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Stage Two - Freedom for the Common Man: Battle On Commenor

* * * * * 1 votes Commenor Survives Ground and Pound PvE PvP

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Kay Arenais

Kay Arenais

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Opening Crawl




Kay stood at the balcony of the Royal Palace just outside of Chasin CIty. The sun was setting over the valley. It was the perfect time. The Treaty of Commenor was broken. Not long ago, the Sith had outsourced people to try to remove Kay from her status as Head of State, a status that was protected by the treaty, even though her powers to rule were greatly diminished. And with the treaty broken, that left the Queen in the clear to work on the liberation of Commenor.


Einon was already working on his own strategies to give the Commenori tactical advantages over the Imperial Occupiers. Veiere Arenais was spearheading efforts outside of Commenori space to deal with the fleet overhead that protected the blockade that surrounded the planet. Working together, aided by their wedding rings that kept the two Monarchs connected in mind and spirit, they were able to co-ordinate their efforts and start the operations half a day apart.


The time had come.Kay had her assistant Effie help her into her light armour which protected the bracer vest that provided the energy for her bracer blaster, a weapon that had surprised a couple of the Imperial guards that stood sentry in her office.The other two were dispatched by a Force choke on their hearts, ending their lives in seconds. It wouldn't be long before everyone knew what was going on.


"Effie, time to get you ready.There's a blaster in my desk drawer, and my umbrella is behind it. It may not look like much, but it is capable of deflecting blaster fire, and even some lightsaber strikes. I had it made special for me. Now you can use it to protect yourself."Hopefully it'd be enough. Hopefully Kaine Australis could get to her on time. 


Kay then set off the signal to Tom, just a few flashes from a flashlight into the direction of the gardens. That'd let him know to light the fireworks. With the sky growing darker, they'd be easier for Einon to spot.


"Help will be coming. We won't be on our own. If only the access tunnels and passageways here were unsealed. That'd make it a heck of a lot easier." Unfortunately the Sith had sealed them off before she was brought back home. "This time we've got the upper hand. We've got the element of surprise."


That is if all went according to plan.


Fingers crossed.





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Tom Taff

Tom Taff

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Tom had been pretending since the fall to be Lady Kay gardener. He had been nearly caught several times during the list of events occurring by some of the imperial forces as a force user but he had slowly figured out ways around it. His company had still been shipping to their warehouses in which included 3 of the foundry droids as well as other droids and some vehicles. They would be ready to roll out when the signal was given. 


Tom was in the gardens moving some more roses from a pot to the garden since Lady Kay seemed to enjoy this type of flower in this colour he might even need to add it to the waterfall of peace one day. He looked up and saw a flashing light. That was their signal. The black inky sky of night was soon lit up with white and blue fireworks as a signal to anyone the rebellion had begun. 


Tom dug up his armour and weapons he needed as he began putting them on. He would need to protect the Lady until Kaine Australis showed up and got her out of the combat. He hoped the mandalorian would be able to get her out quickly enough tom wasn't here to protect her, his main goal was to free the people of the planet. Losing Kay would be bad but as long as the people weren't under Sith repression anymore it wouldn't matter.





Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

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“Alright Jedi. We’ve got a task ahead of us.” Coren said as he checked the loadout on his guns. The Tachyon Rising was a ship that had no troubles evading a blockade, especially a Sith blockade. Using the Fleets attack as a distraction, Starchaser was pushing the hyperdrive as best as he could. Microjumps were managed by his droid and the connection to the Force. He knew that his instinctive navigation skill was second to only a few, and that meant he and his team were going to get on the world. Commenor was doing what he always was down for, fighting back against the Sith.


And when Rebels called? Starchaser answered. He reached out to a few Alliance-in-Exile units, and Mazik Stazi to see how the fleet was prepping, and quickly assembled a strike team. The team was lead by himself and several Jedi, from the Praxeum and the Shattered Order he lead.


“Reports have Sith and other assorted dark siders in the area. Our goal is to get ourselves to the Queen, and fight back the tide.” They had already been landed on the outskirts of the city, no need to get themselves stuck in some spaceport. It wasn’t that far from the Palace, and the ship had its active camouflage. Porter, his astromech had his orders to keep the ship locked and camouflaged and if a set time came by to bug out to a safe spot.


“So, stick close, watch the fire, and don’t go chasing the rabbit when the Sith show up.” That last part was more for him, but he had a few Jedi here to keep him set. “If we find injured, we get them out of harms way and call in the medics. They need us to keep moving.” Or he assumed.


“And if the CSA give an order, take it, but if its goin’ to get you killed, stay alive.” He grabbed his maser after strapping his pistol and lightsaber to his hip. “We ready?” He looked at his team and nodded. Checkig his arm's charge, and his armor, he was ready.


Cambria Zadira

Romi Jade

Zylah Dvale



Gear -

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Effie Duanna

Effie Duanna
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Effie stood at the doors of the balcony, watching the sunset along with her queen. This was her favourite time of day. In Effie's opinion the city look most beautiful soaked in dark orange rays as the sun slowly retreated. Effie's gaze of awe at the sunset waned. The thought that this could be the last sunset she would ever see found it's way back in to her mind. Nerves began to cloud her mind more than ever, she clasped her hands over her stomach to steady them a bit. Effie's dark eyes shifted from the sunset to her queen Lady Kay as she made her way off the balcony. Effie knew it was time and followed.

As requested, Effie helped Kay into her light armour. Effie herself had standard light armour on with a light ankle length robe on top. She was doing the finishing touches to the armour when Kay gave her new instructions. The request to arm herself was surprising as Effie had never really been involved in combat before, regardless Effie knew the stakes. She nodded gently at her queen and said softly "Yes my lady". Effie swiftly made her way over to Kay's desk and retrieved the blaster, hooked it on to her belt and grabbed the umbrella. Effie looked over the umbrella for a few seconds, she could not help but smile at how cunning her queen is. After all the necessary equipment was retrieved she made her way back over to Kay.

Butterflies fluttered around her stomach as Kay flashed the torch. It really was time. "This plan will work. I'm sure of it" Effie could not maintain eye contact as she said that since she was not sure if she believed it herself. Effie gently placed one of her soft hands over Kay's "If the worst happens i just want to thank you....for everything. It's been an honour serving you". Effie's hand left her queens and proceeded to tie her own long black hair in to a ponytail.



Konstantin Makarev

Konstantin Makarev
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Allies: Kyrel Ren | Omari Vyken | Rexus Wemck | Kyli DT-6767 | Luther Ando | The First Order | Sith Empire 

Enemies: Those who defy the Imperial Mandate. Lady Kay
Commoner: The First Order Embassy, Drawing Room

Music: Anything Goes | Cole Porter [X]


"And that's when I told him," The colonel began with a chuckle, "Those aren't your bloody rifles!" The group which had assembled around the colonel let out a raucous gale of laughter. Makarev raised his glass and skulled the rest of the Avalonian brandy with familiar ease. The warm taste of pure Victorian liquor soothed his throat in a masochistic manner. The guests began to now re-cluster themselves again. For Makarev, assignments like these, were largely puff. It was a short junket to the Core, for the officers of the Sixtieth Armoured Division. After a long sixth months policing ex-Galactic Alliance territory in the Core, they were afforded a brief respite. Shore leave before being dispatched to the Outer Rim, where the First Order's hold was stronger. 


Makarev went to fish himself a new glass, when he caught something on the other side of the room. An aide, entered the packed drawing room, and now whispered something within Ambassador Johsi Eylon's ear. She had been the mastermind of this gathering, bringing together media, military and magnates to come together to celebrate what the Order, and its allies had achieved. A nominally confident woman, the diplomat physically wilted. But whispered something back, before tapping her glass, "Ladies," She began, her voice pitch and clear, "Gentlemen," She continued, "We are going to move the reception to the wine cellar. Have a bit of a tasting." There was a brief pause, and contemplation of the order, "Please." There was a gruff approval, and understanding

Konstantin glowered at the news, and looked around for a familiar face. He found it, Lieutenant Rudolph Parke, was currently sucking face in the corner with a fine upstanding young server, poorly concealed by a curtain. As the crowd began to move, Makarev forced his way through, bullishly brushing past anyone who defied him. His approach to Parke was his usual, forcefully snatching the man from his embrace. "Lieutenant!" Konstantin seethed. The young lieutenant, looked annoyed for a moment. He'd clearly gotten a little groggier than anticipated, but upon recognition, crisply saluted. 

"Colonel!" He barked, standing to attention. The young waiter, looked quite abrash. Makarev gave the young lad a sneer, which sent him scattering. Parke's face lit up a bright shade of red, "Colonel, I swear it isn't what it looks like!" He protested, his voice stammering and giving out, "Me and M-M-Mikel were just-" Parke was shut up by Konstantin, who had turned and clenched his fist. The lieutenant looked down at his boots. "Sorry sir."

Konstantin couldn't quite blame the lad, it had been a long year. So some indiscretion was to be anticipated. Nonetheless, Makarev still scowled. "Follow me." He commanded, the drawing room was empty, apart from the last dregs, who were being sheparded out. The Ambassador still standing there. By the time the colonel reached her, he and Parke were the last men within the abandoned reception suite. "Ambassador," The colonel coolly began, "What's happening?" 

"Oh, nothing Colonel," the diplomat offered with a smile, "I just thought-" Konstantin was having none of it, and instead turned to the aide, a young man who looked to be in his early twenties. 

"You there, what's happening." The colonel growled. The aide looked at the ambassador, who was somewhat in shock, searching for help. There was none. "Don't make me ask you again." The armoured corps officer menaced, stepping closer. The young man may have been tall, but he was lanky. Konstantin, was stockier, and had the body of an infantryman, even if it had aged. "What is happening." 

The man bit his lower lip, and then looked down at his polished Commoneri loafers. "Our FOSB intel department intercepted a Sith Empire commscan." He revealed, "Vessels bearing Commoneri Freedom Fighter IFF tags have entered the system." Konstantin was taken aback. He had anticipated something bad. Perhaps a tragedy from the homefront. But this? This was something else.

Ambassador Eylon's bite returned something fierce, "I was attempting to keep it all quiet." She coldly informed Makarev, "Try and see to it we didn't panic." She shook her head, "It's nothing, now if you don't mind-"

"Nothing?!" Makarev thundered, "This is an invasion here!" His mind began to race. This was bad. Very bad. The Sith Empire's brutality of the Commoneri people was not one with the First Order was ignorant of. No. It was the sort which Avalonia had decidedly wanted to stay out the way of. With the Sith Empire's humiliating withdrawal from the system, who knew what would happen next. The colonel now assumed command, "I think this issue requires my intervention." He began, before he turned to Parke, "Lieutenant, move to mobilise the Embassy garrison." He commanded, he then looked around, "Make sure the compound gets fortified." Wordlessly, the lieutenant donned his officers cap, and made a break through the embassy.

"Excuse me?!" Eylon bellowed, "Are you usurping command of my own embassy staff from behind me?" She then gestured to Parke, "Lieutenant, get back here!" She screamed after him. But it was too late. Parke was already far gone. Instead Makarev's attentions turned to the Ambassador, his leering malice now upon her. 

"You Ambassador, are going to shut up, and get down the basement." He venomously hissed, "Go down there, and make sure everyone plays nice." The Ambassador shot daggers at him, and Makarev, shot his own right back, "This is a war Ambassador. And like a good soldier, you'll follow your orders." A brief tense pause came over the duo, but the Ambassador relented, and made her way to the cellar, "Send any of my men back up, I'll need 'em here!"

She gave him the bird, but that for him was just as good as his word. With his attention drawn away, the Ambassadors aide attempted to slip away. "And what do you think you're doing?!" The aide froze where he was, and turned around. "I'm going to need a command centre." He pointed at the empty drawing room, "Get you, and any staff on, to start moving terminals, holoprojectors and comms equipment in here on the double." The aide nodded, still cowering beneath the long shadow the armoured officer cast, "And I want your FOSB chief, dead and centre. Need to see what assets he has." 

The aide nodded again, but was transfixed. "What the hell are you waiting for? For me to hold your hand? Get your arse moving!" 

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    High Councilor of Vylmira

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It was a quiet evening. Too quiet. Dorin's sword had been sharpened till the blade was a fine razor's edge. And now it rested at his knees on the roof of the building he had selected to wait on. He hadn't heard from Einon since their initial meeting, but had been doing his best to eliminate Sith beast patrols without drawing too much attention to himself. A battle was brewing, that much Dorin could feel. The very air had a tense and foreboding feel. Dorin had been meditating for the last hour, preparing himself for whatever the night would bring. His armor was gleaming in the setting sun, covered in pockmarks and scars of prior battles. Dorin raised his head, and sighed deeply. He reached over, and tapped his datapad once. The outgoing call rang for a moment, then connected. "Councilor. The Rebels are making their move tonight. I've scoured the capital city as best I could without raising suspicion. If it's on Commenor, it's been hidden away."


He paused for a moment as he listened to the reply. "I will. May the ancestors guide us."


Dorin heard the sounds of another patrol sweeping the streets below him. He rolled his neck, before turning to look at the palace on the horizon. A firework streaked through the sky. Then another. Dorin wasn't intimately familiar with Commenori culture, but he knew well enough that the mood in the city was somber enough that Fireworks were out of place. He drew a deep breath, and turned his attention to the sword. "From the ashes, a new era dawns."


He picked the sword up, holding it in his flat palms by the blade and handle. "I strike with vengeance, to atone for the sins of my ancestors."


He gripped the sword by its handle, and brought his left hand up to the base of the blade. "To help the helpless, to bring hope to the hopeless."


Dorin slid his hand down the blade, the runes glowing a soft purple color as energy began to crackle along the blade, speaking the incantation that infused his blade with the Force: "My Curse given form, to consume my sin."


Dorin stood, and walked to the edge of the roof, sword held at the ready. He waited until the Sith patrol was directly beneath him. Most of the fighting was sure to be in and around the Palace. And he intended to draw as much of that away from the palace as he could. He stepped off without a second thought, plummeting to the ground, right in the midst of the Sith patrol. They might not have known what had hit them, but Dorin wanted them to raise the alarms. A blaster shot rang out, the air began to sing around his spinning blade, and the cries of death began to echo in the streets. The Battle of Commenor was underway...

Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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Location : Atmosphere
Objective : Secure beachhead

The drop through atmosphere at speed never quite lost all of its thrill. As the troop transports rocked in the updrafts, their metal bodies shrieking and protesting at the rough treatment, the troops packed into them hung on and waited for the bump. That was the signal, and they'd emerge.

Being Vode An as they were, they all had helmets and comms, and that saved having to yell over the noise, not that some Mando'ade ever learned to moderate their own damned volume, especially when they were excited. Kaine's ears weren't getting any younger, and they always complained at the mistreatment when some shabuir wanted to shoot his mouth off. Still, the only one talking was Kaine, and he was giving the troops their final words.

We're doing this for a good cause. Commenor has been a friend to us, and we let them down.


We're making that right, but let's get a right understanding, we are here for Mandalore. If the Sith can do this to our friends with impunity, what are we? We make that statement today. We put ourselves between the civvies and the enemy, and we fight. We fight hard.

This isn't for some backwater, this isn't because it's the right thing to do, this isn't because I don't like the shabla Sith. We are doing this for Mandalore. For Mandalore.

*BUMP* The transport crashed down none too gently, but gently enough not to wreck itself. Nine more touched down around it, and they all disgorged the legions of assault troops, regular Mando'ade, mercenaries, and armoured vehicles. An entire army spewed forth into the Capital City of Commenor.

FOR MANDALORE!!!! The troops roared as they poured out into the sunlight. Fighters from the escort zoomed above, providing air superiority for the ground troops.


The objective was simple. Get between the civvies and the Sith forces. Protectraks were already rolling, and once they were in place, theyd be able to protect the city against orbital bombardment long enough for the fleet to do its job. With them rolled tanks, and lumbering beside those, heavy armoured walkers. Troops and their vehicles poured into Commenor's streets, Vode An, ready to fight and win.

Rolled out of one transport were a pair of transport pods. Kaine and his squad boarded, and with no fanfare or ceremony, the two pods shot off into the sky, straight for the Royal Palace itself. The Army had its job, its officers and men knew what to do. The Warmaster had his.

Lady Kay Dorin Arkx Konstantin Makarev Effie Duanna Coren Starchaser Tom Taff

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'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'

Darlyn Excron

Darlyn Excron

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Allies: Lady Kay,  Dorin Arkx, Effie DuannaTom TaffCoren StarchaserCommenor's allies,

Enemies: Those who support the Sith Empire, Konstantin Makarev
Commoner: Somewhere close to the First Order Embassy. 

Kaine had his job. And Darlyn had his own.

Though to be frank it was taking an excessively long time to prepare. But, for what he would be doing, Darlyn would spare the extra minute. He would wait patiently, getting the Imperial Drop Pod he had, borrowed, prepared, alongside his entire arsenal of weapons. He may not be coming back, he was ready for that. Well, probably not actually, he had a proclivity for survival, but it made it feel more dramatic if he risked no return. So he'd lie to himself, at least until he made his grand entrance.

Pod ready. Darlyn strapped in Mandalorian armor and a small squad's worth of weaponry. No soldiers accompanying him. It was time to begin.

The drop pod was prepped, primed, and released... its destination set as he hurtled from space. While it might go unnoticed in the battle above, Force knows they had other concerns, but to the ground he would be lighting every sensor up. Or should be, or at least drawing attention as an orbital pod raced towards Commenor's surface. IT would eventually make groundfall, somewhere rather close to the First Order embassy of all places (He really should've made sure the Palace trajectory was set properly), and after he connected himself to Chasin City's emergency broadcasting channels... well...

With a mighty shove with the Force, the door to the pod blasted open, and out flew what had to be hundreds if not thousands of white doves, purchased in bulk, and Darlyn among them all. One could only imagine what had to be going through his head, as he made his arrival so over the top you simply had to pay attention. "Honey! I'm HOOOOOOME!" He shouted, the system hopefully broadcasting his voice everywhere in the City (lest it was disconnected in favor of a new broadcasting setup), drawing out the O for several seconds to be sure the point was made.

There was a reason for his gaudy arrival. If they focused on him, Kay could be reached, and they could be denied a valuable target. Similarly, shock and awe inspiring stupidity had a mind game factor all its own.


Artifact weapon: Exar Kun's Lightsaber :|: Personal armor: Desperado class (Purchased via auction) :|: Ranged weapons: Drifter Shotgun (Purchased via auction) and DL-18 blaster pistol :|: Melee weapon: Darlyn's lightsaber

Amari Deechi

Amari Deechi

    Captain Cauliflower

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Location: Arriving on Commenor
Objective: Help secure the palace

Complement: Full UFARB Deployment

Equipment: UFARB kit, EKR-20

Allies: Gerad Naahan | Lady Kay | Kaine Australis (Begrudgingly :P) | Tom TaffCoren Starchaser | Other Commenori & Allies

Enemies: Konstantin Makarev | Other Worst Order Folks | Dirty Sithbois & Girls



This wasn't going to be easy. Nothing worth fighting for ever was. Amari knew that more than anybody. He'd done things in the past to protect his family, to protect his people, his planet. This fight however was for another family. Another planet. And it was just as necessary.


When the Sith had moved to take Commenor, the Rootai had decided Umbara's best bet for safety was to fully pledge military support to the Silver Jedi, something that had then yet to be given despite their recent agreement to join with them. The UFARB was born out of that agreement, and Amari's command with it. This wasn't his first fight, least of all amongst the Silver Jedi, but it was the first assignment outside of their purview. For a people who hadn't pledged support to the SJO.


But if anybody understood the value of coming to the aid of an outside ally, it was Amari Deechi.


Aboard the EDR-4100 en route to the planet he waited with his men, eighty in total aboard this individual vessel, but only one of four equally sized groups in the full squadron of the long-range dropships. Three-hundred and twenty soldiers in total. Another squadron of the similar yet different ships, EFR-4100s, also came en route, each carrying a single IAT. Amari had overseen the packing of the crawler tanks into the vessels himself. It was an exceptionally difficult task to manage, given the location of the freighter's loading bay, but they managed it in the end.


"Okay folks, listen closely," he said through comms to the units in his dropship as well as the others. "This won't be like anything we've faced before. Sith presence on Commenor is exceptionally heavy, and given their relations with the First Order we can expect to see some of their troopers present as well. We've picked up chatter, it seems like there's already heavy combat in orbit between rebel forces and the Sith occupiers, but in these ships we should be able to slip through without much trouble. They'll be focused on the larger fleets, not our smaller craft."


"Don't forget that we will utilize our SLAM and microjumping to bypass the heavier sections of enemy craft," the ship's pilot said, a droid specially designed for skilled piloting, an entire group of which had been turned over to the SJO for use by whatever company it was that made them. 


"Yes, right, that as well." Amari wasn't too pleased at the interruption, least of all due to the presence of Gerad Naahan and what he represented. The House of Deechi wasn't quite royalty, but the Naahan were. If a Rootai were being attached for observation, it could either mean something very bad or very good was being planned for the Umbaran, and he was not much in the way of optimism. "Anyway... the plan is to secure areas around the royal palace within the city itself. Sweep and clear out local Sith presence, and if any action kicks off, we respond hard with the IATs. Aside from that our support squads will take up positions in towers for sniper and heavy suppressing fire. Officers, everyone clear on that?"


A resounding "Clear," came through over comms from everyone in direct command. And within seconds of the acknowledgment, they dropped from hyperspace.




Caedyn Arenais

Caedyn Arenais


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Allies: Commenor, The Silver Jedi Order, Team Lightside.

Enemies: The Sith Empire, Team Darkside.

Objective: Return and secure the Palace Grounds.


He and Asaraa Vaashe had been laying low the passed couple weeks since arriving with the intent of rescuing his Mom, and Queen of Commenor, Lady Kay. The rescue had been unsuccessful, though less so due to the Sith and more the fact that his Mom had refused to abandon their people. Caedyn wanted to accept her decision, he even understood the need to be there for those that were relying on her for any improvement in how they were treated under the Sith Occupation. 


He had to assume there was some point as to why they were keeping her around, not to look a gift horse in the mouth but this being the Sith they were dealing with, it was a little surprising that they hadn't killed the previous leadership over Commenor entirely. They certainly hadn't afforded his father the same mercy, the execution order for Veiere's head had been declared publicly following the destruction of Munto City...


Listening to the feedback of his comm's unit, he turned to look for Asaraa, wondering what she was making of all of this. The confirmation had come through from the CSA Resolute, the Rebel Fleet had hit the Sith Armada surrounding Commenor and ground Forces were being punched through, deployed to the surface for the fight to liberate their people. Losses were being taken on both sides, and while some of the troop dropships were falling in flames and melting metal scraps, others were successful in their delivery.


Deactivating the Commlink, Caedyn placed it to the magna-lock clamp upon his belt. Wearing the Armor he had made upon Kashyyyk, his loyalties would clear, the Sith having no trouble to distinguish him as a foe rather than friend to their oppressive ways. "Everything's starting..." He spoke little louder than a mutter as he moved to collect the rest of his things. Ejecting the mag of his CS.38, he made sure the clip was fully stocked before setting it to the holster against his left hip; the silencer removed and the pistol set to burst-fire mode, subtlety wouldn't be a requirement in this fight.


"You don't have to do this you know?" He glanced back at Asaraa once more, "You can hang back and try to get out while the others are hitting the capital. This isn't your fight...-You don't owe Commenor anything" he sought to assure her. Caedyn didn't want her getting herself hurt all for him and his family. He appreciated how far she was willing to go, she'd already proved she cared but this fight was going to be something else...-Maybe even worse than the Siege had been.

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Luther Ando

Luther Ando
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Location: Local Commenori Pub.

Objective: Survive.

Gear: Nice Leather jacket.



“It’s too late to stop this; too late to change the tide”.


Luther blinked, putting his drink down on the bar. The man he was talking with had just said the most unusual thing. A prominent figure in a suspect Commenor rebel sect, the man (only identified as ‘Galliano’) had agreed to defect to the Imperial bloc in return from amnesty from any treasonous offences.


But the man hadn’t been cooperative, in fact he’d barely said a word until this point. “You’re making a mistake” Luther replied. “Rebellion only causes more death and destruction”. Galliano’s face soured. “You think I’m here to exploit you” Luther continued. “But I’m not. I’m here to prevent further bloodshed”.


Galliano tipped the rest of his drink into his mouth and stood up from the counter. “Pretty little speech agent” he sneered, his words dripping with venom. “But you’re no Commenori, so how could you understand? The Sith kill both my brothers and the First Order gives them a pat on the back?” He spat onto Luther’s jacket, the saliva making a slow decent down the leather.


Luther opened his mouth but was interrupted by the loud bang and pop of fireworks. Galliano perked up at the sound and grinned. “Time’s up, spy-boy”. Luther looked around as he heard the creak and shuffle of chairs. The majority of patrons had risen from their seats and now looked at Luther with open hostility.


Galliano was reaching into his jacket as Luther kicked his stool into him. Blaster fire narrowly missed him as he leapt over the counter. His heart pounding, he crawled through the swinging door into the back kitchen. Ignoring the yells of staff, he pushed past a waiter and burst through the fire exit.


A lot of people were milling about outside, staring at the fireworks. Luther walked, nonchalantly, for a few blocks before stopping behind a building. Luther stripped off his jacket (lamenting the loss of such fine leather) and threw it in the dumpster.


He walked out into the crowd, shivering in the cool night air, and attempted to blend in.


Kyrel Ren

Kyrel Ren

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Location: Outside of the Palace

Objective: Eliminate or capture Lady Kay 

Equipment: Raiment of the Vigilant, Vader's Bane Lightsaber, Kyrel's Harbinger Double Bladed Saber






Commenor, a planet that was ripe with defiance and rebellion that posed a threat to the Imperial Powers reign across the galaxy. Although the First Order had maintained a policy of neutrality towards them during the war with the Galactic Alliance, that did not save them now. With the dark side casting a shadow of the galaxy, the Jedi's future uncertain in the Galaxy. Any hope of rebellion, of those that would dare take a stand in the attempts of peace and security that the Imperials provided would be met with swift reprisals. This day the First Order would revoke such neutrality. Marking the Commenor people as an enemy that needed to be made an example of to the galaxy. To send a message that fear will drive them to ground of course. 


Kyrel tasked as the Enforcer of Ren was sent to deal with the Force User family that was the monarchy of Commenor. His primary target was Lady Kay. If not capture her, silence her in order to be made an example of. Through the information provided by Luther Ando he slipped to the planet in his TIE Silencer hours before the Rebels arrived, getting a layout of the palace, that he saw within the HUD of his helmet. His target was inside, but as always Kyrel was wary. It would not be an easy task. It would be the challenge. A fight he would hope for between Jedi.. Possibly the Jedi that escaped the Jedi Purge of the New Order following theFall of the Galactic Alliance.The thought had excited him. Which is why he had brought his new saberstaff with him. Made from Mustafar crystals. The same that powered his Vader's Bane, along with the bled Kyber Crystal of the dead Jedi Master Zark. 


Kyrel was prepared for whatever was thrown at him, with schematics given to him by the FOSB through his helmet. He was able to follow a path, through the palace gardens, making sure he was undetected, as he made his way to a tunnel. A hidden passageway that would lead him to the depths of the palace. Hiding his Force Signature so he couldn't be detected.The Harbinger called to him, it screamed as Vader's Bane once did. It cried for blood. It cried to be unleashed upon it's enemies to show the true power of the dark side. Kyrel grinned as he entered the dark tunnel that would take him into the palace. 


He spoke silently to himself as he walked carefully, sensing Kay through the Force.  "Today will be a day for those who dare defy Imperial rule." 

Stardust Solus Skirae

Stardust Solus Skirae

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Objective - make them pay with for each life
Allies - Darben Skirae, godkillers
Enemies - sith empire troops and first order
Location - zooming through atmosphere

To long had she hid
To long had she watched from afar as her home was raped by the Sith
To long had everything taken to set in motion
The dragon grew more eager and impatient for war
For blood of those who wronged the innocent
And so...when the time was right and the signal was given


5 transports zoomed towards the planets surface breaking the blockade as the heavens lit up with ship to ship combat, weaving and digging as they broke the clouds and began their descent as stardust, clad in full armor turned towards the 10 gathered before her...fifty godkillers assembled to liberate this planet, her home, her families home.

get ready, the Sith will give no quarter! They will fight for every yard of this city, do not hesitate to strike them down to forth and as your name states eliminate these false gods as they think themselves....OFFER NO MERCY! FOR THEY WILL SHOW NONE!

She drew her sword and raised it as a war cry went out transports growing and hitting the ground skidding as doors opened and men poured out roaring out as slug throwers fired towards the dazed enemy as stardust drew her sabers and called out for the knights to follow behind her while her God killers did their work. She would turn towards her husband

forward, we must cause some chaos at their garrison!

She blocked a incoming bolt and pointed in its direction as men dug in to form a staging area while advancing forward towards the enemy

Rick Kaloo

Rick Kaloo

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Location: Approaching palace, Commenor 

Objective: Secure the place listed above, god save the queen

Allies: AiE/SJO/Commenor (Amari Deechi, Kaine Australis (please don't take my legs again), Lady Kay, Coren Starchaser, etc.)

Enemies: FO/TSE (Kyrel Ren, Luther Ando, etc.)




The Sith would not lay waste to another world. After Mon Calamari, he would personally make sure of it.


Shortly after Rick's Mon Calamari fleet emerged into the system and opened fire, he shifted command to the ever-reliable Captain Seth. His view of the battle would be less biased, and save men as well as ships. In the meantime, Rick had boarded one of the last troop transports in his battlecruiser and quickly departed the vessel, the shuttle's pilot diving downward to avoid friendly fire.


A minute later, and enemy fire was the bigger issue. Flak exploded throughout the atmosphere as dozens of other boarding shuttles joined the fray, diving at 45 degree angles or steeper. The soldiers and Jedi alike held on to the shuttle's bars to avoid forming a massive downhill pigpile, as the ship angled not only downward but also vibrated furiously as shrapnel impacted its hull.


"Our objective is to meet up with the rebels and free Lady Kay from the Sith, especially those who wish to use her as a bargaining tool." yelled Rick, struggling to be heard over the shuttle's constant creaking and the sounds of warfare. "Push through, no matter what the cost. May the Force be with you."


The initial wave of the shuttles, all from the Mon Calamari task force, settled down a few kilometers from the planet's palace, relatively close but not close enough to be intercepted by Sith cannons or infantry units. Out of the the twenty dropships launched, only three were destroyed by Sith defenses. Seventeen still remained, carrying approximately a thousand troops total. Five hundred of them stormed out as the doors of the troop transports opened, their goal to link up with rebel forces and provide backup. The other five hundred, lead by Rick, the ranking officer, split up into fifty groups of ten, all approaching the castle from different angles. If a Sith platoon were to attack, only Rick would keep going to the castle while the other Alliance squads would meet up and provide backup.


Rick's ten-person squad quickly advanced ahead of all the others, despite Rick being the only Jedi present out of the ten soldiers. In fact, Rick was one of the only Jedi present in the entire Mon Calamari ground force, with only a few Padawans volunteering in other squads or the half of the ground force joining the rebels. Upon turning a bend through a large street, Rick found four Sith soldiers ten meters in front of him, approaching fast. Realizing that the Mon Calamari was not an ally, the troopers opened fire, but they were too late.


Rick didn't even bother drawing his lightsaber, but instead focused his energy into a powerful Force push, sending all four troopers flying into a hard metal trash crate, knocking them out in an instant and likely giving them severe concussions. Rick continued down the now empty path as the other nine Mon Calamari soldiers put their blasters down and followed.


Troop Compliment


Outer Rim Military Engineering - Rick's Legs - Rick's Armor - Rick's Lightsaber - Leave Feedback Here!



Zylah Dvale

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Cambria Zadira | Coren Starchaser | Romi Jade

Appropriate Theme Song




White knuckles were held high as she grasped the nearest metal bar. Silvery pale as she and seemingly all those of her kind were, that single fact seemed to hold little meaning. Yet a rising tension pressed thick against the walls of the Tachyon Rising once they broke through into the atmosphere. That same feeling she always felt in those twilight moments before a battle. They were past the point of no return now. Not that she ever would, but the fact of it was inescapable.


The Force calmed her, little else did. But something else comforted her. What met her eyes as she looked around the ship was nothing new, but it had been a very long time since she had held this perspective. Normally she would be out there on her own, finding a way in with her out-of-date J-1 Interceptor. Much like that ship had been a memory from the old Republic, so was this. When she looked around, she saw other Jedi. She saw a team, fighting for the same cause, protecting the Light. And that felt good. 


Some, like Coren, wore battle-hardened armour. She, on the other hand, wore only her thick and somewhat itchy brown robes, atop the beige tunics and undertunics, a combination that screamed 'Jedi'. The faces around her were both new and old, but she felt like she could relate to something within them all. Coren was a little of both. As far as she knew this was their first time working together, yet he looked a lot like someone else she knew, by the name of Damian. A brother perhaps? Conversation for after the battle, perhaps. She was expecting this to turn into a battle. There were times when you had to fight, no way around it. But she was ready.


Zylah's blue eyes locked onto Coren as he gave his speech, only drifting away to gauge how the others received it. She liked it. Short, to the point, and without pretension. She nodded affirmatively, signalling that she was on board with it all. When he finished, she turned to the room with a feint smile and a soft voice. "May the Force be with us" Someone had to say it, right? 


Gear - 

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Krenis Skirata

Krenis Skirata


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Coren Starchaser Cambria Zadira Romi Jade Zylah Dvale 


It was just like old times. So much so, in fact, that Krenis was having a hard time remembering who they were going to be fighting. Part of him kept thinking it was a droid army, but then he remembered that the Commenori had a droid army of their own, or had before the Sith occupation. It was the Sith, and perhaps the First Order, that they were going to fight. 


So here he was, about to land in an occupied city, with a team of Jedi around him, and a rifle in his hand. Plus, explosives and other weapons strapped to his armor. It never hurt to be prepared, especially when Sith were present. ARC training and genetic engineering gave him enough skill and instinct to match with Force user if he was on the top of his game, as had been shown by his brethren centuries ago. 


As the Jedi spoke, Krenis listened, filing the information away. 


"Right. Keep sharp. Watch your backs. I've got suppression fire." 

Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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Location: Outskirts of Chasin City 

Objective: To aid Commoner's people

Wearing: slumming as a local

Interaction: none at this posting 

Posts: 1






There was much she had learned the past few weeks on Commenor. 

She had come to know and love the Commenorii much like her own people on Alderaan. They were both strong willed and with an undying spirit, even in the face of their oppressors. And both people were not foolish. Both remained patient, waiting for the ebb of time to wear the stone down before it were to be striked.


The stone were their oppressors, the sith, the vermin of their galaxy whom infested and spoiled all that which were good and common to those who lived among the free stars. The sith were also in so many ways like that of a plague, a deadly disease that came on expectantly and in great numbers. The sith worked in the same manner as a plague; to overwhelm, and weaken it's host.


But like the plague, the sith would run their course upon it's host, where then it could do little more than struggle to hold on fast what was slipping through it's grasp. 


Weeks had passed since Marina had returned to Commenor. She had been to this beloved system during the sith attack, doing what she could; to save as many refugees fleeing the slaughter of the initial sith strikes that were meant to not only disable the Commenorii military, but to strike fear and despair to the populace. At first, the sith accomplished both. But why wouldn't they, when they rained down upon the system like that of a meteor storm? 

But fear is one's first reaction to the disruption of civil serenity. It is a human trait, a fail safe triggering mechanism of survival. Then comes reasoning... 


The sith, like all oppressors come with might, fury, hate and conviction. The initial battle lines give way to the oppressor for they come battle prepared, in force, and with might.

But like all oppressive forces, their strength soon must give. For this strength is like a muscle...and it tires..

Where it had come flexing might and power as a conqueror, that muscle for the most part settled to become warden...policeman. 

In the weeks which followed the initial sith attack, it pretty much became that. No occupying force could ever sustain the same or equal amount of force as it had during it's offensive strikes, history to the learned, always reveal.


The sith occupation became more and more of a police action and administration. Sure, many of the Commenors found out to be whispering resistance were taken in both daylight and night. But this did not deter the spirit of the people, no. This strengthened their convictions, these impotent police actions set upon them by their oppressors, the sith. For the sith, like all of their kind and likenesses could never win the hearts and minds of the people. No conqueror can; history republished.


"Oh?..." Marina looked up at the sparse few clouds and much blue skies.


"...a storm coming? Really?"  She looked about, quite unbelieving they were going to be hit midday with a thunderstorm.

" ....I don't think it even calls for any showers to....day-"She stopped mid sentence, turning with bated breath to 

Hazel, the kindergarten teacher she had come to secure an aid position, the past two weeks.


Hazel knew who Marina was and through the Commenorii underground network had agreed to take her on as an aid. This was more due to the fact that Marina was a pilot. One which had been vouched for by the underground as being the ideal pilot that could be close to the children and not raise suspicion. besides, marina had a Doctorate degree in political science, giving her real credit to actually teach. The school district was then ideal. Ideal for what she would be called on to do in a moment's notice; evacuate the children. 


In the meantime, all her credentials had been successfully transferred through the educational galactic network...despite that avenue being closely scrutinized by the current overlords, the sith. But it were all legit, her credentials and the school district taking her on as an aid. The pay had come to be below standards during these dark times even for teachers. And many teachers had ...disappeared, gone to re-education camps. What little remained were hardly enough to staff even the smallest schools. But then again, the sith attack months ago had taken it's toll on many civilians, many families perished under the sith artillery and air raids.

But life, spirit and hearts continued to beat, despite the marching of storm-trooper boots...their policemen.


" Ohh..." Marina's voice dropped, getting a lump in her throat.


"We best then prepare the children for the rains...." She looked over to the children playing, oblivious to the storm approaching over the horizon.

They were innocent. The horror they had suffered months ago during the attacks seemed to have passed over them. It were like so with children. Marina wished she had that much resiliency as the children. But she could not erase what she had bared witness too here on Commenor. Still, the resiliency of the children gave her strength. Strength that overpowered the fears. There was no room for fear in her heart, just her love for the Commenorii children. her life was theirs.


Hazel looked over to marina and gave her a forced smile...it were for the children's sake.

Marina nodded and did same, before calling out across the playground...

" Ok! ..

Come on, everyone... recess is over...

All inside..." 

It were then at that very moment that the school bell sounded off early for recess to end.


"Everyone...come on...inside..." She and hazel clapped their hands to draw the children's attention.

"Lena...Kassey...come on you two!..." Marina motioned with her hand for the two girls to come off the swings and to her.


 "Yes, everyone inside..."


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Jor Kvall

Jor Kvall

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Location: Beachhead

Allies: Mandalorians, Commenor, Kaine Australis, Lady Kay et al.

Enemies: TSE, FO

Equipment: Cloak & amor,

Weapons: MT-14 heavy blaster pistol, Mandalorian Ripper Mk.II, beskad, 2x sonic grenades, 2x EMP grenades




The common man was fickle, wasteful, dull, and easily manipulated. What did Jor Kvall care about their freedom?


He didn't.


This battle could have taken place anywhere. Jor would have fought in forest, or desert, or tundra, all the same as the city streets. Commenor was just the convenient backdrop for the bloodletting against the Sith that was long overdue. Jor was a simple man, living a simple life on Krownest with simple desires. But he still perceived galactic affairs as they were, and what he saw was a Sith Empire simply out of control.


For Mandalore, Warmaster Australis declared. That was a suitable cause. Mandalore had been pulled into this conflict by proximity whether she liked it or not. He would follow Kaine's orders and as a Battlemaster himself, lead smaller groups to the best of his ability. He would stand between the Commenori civilians and the Sith forces. But the truth was, he didn't give a rat's ass about these foreigners.


All he knew was his enemies needed to die today.



Alexandra Feanor

Alexandra Feanor

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In the Streets of the Capital, approaching a Sith Garrison


Equipment: Blaster Pistol, Alexandra's Sabers, Alexandra's spear, Collapsible Staff


Allies: Commenor Side, Enemies: Sith Side


Alexandra walked softly across the now emptying street surfaces, people seeking protection and safety in their homes or away from the fighting. Her staff tapping on the stone street, leaving an echo traveling through the buildings nearby. Her sabers hidden in her robes and her spear equally hidden from sight, its shaft collapsed to achieve such. She was here for two purpsoes, one of which being far more... entertaining than the other.


The Sith had enjoyed their time on the planet, reaching out their influence until it had become no longer profitable and Alexandra was interested in seeing how they would choose to leave this place, staring at the two individuals standing guard at the Garrison as she continued to come closer. Their voices raised and their rifles pulled up to be leveled on her as she stopped, the staff coming down one last time and her standing a dozen meters away from the two soldiers.


Her head looked up from under the hood, staring up at the wall of the compound and hoping there was someone interesting inside that would give her some fun. She continued to stare as she was commanded to leave this place or she would be fired on. The words brought her head down and she raised a brow at them.


Now her free hand rose, and she held it out, strands of light coming down from the sky and piercing through her body like spears as the three strands started to twist around her arms and her spine, crawling over her form like another layer of muscles and nerves. The strands of light shone for a few seconds through her clothing but eventually receded, leaving only vein like strands crawling over her face and hand.


It was then that the soldiers fired at her, the entire exchange lasting a few seconds and blaster bolts flew towards her. It left her turning and drawing the hand with her staff up and beside her head. The first blasterbolt cutting through her cloak while the second grazed her arm, seeming to do no damage.


And as she settled in with the staff held like a javalin, she let go of the breath she had been holding, letting the rod fly from her hand as she threw it forward. It impacted on the chest of the right trooper, hitting him like a truck and taking him down. The second fired without regard at that point, but did so without calmness in his actions, the bolts flying wide as his aim became faulty. She in turn walked towards him, allowing one of her sabers to leave her sleeve and igniting its silver blade, catching the bolts that flew close to her as she grew closer to the man.


There was no emotion on her face, only a cold stare and she played on the man's fear, letting him see a woman with the cold intent to kill. His fear would be taken and returned, amplified by her empathy and leaving him to eventually drop his weapon, begging for mercy as he dropped to his knees. Alexandra just watched him still, coming closer and soon standing over him. Her eyes baring down on him and still emotionless for a few moments before a smile touched her lips.


All she did from there, was deactivate her saber. The man was no longer a threat and did not deserve to die, instead she would impart the experience on him, letting him choose for himself whether he is prepared for the life he chose. She would continue walking down the street, towards the compound, the pair's weapons crushed.


And like before, she returned the saber to her sleeve, returned the staff to her hand, and let its impact on the ground echo through the streets while she looked for an interesting fight.





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Allies: Commenori and friends

Enemies: First Order, Sith, hired mercs



Einon stood and watched from his apartment window as the fireworks lit by Tom Taff had appeared in the sky. The bursts of light reflected on the panes of glass in an otherwise unlit room. It was time. Dorin Arkx was an unexpected surprise when the two had met in one of the local bars.The man was a hunter, but not your average type. He was also a skilled trainer of Sith Warbeasts. After their encounter, Einon had remained silent for a while, choosing not to contact the man until the time was right. And that time was now. He picked up his datapad and sent a call off to the hunter. "This is Einon. The signal was sent out. Time to make our move. I'll have the shields ready in the warehouse district. Herd some of the enemy troops there, and I'll handle the rest. Einon out."He didn't wait for a response. Instead he just left his apartment.


While the tunnels to the Royal Palace and Senate Hall were sealed, the tunnels through Chasin City were not. The Sith had used the sewers in a bid to try to gain access to the underground bunkers that held the citizenry. Only the sewers had no access at all. The tunnels were still free, and the former Head of Security knew them like the back of his hand. In the basement of the apartment building, he gained quick access and hurried through on his way to the warehouse district where he had been working for weeks to hide shield generators, not unlike the ones that protected Chasin City and the Palace from bombardment during the siege, albeit smaller. These were to cover a much smaller area.


He held a blaster in his hand while he ran, just in case there was trouble along the way.


Plan A was underway.







Kaine Australis ' troops were met straight away with Sith troops. With the attack on the fleet above them hours earlier, the Occupying forces were alerted that an attack on Commenor was imminent. So they prepared themselves. But what they didn't account for was the sheer number and equipment dropping from the skies. But reinforcements would come. The First Order were one of their closest allies, and with their Embassy in the Capital, headed by Konstantin Makarev and his people, those reinforcements would come swiftly and without mercy.So it was without mercy that they pressed on their attack of the Mandalorians, Jor Kvall , Stardust Australis Skirae included if he had left the dropships along with most of the others.