarr Empire - Coercer - EvE Wiki. [x]
Canon Link: Not Applicable. 
Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles, Hyperion Solar Lances. [x]


Manufacturer: Republic Engineering Corporation, The Thyrsian Hierarchy, The Golden Company. (Select, and Contracted Foundries.)
Model: TTH/SFD-001 "Astraeus" - Class Stellar Pentecounter
Affiliation: The Thyrsian Hierarchy, The Golden Company, Closed-Market.
Production: Minor-Scale Production.
Material: Durasteel, Flexisteel, Armourplast, Reinforced Duraplast, Manganese Brass, Glasteel, Dallorian Alloy, Various Starship Components (Internal and External.)


Classification: Frigate.
Role: Sector Patrol Vessel, Frigate Destroyer, Pocket Carrier, Mobile Shadowport, Heavy Escort Vessel.
Length: 290 Metres.
Width: 150 Metres.
Height: 95 Metres.
Armament: Moderate Rating.

  • [6] Hyperion Solar Lance Batteries [Fast-Track Mountings, Fire-Linked.] (Counts as Twelve Turbolasers.)
  • [6] Dual Mass-Driver Turrets [Railgun Variant, Fast-Track Mountings, Fire-Linked.]
  • [6] Dual Ion Cannon Turrets [Fast-Track Mountings, Fire-Linked.]
  • [2] Turreted Concussion Missile Turrets [Variable Warhead Payloads.**]
  • [10] Quad-Laser Cannon Turrets [Fast-Track Mountings, Fire-Linked.]
  • [10] Rotary Point Defence Cannons [Fast-Track Mountings, Fire-Linked.]
  • [10] Antimissile Octets [Fast-Track mountings, Fire-Linked.]

** Variable Warhead Loadout: Assault Concussion Missiles, Seeker Concussion Missiles, Homing Proton Torpedoes, Magpulse Torpedoes, Interdiction Missiles, Planetary Hex Missiles, Assault Cluster Missiles, Intruder Missiles, T-33 Radiation Torpedoes Etc.
Defences: Average Rating.

  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Hull and Armour Plating.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Deflector Shield (Ray and Particle; Overlaid.)
  • Overhauled [Frigate-Class, Military Grade] Kiirium Mirror Shields (Automated, and Slide-able Girder Mounts.)
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] ECM, and Countermeasures (Including Chaff and Flare Launchers.)
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Internal Defenses (Blast Doors, Concealed Autoblasters, Etc.)

Hangar: One Squadron of Starfighters, with Auxiliary Hangars for Transports and Shuttles - Average Rating.
Maneuverability Rating: 60 DPF - Average Rating.
Speed Rating: Average Rating.
Maximum Atmospheric Speed: 920 Km/H
Primary Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1.0
Secondary Hyperdrive Rating: Class 8.0
Engine Unit(s): Frigate - Class Ion Engines - Six Drive Units.
Secondary Propulsion: Retractable Solar Soils.
Primary Power Plant: Frigate - Class Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor.
Secondary Power Plant: Solar Ionization Conversion Module(s) with Retractable Agrinium Collection Arrays.
Passengers: Thirty Soldiers - Shipboard Security Contingent.
Crew Complement (Optimal): Fourty-Two Officers, Enlisted Personnel, and Chattel Ratings (Slaves.)
Crew Complement (Skeletal): Fifteen Officers, Enlisted Personnel, and Chattel Ratings (Slaves.)
Escape Craft: Eight Saviour Pods and Two Ejectable Lifeboat.
Cargo Capacity: 600 Metric Tonnes
Consumables: Seven Months - Galactic Standard.


  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Damage Control and Hazard Systems.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Life Support Systems.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Navigational and Avionics Systems.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Sensors and Targeting Systems.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Communications Systems, Holonet Transceiver and Encryption/Decryption Networks with Thyrsian Military Keys.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Environmental Control Systems.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Tractor and Pressor Beams.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Emergency Maneuvering Thrusters.
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Anti-Ion Emission Tracer (Anti-Hyperspace Tracking.)
  • Standard [Frigate-Class, Military-Grade] Relativistic and Shift Shielding.


  • HIMS - Hyperwave Inertial Momentum Sustainer.
  • Central Computer Core (Integrated Droid Brains.)
  • Internal Shield Generators.
  • Internal Reactor Bulb(s).
  • Internal Command Bridge.
  • Anti-Ordnance EM Probes (Long-Range.)
  • Aural-Biological-Chemical Scrambler Probes (Long-Range.)
  • Missile Deactivation Transmitter (Short Range.)
  • Haysian Smelt Infused Kiirium Mirror Plating, with Slide-able Girders.


  • Thyrsian Mirror Shields: Styled after the technology that preceded the modern energy shield, Thyrsian mirror shields were a secondary measure of protection. A redundant failsafe; should the primary barriers collapse. They were polished and infused plates that were mounted atop automated and sliding girders, that were capable of “deflecting” the lethality of capital-grade energy weapons away from the warship’s surface - before melting sometime thereafter.
  • Countermeasure Suite: Fashioned with a state of the art countermeasure suite, the 'Astraeus' is capable of thwarting the myriad methods in which control of the warship could be taken away from the command crew. In addition to these various systems, the Pentecounter was outfitted with a hyperwave sustainer - an item that allowed the vessel to retain its momentum at lightspeed and punch deep into enemy-held territory.
  • Frigate-Destroyer: Outfitted with a wide array of deadly weaponry, the Astraeus was more than capable of punching through an enemy’s battle line and wrecking havoc amongst their smaller vessels. Not only could the Stellar Pentecounter carve its way through a myriad of Corvettes and Frigates, but the warship itself could also pose a threat to larger cruisers, and assist its Gilded Kin in taking them down - like a pack-wolves on the hunt. 


  • Turreted Concussion Missile Tubes: While the benefits of having a turreted concussion missile tube were immense, such a design choice came with a critical weakness - that if exploited could spell untold destruction for not only the ship but the crew as well. As there was a direct link between the munitions bay and the automated turret itself, there was a possibility that a projectile could explode and subsequently cause a chain reaction - that may result in crippling the warship’s combat prowess. 
  • Central Computer Core / Automated Systems: Outfitted with a Central Computer core, and the myriad of droid brains that were required to keep the ship operational - the 'Astraeus' was highly vulnerable to close-proximity EMP detonations - that would cripple the vessel; until the excess of ionic energy was purged. This also made a prime target for enemy boarding parties as they could effectively control the entire starship from a single chamber - only if they previously knew about its location and purpose that is. 
  • Solarized Weapons: Despite the power afforded to the Pentecounter through its use of solarized weaponry, the primary weapon suite suffers from an inability to commit themselves to endurance warfare - when not enshrouded within a system rife with solar radiation. When the capacitors run dry, the solarized weapons were unable to produce their lethal beams - rendering a portion of the starship’s combat prowess inert - until they were recharged.

The Astraeus was the first, Frigate-class warship that was produced by the Republic Engineering Corporation for the Golden Company. It was manufactured in direct violation of the Almera Accords, which saw the entire military power of Thyrsus dismantled as the Daughters of Eshan set about destroying the Desert-world’s culture. This aptly named Pentecounter was the embodiment of the Thyrsian’s martial culture, which combined their arcane technologies with those of the modern era - to create a technological terror that was never before seen amongst the stars. 
As was tradition with most Thrysian warships, they employed a plethora of weapon and sub-systems that were mostly considered unorthodox and unconventional to the Imperial-esque standards that’ve overtaken the Galaxy. The Frigate was outfitted with solarized weapons, which were an analog to the conventional turbolaser - but held mysterious properties that allowed for the lance of ochre energy to spear through standard deflector shields, directly damaging the hull beneath the protective barrier. The deadly effects of these weapons were coupled with a myriad of supporting emplacements that would effectively batter, and tear through the armoured husk of another starship - leaving nothing but ashen revenants and a burning corpse behind. 
While the Pentecounter wasn’t exceptionally speedy, or maneuverable, the Astraeus was purpose-built for war - and nothing more. The ship was spartan in design, and like many warships, and lacked the fineries found on luxury liners. The interior was designed to be easily defensible, with retractable auto-blasters hidden at critical junctions throughout the ship, that would surprise and slaughter would-be invaders - or even mutinous individuals. In addition to the automated systems that assisted their Sun Guard masters in defending the vessel, there were extendable bulkheads that could be activated to create fortifications where-ever they were needed. 
Although the capabilities of the warship weren’t easily explained in a matter of words, the Astraeus was deadly to any and all starships that found themselves opposed to the Golden Company, and whoever set them to the task. 


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