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Executioner-class Battle Droid

- - - - - Battle Droid Cyborg

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Executioner-class Battle Droid





  • Manufacturer: Project Clemency
  • Affiliation: Sith Empire, Sith-Imperial Legion, Imperial Court
  • Model: Executioner-class Cyborg
  • Production: Minor

  • Modularity: No
  • Material: Agrinium (internals), Turadium (armor plating), sentient brains (core)


  • Classification: Class 4
  • Weight: 500kg
  • Height: 2.5 meters
  • Movement: Bipedal/Jetpacks
  • Armaments: Built-in heavy repeating blaster on right arm w/ vibro-bayonet
  • Misc. Equipment:


  • Advanced Modular Armor Plating
  • Hybrid Droid Processor
  • Integrated jetpack and thrusters
  • Rechargeable light deflector shields
  • Built-in heavy repeating blaster w/vibro-bayonet
  • High-end sensor package (audio/visual/olfactory sensors, motion tracker, thermal sensors, barometer, short-range radar)
  • Internal hydraulic infrastructure
  • Integrated comlink and audio output system



+HUNTER-KILLER: The Executioner-class is built for killing people, and so it's really, REALLY good at that. With powerful shields and armor that can resist most small arms fire, a devastating heavy repeating blaster it can rip through most light forces, and its powerful HDP, jetpack, thrusters and hydraulic limbs it can outmaneuver most infantry forces. The standard squad of three droids can very easily take on forces much larger than them.


+EXTREMELY LONG ARM OF THE LAW: As it turns out, the Executioner-class also makes a remarkably good assassin, if not a messy one. Its advanced processing allows it to easily track down and eliminate any sort of prey (alongside any obstacles) with extreme prejudice.




-YOU HAVE TWENTY SECONDS TO COMPLY: The Executioner-class is good at killing people... and that's about it. While it's an effective weapon, the fact that it can't do basic tasks like enforcing a curfew without resorting to super-lethal force means it's a far cry from replacing actual soldiers or LEOs outright. Likewise, the battlefield role of the Executioner-class is relatively limited. It's lethally effective against infantry and light armored vehicles, but when it comes to heavy armor, it's virtually useless.


-IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD: The Executioner-class relies entirely on the HDP, as any other processor wouldn't be able to utilize the droid body at full performance or efficiency. As a result, the droids can only be produced on board the Square Hammer. This makes deployment of them limited, with only roughly 100,000 in service at any times (compared to the billions of legionnaires in the Empire's service).



When Project Clemency sought to create the first droid to make use of the advanced Hybrid Droid Processor, they looked to the limited-production Suppressor-class Dark Trooper. The Executioner was conceived as an attempt to replicate the Dark Trooper's functions, but with significantly increased performance. As such, its entire frame is built around a fast-attack strategy. The droid is given significant armor and shielding to withstand small arms fire, and is loaded with hover/jump jets in addition to a powerful jetpack being mounted on its back for high-speed movement around the battlefield. For combat, the right arm has a mounted heavy repeating blaster capable of penetrating most light armor and an optional vibro-bayonet. Were that not enough, hydraulic infrastructure gives the unit remarkable strength and running speed.


The Executioner-class droid fills two main roles on the battlefield: fast attack, and search-and-destroy. Deployed in platoons consisting of nine droids divided into three squads of three, the high-speed death machines can engage in effective area denial, interception, line-breaking, and deep strike tactics. As droids, they operate in near-perfect harmony and synchronization, coordinating their efforts flawlessly. The units lack singular leaders on the field, instead taking orders from a distant officer (An unseen "tenth man" and executing those orders as they see fit. Should the units lose contact with their officer, they will carry out its last order, then immediately attempt to re-establish contact. 


While the Executioner-class droid is not yet ready for proper mass production outside of the Square Hammer, it nonetheless showcases the impressive power of the HDP, opening up new and exciting avenues for all sorts of killing machines.

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