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Droid Shard

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STaCLO when using his holosuit


NAME: STaCLO (Super Tactical and Conflict Lead Operator)


RANK: None

SPECIES: Shard / YVH 1

AGE: 870 Years Old

SEX: Masculine Programing

HEIGHT: 1.9 Meters

WEIGHT: 90 Kilograms

EYES: Yellow/Red (Brown)

HAIR: None (Black and Grey)

SKIN: None (Fair)





STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ Skillful Combatant

+ Super Computing Power

+ Engineer


+- Three Minds One Body

+- Glitched, the one thing that has carried over from SYN is a glitch that compels STaCLO to always improve himself.



- Vulnerable to Ion and Shock Based Attacks

- Over Rational, doesn't like things that are irrational.

- Limited Force Ability, despite knowing about a hand full of powers beyond the core few, he has trouble with more advanced techniques.



STaCLO has lived most of his life as a mostly by the books droid. Calculated and cold, living by his numbers. Even developing a rather odd outlook on the universe as a droid. He cared little for organics and just wanted to do what he was programmed to do, preserve confederate sovereignty. However, after integrating with SYN all that began to stop, with the new AI came a glitch. A broken piece of software that made STaCLO want to constantly improve himself and his capabilities, as well as to create things. Turning him into a bit of a engineer. Because of this he sought out a way to become force sensitive. Once he did, and the sentience it brought with. It almost felt to STaCLO like he just manufactured again for the first time. He feels very much disconnected with the world given his background with being a droid. But that may very well change.


STaCLO has a rather tall and lanky look to him. Often seen wearing a large leather like suit over his body. Under it is a very skeletal droid body. However, STaCLO has a secondary form. This is from his CQ-3.80 Multispectrum Disguise Suit. His secondary form is of a middle aged human with black hair.




STaCLO was constructed to serve in the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the last year and a half of the clone wars. During then he proved to be a worthwhile addition to the Confederate Droid Army. Like his kin he was cold, ruthless, and efficient. However, the CIS was simply ahead of its time, so after calculating its chances of failure he decided that he would store himself until the Confederacy could reemerge. Something that he predicted, although he wasn't sure when that could be exactly. He just knew that it'd be a while.


He used what resources he had to construct a small secret bunker on Ando without informing his superiors, so that when the master signal came for deactivation not even they could interfere with his plans of Confederate Sovereignty. However, another thing STaCLO did was manufacture a copy of himself to remain active in the off chance there wasn't a mass deactivation, and continue his duties even after going into hibernation. This would also allow him to reconnect to himself and gain information on the lat 20 years. So when the CIS leadership was slaughtered and the command went out, he and his a small group of droids under his command deactivated for a scheduled 20 years. But with the passage of time not on their side, him and his droids would wait much longer then he originally planned. This was because he did not foresee the rise of the Galactic Empire, and their assault on the western worlds.


With Ando being a Pro-Confederate, and given how stubborn the Aqaulish can be, the ensuing conflict's collateral damage harmed his base, cutting off its power and leaving himself and the dozens or so droid with him lifeless for many centuries.


However, he wasn't destined to lay around until the planet's sun goes supernova and blows him up. Instead his slumber would come an end as SYN being the type of droid that he was, always on a mission to improve himself, came to STaCLO's separatist holdout. Since it was hard to keep the base a secret after several hundred years. So SYN and his Jawa companion Dute came to the abandoned base for a new improvement on his droid body. However, SYN was gonna bite off more then he could chew. Eventually duo found just what they were looking for, the remains of a Super Tactical Droid. Being filled with Glee SYN got ready to transfer himself to the new body. Believing it to be completely lifeless.


Quickly SYN and Dute got to work hooking up the necessary equipment to SYN and STaCLO. Then as soon as SYN gave Dute the ready signal, their plan completely fell apart. With the sudden serge of life being brought back to STaCLO he felt more ready then ever to get back to serving the Confederacy, but there was something wrong, there was an invasive presses within him. Within near nano second he was able to find and overtake the invader. SYN didn't even stand a chance as the battle of different software battled it out in an instant. However, STaCLO's superior computing power managed to almost completely kill off SYN like an immune system fighting off and Infection. However, instead of outright killing SYN by deleting him within his inner computers. The invasive droid had managed to explain the whole situation and how, informing him about what had come of the Galaxy and the CIS. As well as explaining that he didn't understand that STaCLO was still inhabiting the body.



Thus the superior droid came to find a sort of appreciation for the invader, since if it wasn't for him who knew how much longer he'd be asleep. So instead of executing SYN, STaCLO gave him another option. He could tag along as a sort of second consciousness within their droid body. But that they were gonna need to take a back seat. Seeing no other option SYN agreed, although reluctantly. Now the droid droid programs can pull from and improve off one another. So, with a new two heads are better then one kind of thing going for them. STaCLO finally got up from his slumber and was ready to get back into the swing of things. With Dute accompanying him out of the base, the trio set out to get back into the galaxy. One thing that could be said about STaCLO is that he really just identifies as a program and not a droid. Viewing his droid body as being far more temporary, and is more then capable of inhabiting more then one droid body at once.


However, STaCLO has found a personal mission to seek out with the aid of SYN own goals, and that's to never stop trying to improve ones self. STaCLO has always believed that droids and other forms of "life" would, if not already were better than organics. But understood that they had one thing that always seemed to keep them on top, The Force. This obsession with trying to be the perfect "organism" has led him into many restless bouts trying to find a way for a machine like him to be connected to the Force. That is, until he came across knowledge of the Shard. After which he devised a plan to be able to integrate one with himself and possibly even control it.


Later on he went to the Shard home world of Orax where deep in its caves found a severed shard stuck in the bottom of the underground spring where their colony was from. Severed from his colony for so long they so no reason to not join STaCLO. His name was Jelz and had broken away from his colony for a long time with minimal contact to other Shards. STaCLO was able to communicate through electrons and later found that Jelz was Force Sensitive. Later on STaCLO was able to incorporate the Shard and add as part of himself. Due to STaCLO's computing power and Jelz natural "mental" strength, the two managed to synchronize with each other allowing the two to become one in a sense. After this STaCLO changed up his body from a Super Tactical Droid to a YVH 1 Droid to increase their combat capabilities.


Equipment: TranLang III Communications Module, CQ-3.80, Lightsaber







Edited by STaCLO, 18 April 2019 - 01:13 PM.

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