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Hybrid Droid Processor

- - - - - TSE Droid Part

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Amseth Typho

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Hybrid Droid Processor





  • Manufacturer: Project Clemency
  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire
  • Model: Project Clemency Hybrid Droid Processor
  • Modularity: Not in the slightest
  • Production: Minor

  • Material: Sentient brains, computer components.


  • Mechanical Neural Cusps
  • Kill-spikes
  • Behavioral Circuitry Matrix
  • Metaprogramming inhibitor
  • Integrated Power Supply



+THINK FAST: The average brain of a sentient is far more powerful than the average droid. Thus, by utilizing a sentient's brain for raw processing power, the HDP generally outperforms rival droid processors by a considerable degree.


+THINK GREEN: The average brain of a sentient consumes FAR less power and gives off far less heat than the average droid processor. Likewise, the HDP is considerably less demanding and taxing on a droid than the average processor, freeing up power to be diverted to other systems.




-IT'S NOT BRAIN SURGER- OH WAIT: The process of building HDPs is incredibly intricate and requires precise tools and high-end equipment, lest the brain be damaged and rendered unusable. Currently, the HDP can only be produced on the Square Hammer.


-ABBY WHO?: HDPs can't be made out of just any brain, at least not yet. Only the brains of humans or near-humans are usable, and even then, they have to be in good quality. Damage to the brain from strokes, trauma, or substance abuse are all disqualifying factors, making production of the HDP even harder. Likewise, because not all sentients are created equal, HDP performance does show slight variance among the units.




At the core of Project Clemency is the Hybrid Droid Processor. The average droid processor has 98 trillion bytes of memory and a processing power of 61 million megaflops (Floating Operations Per Second). But the average sentient brain has 3.5 quadrillion bytes of memory and a processing power of 2.2 megaflops, all running on roughly 20 watts of power. A droid that could operate on par with a sentient would be incredible. And while no processor yet exists that can compete with sentients, Project Clemency has developed a suitable intermediate, the Hybrid Droid Processor.


The processor is made by surgically extracting the brain of a healthy human or near-human, making sure to keep the brain alive during the process. The mechanical parts are carefully and delicately attached to the brain, embedding themselves via the neural cusps. The cusps in turn deploy the kill-spikes, which selectively target areas of the brain to erase any sort of personality or free will. Likewise, it connects the brain to the behavioral circuitry matrix, which allows the brain to be effectively reprogrammed. A metaprogramming inhibitor, however, will prevent the brain from re-establishing any sort of self-awareness or sentience. A power supply is attached to the top and the brain stem, pumping in the necessary (and shockingly minimal) power needed to keep the processor active.


While the HDP does not maintain perfect 1:1 performance alongside sentients due to the damage caused by the kill-spikes, it is still roughly on par with human or near-human brains and far above and beyond any sort of droid processor in terms of performance. A droid with the HDP can utilize the brain to full potential and perform functions with much greater speed, precision, and complexity than one with a normal processor. In that end, it is a rousing success.

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