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X-Ray-242 "Ray"

SJO Medic Droid

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NAME: X-Ray-242 AKA "Ray"

FACTION: Order of the Silver Jedi


RANK: Mechanized Medical Technician







HEIGHT: 1.8m (5'9)


WEIGHT: 93 kg (205 lbs)


EYES: Blue


HAIR: None


SKIN: None







STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :


  • [+] Heuristics: All MMTs field heuristic central processors, which allow them the capacity to quickly learn things from experience. Be it observing more advanced practitioners in action in a field surgery tent or in a clinic. Their baseline medical technician knowledge can be greatly expanded upon to help them save more lives across the galaxy.
  • [+] Robust: They're hardy droids. Durable enough to take a few blaster bolts and press on, fast enough to get to a wounded soldier or patient on the field, and strong enough to carry to drag them to safety. Their programming and mechanics have also been refined to present no glitches on the battlefield.
  • [+] Motivation/Personality: Each droid is unique in their own right. This leads to them developing a rapport with fellow medical personnel, their patients, and other beings as well. Soothing patients and cooperating with allies is a staple of their behavior - and some even make the ultimate sacrifice in combat to keep their charges alive.
  • [-] Non-Combatant: Pacifistic motivation circuits have been installed within these droids. On the field and in clinics/hospitals, they are wholly incapable of violence by any means. Even self-defense is unacceptable. Combat functionality beyond stabilizing the wounded and getting them to safety is null.
  • [-] Inherence: Inherent droid weaknesses to ion-based weaponry and EMPs. After all, they're just droids. A few blaster bolts or slugs will reduce an MMT to a pile of rubble and medical gear.
  • [-] Caregiver Depression: Seeing as they're equipped with advanced personality matrixes, these droids are definitely capable of emulating human emotions, and these do have an effect on them. MMTs in stressful and understaffed surgical tents, or witnessing many patients die without care can sadden them. This typically leads to a reduction in efficiency in all areas.



(as Above)









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