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The Archlord's Raiment

- - - - - armor

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Cedric Grayson

Cedric Grayson

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  • Intent: To sub Cedric's armor.
  • Image Source: Multiple photos heavily edited and cropped together by myself.
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: Jedi Lord Armor


  • Manufacturer: Cedric Grayson, Essonian Armorsmiths
  • Affiliation: Cedric Grayson and his future heirs
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: The armor is too specifically crafted to be modified in any significant way.
  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Phrik, Armor-Weave


  • Classification: Multipurpose Jedi Battle Armor
  • Weight: Heavy 
  • Resistances 

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High

- Lightsabers: High

- Kinetic: High

- Sonic: Low

- EMP/ION: Low

- Force Resistance: Extreme





  • Force-Imbued: The Archlord's Raiment is a suit of armor blessed by the light side of the force. The armor was crafted beneath the branches of a great force sensitive tree by Jedi armorsmiths on the request of Cedric Grayson, and was imbued with the light's power upon its creation. The dark side of the force can hold little sway over the armor as it naturally repels all efforts of manipulation by force sensitives other than its owner, though it is not invulnerable to it.


  • Phrik: The armor is naturally resistant to most forms of energy based attacks. The primary use of phrik has allowed the armor to remain relatively light despite its extensive plate pieces.


  • Climate Controlled: The armor is fully sealed to keep the wearer safe from any form of environmental hazards. Additionally, it can heat or cool itself to meet the wearer's needs, and is vacuum-sealed to survive the depths of space.


  • Painless: Wearing the armor dulls one's sense of physical pain. This was imbued into it by its force sensitive craftsmen to help its wearer fight on past the point where others would fall. It does not numb one's sense of agony entirely, but rather reduces great spikes of debilitating pain to minor annoyances.



  • Joints: The joints between plates are exposed to any attacker with the foresight to target them. 


  • Sonic Weaponry: The armor possesses little aside from structural integrity to protect itself from sonic assault. The armor itself will likely survive a sustained blast of sonic energy, but the wearer within is more likely to end up a pulped corpse.


  • EMP/ION Weaponry: EMP weaponry will render the armor's mobility shield and general functions inoperable. It will still function as a suit for protection, but the loss of power will render the wearer vulnerable to being assaulted from multiple shooters or other similar situations.


  • Painless: While the dulling of pain may help a Jedi to retain their focus in combat, it can also make them impulsive. One tends to ignore their injuries when it registers as nothing more than a pinch, and the possibility of bleeding out due to ignoring injuries is a very real problem for whomever chooses to wear the raiment.



There was a time when Jedi Knights wore robes while going about their duties, but the galaxy is a far more dangerous place now. The Knights of Ession understood this, and spent many years honing their ability to craft armor that would suit the needs of the modern Jedi Knight. The result was the Jedi Lord armor, and it has served upon the backs of many Jedi that have fought the rapidly rising tide of Sith dominance for years.


Cedric Grayson took inspiration from this armor when designing his own suit. The armor was commissioned several weeks before the Battle of Dubrillion, and was only finished after the battle was over. Receiving the armor was a bright spot in an otherwise dark time for Cedric.


It was of a fine make: the phrik plates painted dark as obsidian, the cloak adorning it of a similar midnight hue. Seals of prayers adorn the battle plates beneath the cloak: all are written in the ancient prose of the Essonian people, and each is an individual recount of the Archlord's oath of service to his people. When the greatest of deeds are done in that service, a seal is added.


The helm is phrik as is the rest of the battle-plate. Flecks of blue paint mark is gun-metal surface, and the left side of the helmet has been charred black by the blow from a lightsaber swung long ago. Its black visor draws inspiration from the Essonians' Mandalorian neighbors, though the T-shape has been modified to reflect the look of traditional Essonian war plates. 





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