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The Saturn

- - - - - Sith Empire

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Vanessa Vantai

Vanessa Vantai

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  • Classification: Battleship
  • Length: 2000m
  • Width: 750m
  • Height: 1000m
  • Armament: Very High

5x LBeam Heavy Beam Cannon Turrets
Long Range Solar Ionization Cannon Batteries
Super-Heavy Energy Torpedo Launchers
Composite Beam Lasers
Antimissile Octets

  • Defenses: Very High

Enhanced Deflector Shields
Reinforced Hull
Diatium Capacitance Array
Cap Drain
Warhead Countermeasures

Armament Frequency Modulator

  • Hangar: Average(7 squadrons)
  • Maneuverability Rating: Very Low
  • Speed Rating: Low
  • Hyperdrive Class: Class 0.5




  • The Saturn fits an armament frequency modulator, allowing it to modulate its energy weapons - including its heavy beam cannons - to the same frequency as an enemy's shields, in effect allowing them to penetrate shields with no issue.


  • The Saturn, given its aged spaceframe combined with excesses of the latest technology, is slow and unmaneuverable. As well, against ships it has not modulated against, it lacks in firepower compared to the Ablution.
  • Repeated use of the Saturn's shock jump capabilities can lead to overheating, and potentially, meltdown of the backup hyperdrives, which could lead to serious damage.

Description: Saturn was a Pluton-class Battleship, formerly in service of the Sith Empire, and later, the New Order. Saturn was eventually removed from service after the New Order dissolved, being far too costly to otherwise maintain. When a spaceframe was needed to test the production version of the armament frequency modulator, Saturn was hauled from the Imperial Graveyard to the Nathema Orbital Complex, where it was stripped down and rebuilt to the standard specifications of a modernized Pluton. The Saturn fits, along with its experimental weaponry, a class 0.5 hyperdrive, added as it was intended to function independently from most battlegroups, serving a hit-and-run role against enemy fleets. Saturn was fitted with a pair of Class 10 hyperdrives as backups to allow for shock jumps and quick exits against enemy targets, though the system is experimental and as of yet has only been used in testing.


Saturn is currently under deployment with the 57th Squadron in the Commenor system, providing defense for that system during the Sith withdrawal.

Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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Vanessa Vantai, I'm stamping this, but I'm letting you know that the addition of the Armament Frequency Modulator means that I give it a 90% of being reported. 

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Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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