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The Tricksaber

- - - - - Darlyn Excron Magnum Opus Gimmick/trick weapon

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Darlyn Excron

Darlyn Excron

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  • Intent: Personal weapon for Darlyn Excron and representation of his... unique fighting style.
  • Image Source: Created using Saber Parts
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Lightsaber
  • Classification: Lightsaber to Lightsaber Pike
  • Size:Average lightsaber to Average Pike (Large compared to lightsaber)
  • Weight: Average
  • Dual Phase Primary Blade
  • Exar Kun Styled Second Blade
  • Power adjustment knob
  • Telescopic Hilt
  • Lightsaber resistant hilt
  • Dantari Crystal
  • Fikrann Crystal
+ Lightsaber of Many Forms: Between the two, independently trigger able blades, the dual phase primary crossguard blade, and the telescopic hilt, the weapon can fulfill a surprisingly vast number of roles. 
+ No Blades?: While Cortosis will deactivate the blades of the weapon, that's not a problem. Well I mean, it is, but the telescopic hilt still really really hurts to get smacked around with.
+ One Piece: While not immune to lightsabers, because of the phrik used in construction the hilt is able to stand up to a lightsaber blade for a time without being severed into two.
+ A Blade of Lightning: The Fikrann crystal allows the weapon to be supercharged by force Lightning. Obviously useful if you're fighting, say, droids. Or just wanna look really scary.
+ Bountiful Force: The Dantari crystal helps focus on recovering spent Force energy, and reduces the Fatigue extensive use can cause.
+ Sword to Spear: By activating the dual phase crossguard blade, it shrinks to a pike's size, and allows the weapon to be expanded by the hilt. This makes it a somewhat uniquely shaped lightsaber pike, offering new options.
- Holy Gimmicks: The multiple blades and size shifts, they're gimmicks. Tricks. Surprises. Because of its lack of focus on any one particular aspect outside of this, if the gimmicks don't help catch someone off guard it's about as effective as a standard version of the lightsaber/pike.
- Cortosis: It's vulnrable to blade shut off. That means no cutting.
- Water: Because of everything in it, there was no room for the necessary equipment to prevent underwater shut off. Which means this weapon does not work fully submerged.
- Slugthrowers: This weapon isn't resistant to such types of slug based weapons. That means it could be knocked out of the user's hand, not to mention it can't deflect such weapons.
- Limited pike mode: The pike mode only allows for the reduced length primary blade to be active. While the crossguard remains, the second blade cannot be activated either. Less gimmicks available for a gimmick based weapon.

Sometimes you just need a weapon that speaks to you. That was the philosophy of Darlyn Excron as he designed what he dubbed the "Tricksaber", a weapon made to be as gimmicky as he was. Many hours were spent creating a blade appropriate for him, and he started with the basic design. This would take the form of a lightsaber, a crossguard saber specifically, to help balance his deficiencies in bladework compared to Form II. It might be harder to disarm him, after all, if he could catch your blade with the crossguards. At the other end he added a second emitter, despite being roughly a standard hilt in length, as he had grown used to its presence with Exar Kun's weapon.
However, while still drawing designs, he had added another gimmick. A lightsaber pike had many advantages, range being predominant, and Darlyn wished to add that strength to his own. So, the hilt was fashioned to be sturdy, yet fully capable of extending to a full pike in length. With the dual phase designed to be the opposite of his Hunter Lightsaber, to shrink rather than grow, he designed the fail safe to prevent the second blade from emitting or from the hilt expanding unexpectedly. With this, he added two last additions, the Dantari and Fikrann crystals, to augment his natural talents with Force Lightning based combat, and created a weapon quite possibly unlike that which any other seen before. The Tricksaber, master of gimmicks.

Artifact weapon: Exar Kun's Lightsaber :|: Personal armor: Desperado class (Purchased via auction) :|: Ranged weapons: Drifter Shotgun (Purchased via auction) and DL-18 blaster pistol :|: Melee weapon: Darlyn's lightsaber

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