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Atlas' Squad's Morph Armour

- - - - - Morph

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  • Manufacturer: Atlas.
  • Affiliation: Atlas' squad of Cosimokiin
  • Model: N/A
  • Modularity: None.
  • Production: Semi-Unique

  • Material: Bandorium (Liquid Metal) and Transparisteel.


  • Classification: Personal armour, mostly anti-infantry weapons.
  • Weight: Light.
  • Resistances:

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High.

- Kinetic: Average.

- Lightsabers: High.

- Other: Average.



  • Transparent: The transparisteel allows the armour to be transparent.
  • Morphable at will: The armour will morph at will by taking advantage of the Bandorium. The bandorium allows the armour to morph into literally anything. The user can make it morph into whatever they want by taking advantage of the mind control trait as seen in Blayne's liquid metal. The user can reverse the mind control trait, and therefore control the metal as it is technically loyal to whoever makes it. This allows the metal to transform with the user.
  • Strong: The armour is strong because of the mix of the Bandorium and Transparisteel that have been chemically reacted together.


  • Very High Blaster Resistance: The armour is very resistant to blaster fire because the transparisteel gives the armour a trait of blaster resistance. (As seen in the link given). The transparisteel can be made in such a way that it has complete blaster resistance. However, due to the Bandorium that it is chemically bonded with, it is not 100% resistant.
  • High Lightsaber Resistance: It has a high lightsaber resistance because the transparisteel is very strong and the bonds with the bandorium (which is also strong) are almost unbreakable, adding to the lightsaber resistance.
  • Hidden: The transparent aspect of the armour makes it almost invisible, but not completely.


  • Vulnerability: When the armour is morphing, the user is left completely vulnerable to all types of damage.
  • Visibility: When an enemy is close and hits the armour with any type of damage, ripples of the damage being dispersed can be seen on the armour, making it very clear that it is there.
  • Distraction: The user can get very distracted because in order for the armour to morph, the user physically has to think about the armour and what it needs to morph into, this can make the user literally have to clear his mind of his surroundings.
  • Owner Change: If someone manages to take the armour, they will be able to use it and take it.
  • Expensive: Extremely expensive to make.
  • Malfunction: The morph can stop working and has to restart morphing again.

When Atlas heard about his first combat mission with The Family, he figured he would need an armour that would allow him to take advantage of his ability to transform. He took many days to find the perfect material, bandorium. He then figured he would want to keep the armour hidden and almost unnoticeable to leave his fur and massive body on show to strike fear into his enemies' eyes. So he spent lots of money to buy one of the only forges that could completely bond materials together with extreme strength. He used it to bind the bandorium and transparisteel together and out came a metallic liquid that he hesitantly touched. Nothing happened. Until he thought of armour on his body and the liquid suddenly morphed onto him and covered his body. It was the armour he needed. Now, he has a squad of Cosimokiin ready to be outfitted, he can use copies of this armour on them.




Jay Scott Clark

Jay Scott Clark


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My name is Jay and I'm not a Factory Judge. That said, I'd love to give some feedback here. Thusly,


1. Morph'able metal via mind control: - Well. I'm not saying this is outrageous. I'm just saying, it's so darn close as to pretty much the same thing.

2. Morph'able metal via mind control that magically-somehow-bonds with trasparasteel and grants Very High resistance and becomes completely invisible and also has lightsaber resistance: - Okay. I think we've kinda pushed past a common sense barrier here. Because either you've just created the greatest metallic-sorta substance in the galaxy? Or, this was never gonna fly probably ever. (I'm looking at you nano machine armor fans.)


With that in mind. Here are some other ideas that might help.


1. Personal energy shield: - It stops blasters and bullets. It's invisible. It helps against lightsabers. And it's way more fashionable than metal pudding too.

2. Personal cloaking device: - Because who needs armor when your invisible.

3. Force Barrier: - Are you a wolf who can use the Force? Then a Force Barrier is perfect for you. Woof.


Cheers and happy RPing! :D


EDIT: I have just been informed that a Unique version of this armor was already approved on the 6th. So... Yeah. I guess just, do whatever. :P

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Intent:  A personal armour for Equinox.


You may want to consider changing this. 

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