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"Al'keyva" Bekk Mag'ra's Second Lightsaber

- - - - - Standard Lightsaber

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Bekk Mag'ra

Bekk Mag'ra

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  • Intent: To submit Bekk Mag'ra's second Lightsaber "Al'keyva", created following his ceremony of Knighthood in the absence of his Master's life. The name means "duty to fight", in which he has dedicated against the forces of darkness and oppression in the Galaxy.
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  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: Lightsaber


  • Manufacturer: Bekk Mag'ra (Kieran Orion).
  • Affiliation: Bekk Mag'ra (Kieran Orion).
  • Model: Single/Standard Lightsaber.
  • Modularity: Lightsaber Components and the Focusing Crystal can be exchanged.
  • Production: Unique.
  • Material: Phrik, Lightsaber Components, Outer Casing, Amber Focusing Crystal.


  • Classification: Lightsaber.
  • Size: Average.
  • Weight: Light.



Bekk Mag'ra's second lightsaber was made in his early twenties following his ascension to the rank of Jedi Knight within the Order; the Knighting of the young Zabrak was put forward by his late Master who resigned the very same day after having bore witness to the murder of her father during Bekk's last assignment under her mentorship.


Much like his first lightsaber, the make of the weapon has been meticulously cared for in his craft, yet it does not seem to hold any overly advanced methods in it's design, keeping true to the simple and humble possessions that Jedi often have in favor of more extravagant and subsequently meaningless luxuries.


Aside from the expected components within any standard lightsaber built by the Jedi, the use of Phrik alloy has been implement in the outer casing in order to provide a better resistance against lightsaber strikes from opposing parties. Something that, until Bekk's later years as a student of the Order, he hadn't needed to consider until coming face to face with rogue Jedi who had fled the Order and been instructed to pursue and take them into custody for the murder of a fellow student. The result of the mission had been Bekk's first experience dueling against another swordsman as skilled in the force as he was in those years.


As such, the name for his second lightsaber has been aptly given.  


  • Can cut through most metals, as well as deflecting blaster-fire with the aid of Force Training.
  • This lightsaber is capable of being used while submerged under water.


  • High-grade Cortosis will cause the blade to short out, and materials such as Beskar is resistant to the weapons penetration/cutting power.
  • The activation of this weapon is loud and gives off a consistent hum of power channeled through the hilt, it is not a weapon to use should one be required to engage in stealth or covert practices.



Lightsabers: Ul'onore & Al'Keyva | Starfighter: Kal'vyshde.

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