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    The Clanless

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Broken in Clan.

Broken in Mind.


______________________________________________GENERAL INFORMATION


Name: Eyros

Titles: The Clanless

Age: 29 GSY

Homeworld: Concord Dawn, Mandalorian Space

Citizenship: None

Affiliation: Eyros, and Eyros alone | Believer’s of the old way

Occupation: Hired Gun

Force Sensitive: No

Force Alignment: None


_____________________________________________FAMILIAL CONNECTIONS


Father: Dead 

Mother: Dead

Siblings: None

Extended Family: None

Others: None

_____________________________________________PHYSICAL INFORMATION


Species: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6’1

Weight: 182lbs
Build: Muscular Athlete

Complexion: Sun-kissed

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Modifications: None


Eyros, is considered a handsome man for those who do see his face. He is built strong, yet carries more lithe muscle then stock. He is known not by his looks however, but by his armour. A beaten and almost mismatch set that shows the wear and tear of many years living rough and away in his exiled existance. 


___________________________________________STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES


  • Mandalorian Stock: Born a Mandalorian, always a Mandalorian. From his youth the Clanless one was set on the path of a warrior and professional soldier. Capable of handling himself in combat situations that would prove a challenge to most as well as proficiency in many different styles of weaponry and combat methods, moving into his later life as a Gladiator slave these skills were honed into a fine tuned ability of dealing out death and murder beyond many others understanding.


  • Wilderness: Coming from a line of traditional farmer hunters on Concord Dawn saw him establish himself quickly as a skilled scout and frontier-man. Able to live off the grid for months or even years it is hard to keep him stuck in one place or even within set establishments. He knows how to disappear, how to track and live off the land with minimal disturbance to his everyday life. 


  • The Man with the Silver Helm: Where most hired guns and mercenaries carry around armour and arms from several sources he has a beaten and re-patched set of Mandalorian Armour that has become his since the death of his family. While used once for show by his Gladiatorial masters to attract crowds for the ‘Mandalorian’, it is now a fully working extension of his trade. While not as completely protective as other sets out there it has allowed him to live through several engagements that would have otherwise killed a lesser mercenary and also houses his advanced arsenal and gear that allows him to give out the firepower necessary for any task given to him. 


  • Gladiatorial Past: There are many worlds that still allow slave pit fights to be held upon them, and fortunately for this mercenary they are the worlds he tends to be able to operate upon. Many still remember the track record of the ‘Mandalorian’, a young man who grew up literally fighting beasts and rough fighters until he eventually managed to kill his way to freedom. On these planets this background has allowed him to use his status as an established means of interrogation with few holding the will to face his methods. It has also given him a tendency to stand against foes that would break a lesser mercenary, after all what is a group of hired guns compared to a cybernetic Rancor-bull juiced up on Blue Spice?


  • Loner: It’s not easy being mean. Ever since his own blood was killed as a child he has known nothing but the underside of the galaxy and unsurprisingly it has made him a bitter and distant person. You ask for a story and you get a word, confirmation and you get a nod, last words and you get a blaster bolt to the face. It is hard for him to accept help or trust anybody let alone blend in entirely with society.


  • Old Wound: Once he was made to fight a pair of Noghri Assassins. A fight that was meant to end him but instead ended with purple blood spilled across an arena and a leering crowd that had just lost a lot of money. It also put a deep wound in his right shoulder, one that while physically looks healed has always given him trouble. In times of rest he gets a case of ‘shaky’ hand thanks to the nerve damage that was never fixed with Bacta and occasionally during a fight he can clearly be seen favouring his other arm due to pain flowing from his injury. 


  • Clanless: Once a Mandalorian, however he now lives a strange sort of half-life within the warrior traditions. His family, once scouts and farmers for the Clans were killed in the beginning of the United front that would eventually see the Mandalorian Empire come to power. This has left him having to abandon the name of his clan leaving him an exile to his people. While not above taking a job for Mandalore he resents the Mandalorian Empire for the hardship he has been subject to and wishes to see the Clans one day re-established to power so he can return home. 


  • Nomad: The armour on his back and a ship to call home, these are the things he can call his own and not much else. With no true power base or influence beyond the end of his blaster there is little he can do about the wider galaxy, nor does he truly care. However the life of a travelling hire-gun is a hard one, a life that can swallow you up without warning.



_________________________________________BACKGROUND INFORMATION


The Child.


Eyros was born to be a Mandalorian. His parents, scouts and hunters of the Mandalorian Clans and well established Clansmen for the Alkor Council that oversaw Mandalorian space at the time. He was taught as every Mandalorian child was, from the youngest age possible to fight, to raid and to represent the tenets of his people. Then the Clans died, the Uniting began and Mandalorian fought Mandalorian. His family were murdered, killed by those they called friends and young Eyros sold to the slave pits. 


The Gladiator.


Eyros became The Clanless or in the arena, The Mandalorian. Thrown against increasingly dangerous competition he made himself fame while he made his owner a large fortune in credits. He was no longer the young man that had been sold off by traitorous soldiers, the pits had turned him into a fighting machine, a worker of death and gave him a cruel outlook on life. His gladiatorial career came to a bloody end with a sudden crack of his master’s neck at the hands of a Crimson Dawn executioner that had clearly deemed his debts unplayable leaving Eyros and his other ‘purchases’ free to escape their captivity without risk of punishment.


The Hired Gun


Now Eyros travels the galaxy selling his talent wherever the credits are. Plying his trade for death, protection and anything else of note for as many credits as he can ask for. Every job completed, every contract accepted adding to his story and reputation in an ever increasingly violent galaxy where the need for people like him exists. One day he will return home, settle upon Concord Dawn and again call himself one of the Clans, but until that day he will continue to kill and word for credits.


__________________________________________FURTHER ITEMS OF NOTE




Apparel: Beskar’gam




_____________________________________________BOUNTIES COLLECTED


No Bounties Collected as of now.


__________________________________________________NOTABLE KILLS


No Kills established as of now.

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    The Clanless

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    The Clanless

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