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Kyrel's Harbinger

- - - - - Lightsaber Saberstaff Personal Weapon

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Kyrel Ren

Kyrel Ren

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Out of Character information: 


  • Intent Create a powerful dark side weapon for Master of Ren Kyrel. 
  • Image Source: Saber parts   
  • Canon Link: N/A 
  • Primary Source: Lightsaber


 Production Information

  • Manufacturer: Kyrel Ren 
  • Affiliation: Kyrel Ren
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: No 
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Durasteel, Alusteel, Phrik, Lightsaber Components, Mustafar Crystal, Kyber Crystal



Technical Specifications: 

  • Classification: Double-Bladed Lightsaber
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Average


Special Features: 


  • Cell Recogniser
  • Ossus Dueling lens
  • Dragite Lens 
  • High Output Diatum Power Cell
  • Deflection Emitter
  • Teljorn Cell Mk 1
  • Pressure Grip 
  • Blade Power adjustment knob



Strengths and Weaknesses 


Rage intensifies: Due to double the Mustafar Crystals added to the Lightsaber. The Wielder's rage is increased by double, allowing for the user to become more deadly in combat. 


Pain Booster: With the double the Crystals, more pain is inflicted on the user after a long period. And is able to be used to an alarming effect by using such pain to channel dark side abilities 


Recovery: The corrupted Kyber Crystal within the saber allows the user to recover when using the Force. 


Dueling and Damage: The Ossus Dueling lens combined with the Dragite Lens, forms a deadly combination with the Dragite Lens giving a boost in dishing out damage, while the dueling lens provides an advantage when dueling against other opponents. 


Crossguard defense: The added Crossguard blades allow the Emitter to have some measure of defense from lightsaber attacks, an added bonus is the emitters made of Phrik to prevent the Crossguards to be destroyed in combat.


Bonded: Due to the Crystals within the blade, Mustafar and Kyber Crystals. The blade's only loyalty is to Kyrel Ren himself



Corruption: For Dark Side users who wield this blade, as well as Light Side users those that touch and use this blade for a long period of time are prone to dark side corruption and is easily able to give in to rage lest an experienced dark side user retains control. 


Intense Pain: Due to double the Mustafar Crystals, the wielder of the blade is subjugated to excruciating pain. While this can be used to an advantage. It has the drawback of causing the most insufferable pain imaginable after prolonged use even affecting the user mentally with moderate to even severe headaches. 


Materials: The saber as powerful as it is, it is unable to cut through most lightsaber resistant materials such as Beskar, Phrik, and Cortosis 


Split in two: Despite the saberstaff being made out of reinforced Duraplast, after a couple of strikes from a Lightsaber, the saberstaff with break into two separate lightsabers. 


Water: The Saberstaff does not work well in Underwater environments and is prone to shutting off in such an event. 


Slugthrowers: The Saberstaff is not resistant to slug-throwing weapons and could be knocked out of the user's hand with this method. 






Kyrel Ren, Master of Ren and the Enforcer to the Supreme Leader. He had longed to perfect his skills in dealing with the First Order's enemies, Jedi or not. He wanted to create a weapon that would even be twice as powerful as Vader's Bane to whom was a gift from a former Ren. Combining the schematics from the Crossguard design and that of the weapon perfected by Exar Kun. He soon developed perhaps the first Crossguard Saber staff. The Crossguard adding a sense of intimidation and defense to his blade. He spent days crafting the saber, getting all the materials he needed and desired, using the Kyber Crystal of the Jedi Master Zark. To which he had killed long ago. He bled the crystal, but due to the crystal's loyalty to it's Master put up a fight to its new master. Slightly cracking before given in to its new owner. 


Kyrel also visited the spot to where Vader's Demise was found securing crystal fragments, to which he had spent days working on to reform the crystals for his new weapon. Within a month he had crafted a blade worthy of the enemies he would hunt down. Using it well against multiple opponents who would dare challenge him, as well as all those that would oppose the Master of Ren... This would be known as Kyrel's Harbinger 

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