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- - - - - Personal Ship Saotome

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Wu Yeoh-Mei

Wu Yeoh-Mei

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  • Whammy Button: A built up charge within the engines that can be released to create a momentary interdiction field. Giving the ship the ability to stop some of the ships it might be chasing down from going to hyperspace for a brief moment by forcing its computers to reset and nee to recalculate.


  • Low Weapon Count: The bulk of its weapons are forward facing and low grade, just able to handle ships its own size but larger aside from with its larger gun.

  • Blindspots: The majority of its weapons are locked and forward facing, making for the back and sides of the ship to be vulnerable.

  • They see me Rollin: Using the powerful sub-hyperdrive upgrade doesn't make the ship faster but it does pierce the veil as it were and the ship can be seen across the galaxy while traveling through it.

Description: Constructed by Saotome and modified for Wu a jedi diplomat and master within the SIlver Jedi. Her ship is made to be a main home for her and her padawans. With more living space and droids to service and work on the ship. Fitting with what she does as a chef and cook within the rest. A larger industrial sized kitchen with equipment, walk in pantry, freezer and cooler to have fresh suplies on top of the standard rations and goods for long trips. Diplomatic chambers for meetings, meditation chambers, training rooms, machine and work stations, a small hanger with vehicles and a runabout that can be sent out as needed. The weapons were kept pretty much the same and no real improvements to them, the defenses of the ship slightly beefed up and improvements to the engines and hyperdrive a needed part of it. For getting around and having her own personal ship, few things can match Wu's in terms of preformance and with the internal security systems to protect the ship it might look like a yacht but functions as an adequate all around ship.

Gir Quee

Gir Quee

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