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Project Mesmerize

- - - - - SJO EE&R Artifice Grenade Gadgets

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Drystan Marakos

Drystan Marakos

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  • Intent: To create a miniaturized personal explosive device for use by Agents of the SJO and approved buyers..

  • Image Source:

  • Canon Link:  (Please link the canon link if applicable canon item.)

  • Primary Source: Batman Begins


  • Manufacturer: Volquartson Manufacturing Group, LTD/In Collaboration with EODD

  • Affiliation: Silver Jedi Order/LS-Only; Closed-Market (Anyone may use this device with permission, such as a Market Purchase)

  • Model: The VQ-36 Miniaturized Explosive Space Modulator (Created under Project Mesmerize)

  • Modularity: Hull Colors may be: Black, Grey, Red, OD-Green, or White

  • Production: Minor

  • Material: Plastoid Explosive; Friction Ignition Switches; Durasteel


  • Classification: Grenade

  • Size:  Very Small

  • Weight: Very Light

  • Ammunition Type: 1 Unit

  • Ammunition Capacity: 1 Unit; VMG recommends in packs of 3.

  • Reload Speed: None

  • Effective Range: Average

  • Rate of Fire: Average

  • Stopping Power: Very High

  • Recoil: None


  • Miniaturized Explosive - The powerful Plastoid Charge takes full advantage of the grenade’s small size, offering the most “bang” possible.

  • Contact Detonator - The device may only be detonated upon contacting a hard surface with one or more of it’s pins. It may not easily be rolled into position, but may be used as a boobytrap if sufficient force is levied against at least one of it’s pins.

  • Pressure-sensitive Arming Switch - Depressing the small red button on the device for a period of 3 seconds arms the grenade. Depressing it for another 3 seconds disarms it.


  • Safe to carry - Until the device is armed, there is virtually no way for it to explode. Only by depressing it’s pressure-sensitive pins with a rapid acceleration of force will ignite the charge.

  • Collateral Damage Unlikely

  • Easily Concealed


  • Limited Range - Entirely up to the personal strength of the user. Average range is between 5 - 7 Meters

  • Smaller Blast Radius ~ 1 Meter

  • Though the PDD may be used in combat applications, such is not it’s designed function. It may be used 1v1 to cause high damage to armor & decimate unarmored/lightly armored individuals and materials.


The VQ-36 personal explosive device was designed in collaboration with EODD in the interest of providing Agents of the SJO & their allies with a top-secret weapon of artifice - an easily concealable anti-material grenade to assist Agents in the field. The device is easily carried, and when armed and thrown, will detonate with a significant amount of force concentrated in a small area (about 1 meter in size). Most materials will be either significantly damaged or entirely obliterated by the blast force, allowing for agents to apply the grenades in many ways; espionage, extraction & rescue, dynamic entry, close-quarters assault, and in situations where collateral damage would be unwise but extreme measures may be required.


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Gir Quee

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