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Utai Universal Jammer

- - - - - alchemy ECM

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Janick Beauchamp

Janick Beauchamp

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The jammer's antenna




  • Intent: To provide a means to jam Force-based senses and communications
  • Image Source: ChannelMaster
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Universal jammer


  • Manufacturer: Utai Magic Circle
  • Model: Utai Universal Jammer
  • Affiliation: Closed-market
  • Modularity: Yes: can change the external wiring
  • ProductionSemi-Unique

  • Material: Alchemized reinforced plasteel, electronics


  • Lightsaber resistant
  • Can grant the user Force-powered jamming of Force-senses and Force-communications within 5km of the jammer
  • Can jam most sensors and frequencies within 5km of the jammer


  • Lightsaber-resistant
  • Force-jamming: Allows the user to jam Force-senses and by creating a large amount of Force-noise, allowing to distort Force-senses and also disrupting Force-coordination (e.g. telepathy, Force-meld/battle meditation) within 5km of the jammer
  • Communications and sensor jamming: Allows the user to jam NFU communications and sensors within 5km, either through a broadband jamming 
  • Directional jamming: The jamming systems allow one to direct the jamming to a specific area of space within the jammer's range


  • Force-nullifiers: The presence of Force-nullifiers can render the Utai Universal Jammer nothing more than an ordinary communications monitor.
  • Presence: Alchemical presence means that, although it can generate a lot of Force-noise that can conceal, the jammer can still be detected.
  • Jamming: Jamming of any kind works best on passive detection systems, a powerful enough active sensor system can burn through the jamming, and a powerful enough Force-sight practitioner can also burn through the Force-noise
  • Not stealth: The ECM, both NFU and Force-based cam jam a sensor signature, but it will not conceal the signature completely
  • Power consumption: The device can be knocked offline if its power supply is knocked offline or runs dry
  • Vulnerable to ion/EMPs

DESCRIPTION: With the idea that there is value in both jamming the Force and jamming NFU systems, based on the systems in use in the sortie of the Seeker on Echidna, Janick decided to purchase a batch of universal jammers for use in an alchemical capacity. The alchemical treatments applied to the universal jammer allow it to also jam Force-senses and Force-communications by generating large amounts of Force-noise that distorts Force-senses and Force-communications. It can then also disrupt telepathy-based Force-powers as well as powers such as Force-meld and battle meditation. However, since it doesn't actually conceal anything in the Force, a skilled/powerful Force-sight user or, for NFU communications, a powerful active sensor, can still see through the distortions and clear up enough of the noise to make a proper detection. It can also be used to jam a specific area of space, which can then be targeted for surgical strikes. Plus the high power consumption makes it at least as power-hungry as a dual heavy laser cannon.


Finally, as with all things alchemical, the Utai Universal Jammer is subject to the usual weaknesses of alchemy: its Force-abilities can be neutralized by the use of Force-nullifiers, such as ysalamiri and void stones and, despite its ability to generate Force-noise, it can still be detected (albeit in a somewhat distorted way) in the Force.



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