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Stage Two - Freedom for the Common Man: Battle On Commenor

- - - - - Commenor Survives Ground and Pound PvE PvP

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Dorin Arkx

Dorin Arkx

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Allies: Commenor and friends

Enemies: Sith, First Order, and friends


Dorin, for all purposes, was a master swordsman. Yet even he was fighting defense against the armored colossus. He was getting tired. His iron resolve was beginning to weaken. But still he fought on. His sword charged with raw force energy, Dorin spun about in a two-handed slash, sending the force impacting into the titan's chest-plate. And yet no sooner had the armor been stripped away, new pieces came flying across to take its place. Dorin spun around to the side, using his sword to deflect the incoming lightsaber blade.


Then a thought crossed Dorin's mind. This being could have easily ended him while he fought the terentatek. Or could surely overpower him now as they fought man to man...spirit...thing. Dorin brought his sword up to deflect another blow, before turning the blade to strike at the being's helmet. Parts went showering aside, and through the smoke and sparks, Dorin thought he saw a face. A...somehow familiar one. The being staggered back, an armored gauntlet raising to protect its face, as the shadows coalesced into a hood. The head was no longer armored, but whatever face had emerged from the twisting shadows was once again concealed. Dorin charged his sword again, lunging forwards with a strike, electrical discharge, another infusion, another discharge, chaining the buffs and strikes into a fearsome whirlwind. And yet, it did him no good.


The being stepped back, lightsaber held at the ready as Dorin paused to catch his breath. Both combatants studied each other, before the being stepped forward once, raising it's left hand, and curling its fingers over once, and a second time. It wasn't trying to kill him, Dorin realized. It was testing him. Taunting him...