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Jedi Legacy Attire

- - - - - Bekk Magra House Fayden

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Veiere Arenais

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  • Intent: To submit the first variation of Bekk Mag'ra's Jedi Attire, created for him to symbolize his place in his Master's Legacy.
  • Image Source: Original Model created for Jedi Knight Academy, extracted with Modview and photoshopped by myself (Imgur Link).
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: Jedi Attire.


  • Manufacturer: Amoné Fayden (NPC).
  • Affiliation: Bekk Mag'ra (Kieran Orion).
  • Model: N/A.
  • Modularity: Yes (Gloves, boots, various layers, Hooded Cloak/Robe).
  • Production:  Unique.
  • Material: Fibre, Fabrics, Leather.


  • Classification: Jedi Attire.
  • Weight: Light.
  • Resistances: Very Low

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): None.

- Kinetic: Very Low.

- Lightsabers: None.

- Other:  Elements  - None.



  • Family Crest of House Fayden.
  • Utility Belt.
  • Leather reinforced Boots and Gauntlets.
  • Force Imbued.


This variation of Jedi Tunic, Robe and Accessories does not fall outside of the typical standard for most Jedi Personnel who have taken a preference to the age old style of garments. Outside of it's visual appearance, the materials used as well as the overall design can be identified throughout many various Force Organizations, most notable however for the Jedi Order as they're less often seen in anything but humble wear, outside of conflict and war-time operations.


Adding a very personal touch however is the visual design for which represents the Legacy of his former Jedi Master, Amoné Fayden. Her Family Crest is worn upon the front and back of the upper body and has been taken from one of her more street-savy attires that she so often wore to the ill regard of her Master and Council. This is what makes this attire so personal to Bekk, for it represents all that he has achieved with the guidance and training of his Master and arguably the only parental figure he's ever had in his life, crediting many if not all of his accomplishments and experience to the Legacy that he carries on in his time with the Order. 

  • Jedi Attire - Symbolizing Bekk Mag'ra's role as a Jedi Knight, easily distinguishable by the look of this attire as well as the belt for which will carry his Lightsabers. This can have adverse effects on many different peoples of varying opinions, however he wears it with a great deal of pride in what the Jedi represent and strive to achieve for the benefit of Galactic Society.
  • Aura of Light - Empowering Bekk Mag'ra in the concentration and practice of the Light Side of the Force, these garments have been imbued with his very presence through years of meditation and service across the Galaxy as a member of the Jedi Order.


  • Vulnerable to all forms of Combat - This is an attire of a Jedi Knight, not of a Soldier and is therefore made to be light, versatile in wear and yet holds no resistance what-so-ever to weapons or fire-arms, and extremely little protection against kinetic damages.
  • Fair-Game - A very obvious target if not based on appearance alone for any persons influenced by greed or the Dark Side of the Force. A Jedi Knight has few friends and sadly many enemies that would seek to topple one so bold as to declare their allegiance so openly.

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