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Ul'onore - Bekk Mag'ra's Lightsaber

- - - - - Standard Lightsaber

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  • Intent: To submit Bekk Mag'ra's first Lightsaber "Ul'onore", created during his years as a Jedi Padawan and Apprentice under Amoné Fayden.
  • Image Source: Click here & here.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Lightsaber


  • Manufacturer: Bekk Mag'ra (Kieran Orion).
  • Affiliation: Bekk Mag'ra (Kieran Orion).
  • Model: Single/Standard Lightsaber.
  • Modularity: Lightsaber Components and the Focusing Crystal can be exchanged.
  • Production: Unique.
  • Material: Poly-alloy, Lightsaber Components, Outer Casing, Focusing Crystal.


  • Classification: Lightsaber.
  • Size: Average.
  • Weight: Light.



Bekk Mag'ra's first lightsaber was constructed at the age of thirteen galactic standard years, upon receiving his Master's blessing and instruction to begin the significant process that most young Padawan's undergo before their procession to field-work outside of the security of the Temple grounds.


Already familiar with the Artisan Quarters for his love of working with materials and mechanics, Bekk took to the project with great eager and finese, wanting to ensure that the lightsaber was as perfect by his design, that it not only worked flawlessly but also resembled something outside of the standard "clean" training hilts that he had been given as an Initiate.


Using leather that he had acquired from Iridonia during his Res Selenoran (rite of adulthood), Bekk has made the grip to be a reminder of his culture and home outside of who he is as a member of the Jedi Order, a Zabrak, proud and honorable as he strives to be by their standards.


The material he has chosen for the casing and lightsaber components are made out of Poly-Alloy, a reasonably priced light-weight material for ease of wielding the weapon in combat. Inside, the focusing crystal he had acquired on an outing with his Master, producing a blue blade common among Jedi Guardian, as well as many students of the Order.


Thanks to the Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse as well as activation stud being built on the inside, the Lightsaber can not only be used while submerged, but also requires knowledge of how the weapon has been designed in order to trigger it's ignition via the Force.


  • Can cut through most metals, as well as deflecting blaster-fire with the aid of Force Training.
  • This lightsaber is capable of being used while submerged under water.


  • High-grade Cortosis will cause the blade to short out, and materials such as Beskar is resistant to the weapons penetration/cutting power.
  • The activation of this weapon is loud and gives off a consistent hum of power channeled through the hilt, it is not a weapon to use should one be required to engage in stealth or covert practices.

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