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Questions: Ship Conversion

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So, I've got a question about something. I'm piecing together the WIP post for a ship for Dorin (Could very well be a few weeks until he actually gets it ICly), and I'm running into some....issues.


My problem can be summed up quite nicely with this:  https://robertsspace...llation-Phoenix


This is the link for the Star Citizen ship I'm using as the base-line for Dorin's ship. Obviously some stuff will change, but I'm taking full advantage of the fact that it has a bunch of stats already listed, including turn ratings and speed ratings. So, for you people that know things about spaceship design, what ratings would these stats warrant, and/or should I scale them down in some way? While all the stats are listed under the link provided, I'll list them below for the ease of access.


61 x 26 x 14 Meters (So small Corvette by Chaos standards, large fighter by Anaxes College Standards)


Cruise Speed: 190 m/s


Top Speed: 985 m/s (roughly 3500 kph)


25 / 25 / 50 Degrees per second Pitch, Yaw, and Roll, respectively.


This happening from 12 gimballed manuvering thrusters, four retro thrusters, 4 VTOL thrusters, and 4 main engine nacelles.


I did some hunting for sublight speeds on existing star wars ships, and wasn't able to find enough matching data to really have any idea how realistic any of this would be for conversion to the Star Wars universe. If you have any thoughts, comments, or suggestions, I'm all ears.

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I wouldn't try and touch proper sublight speeds in Star Wars with a ten foot pole. Nor would I trust game mechanics to translate to anything even remotely approaching reasonable. As a quick reference, the fastest human spacecraft ever launched was the Deep Horizons probe, which topped out at around 58,000 kph. Assuming a straight line shot from Earth to Mars, our closest planetary neighbor, you're talking about 40 days travel time, if the planets are at their closest point of approach.


I think it's safe to say ships in the Star Wars universe are a LOT more capable than that, and that probe is still moving at like 6x the Star Citizen numbers.


So what it really comes down to is what you feel is appropriate for the ship. Remember that Speed and Maneuverability are relative to the size, and go from there.


My take would be a reasonably quick, but very maneuverable vessel, mostly based off the large number of vernier thrusters and general look, rather than any hard numbers. As a trade off, since the Constellation Phoenix is basically a yacht, it would probably be fairly fragile. I would also keep the mini-hanger (room for one fighter), that's a neat little addition and adds character to the ship.



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