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EKR-20 Mass Driver Rifle

- - - - - Mass Driver

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  • Manufacturer: EODD

  • Affiliation: Silver Jedi Order

  • Model: EKR-20 Mass Driver Rifle

  • Modularity: Can fit a variety of underbarrel attachments and scopes

  • Production: Limited

  • Material: Durasteel, Electromagnets, Microrepulsors, Inertial Dampener


  • Classification: Mass Driver Rifle

  • Size: Average

  • Weight: Very Heavy

  • Ammunition Type: 20mm Slugs

  • Ammunition Capacity: 15 round magazines

  • Reload Speed: Average

  • Effective Range: Battlefield

  • Rate of Fire: Average

  • Stopping Power: Extreme

  • Recoil: High


  • Electromagnets propel ammunition at 5.5km/s

  • Microrepulsors and Inertial Dampener mitigate recoil

  • Designed to utilize B.A.P.E. rounds to increase effectiveness


  • Armor Penetration: Firing 20mm rounds at 5.5km/s through hyperaccelerated magnetic coils, the EKR-20’s penetrating power is extreme, punching through even the hardest materials with proper targeting and ammunition. While only slightly less powerful than the EKR-30, it still carries on the legacy of providing nightmares to targets in heavy armor.

  • Stopping Power: Not only useful against armor, the 20mm rounds fired by the EKR-20 are massively powerful, transferring incredible physical trauma onto organic targets to horrifyingly brutal effect, with single shots capable of removing limbs with ease and putting large holes in enemies.


  • Weight: The EKR-20 is a very heavy weapon for its size, owing not only to its construction but to the large caliber ammunition it carries. A full loadout requires a particularly strong user to compensate for the extra weight put on them, and can make the weapon difficult to maneuver in a firefight.

  • Recoil: Despite the inertial dampener and microrepulsors the EKR-20 still transfers significant recoil per shot, requiring the user to compensate for this often. In addition it has a low fire rate to allow for the magnets to recharge to full capacity between shots and prevent the recoil from growing to disproportionate levels.

  • Reload Intensive: Due to the size of the rounds it carries, the EKR-20’s magazines can only carry 15 rounds in order to keep weight within manageable limits. Because of this it requires frequent and often inconvenient reloading which can be a heavy burden in a hectic firefight.



Building on their already formidable line of kinetic weaponry, EODD’s design team decided to create a rifle to bridge the gap between their superheavy 30mm rifle and the more modular 10mm carbine. The final product was the EKR-20, a 20mm magnetic acceleration weapon designed to be no larger than an assault rifle but still carry incredibly stopping power and armor penetration. While still heavy, it’s a lot more maneuverable than the EKR-30, and can fit a solid role between an infantry assault weapon and a sniper rifle, boasting the range and power of the latter in the package of the former. Its large 20mm round is exceptionally lethal against both infantry targets and vehicles, coming in 15 round magazines to keep weight down in the field.


Inside of the foregrip the weapon’s magnetic coils are protected from outside damage, enjoying protection unlike that of the EKR-30. A triple rail array is used to boost the power of the weapon, and its chamber is designed to be able to handle not only standard material rounds but the heavier B.A.P.E. ammunition as well, further enhancing the already considerable armor penetration capacity of the weapon. While a foregrip and forward torch combo come standard as an accessory, it can be removed and replaced with other items such as launchers or bipods, as can the standard issue scope that comes with the weapon.


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