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AMT - 7

- - - - - Mirdirmorut Anitmatter Cannon

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  • Manufacturer: Mirdirmorut
  • Affiliation: Mirdirmorut Closed-Market 
  • Model: AMT - 7
  • Modularity: No
  • ProductionLimited 

  • Material: DION Fiber, Antimatter generator, Magnets 



  • Classification: Antimatter cannon
  • Size: Extreme
  • Weight: Extreme
  • Ammunition Type: Antimatter Quarrels
  • Ammunition Capacity: Antimatter generator unlimited, Quarrels 50
  • Reload Speed: None, Average

  • Effective Range: Battlefield
  • Rate of Fire: Very Low
  • Stopping Power: Extreme.
  • Recoil:  Very High



  • Antimatter generator 
  • DION Fibre
  • Quarrels that create magnetic fields.



  • DION Fibre - allows it to be resistant to EMP/Ion attacks
  • Always generating - The generator is always creating and storing more antimatter particles.
  • Hitting across a battlefield - Able to fire across a battlefield's range.
  • Stopping anything in it's path - The cannon can stop almost anything in it's way with it's shots.



  • Melting away - be easily hurt with acid.
  • Fire! Damn it, Fire! - Firing speed is very very slow generally meaning it takes it at least 2 posts to get a shot off. One post setting up and one firing.
  • Heaviest thing in the world - generally only vehicles, droids and ships can carry this weapon given it's sheer size and weight.
  • Recoiling all the way to the core - The gun even given it's weight and size still has a massive kick behind it and has been known to send even what is holding it flying.


These antimatter cannons were made by Mirdirmorut after Tom had a design in mind for a rather massive weapon project that would be able to be placed on droids. Wasn't long before he figured out it could work on ships, gun emplacement if sturdy enough and even Vehicles. The Quarrels create a magnetic field around itself allowing the antimatter to be contained within it and allows it to be transferred across once it hits a target from out of the magnetic field and the quarrel itself.


The gun has a massive stopping power and no need to reload ever as the anti matter generator always makes and stores more as it goes. Adding DION Fibre made it less prone to being EMP'd to death. It is also able to hit things across a battlefield as part of the plan was to have it also on artillery.


Problems that were very quickly discovered were due to the fact the antimatter generators are massively heavy and massive in of themselves making it hard for them to be used in a hand to hand scale. The recoil is massive for a gun it's size, it's possible that the gun could in fact damage the user of it. It's firing rate is very very slow and has been known to take over 10 mins to fire on a bad day. The DION fibre is also prone to being melted with acid.



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