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Ant droid

- - - - - Updating Mirdirmorut

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  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: 200kg
  • Height: 1.2m
  • Movement: Hexapods
  • Armaments: 2x AMT-7, Power crystal
  • Misc. Equipment: particle shield, scanners



  • Hitting across a battlefield - Able to fire across a battlefield's range.
  • Scanning the area - The droid has scanners so it can see hidden weapons as well as tell friend from foe.
  • DION Fibre - allows it to be resistant to EMP/Ion attacks
  • Mirdimorut droid brain - Allows the droid to come up with new tactics quickly as well as store all of the necessary information on all styles of lightsabre combat.
  • Shielded - The Droids are shielded with two types of shielding designed to stop people from destroying the droid.
  • Noverskaa Steel - Resistant to sonic damage
  • Detection occurring - Can be used to detect any fluctuations in the local gravity field.
  • Stopping anything in it's path - The cannon can stop almost anything in it's way with it's shots.


  • Hitting me with a close weapon - It is vulnerable to Kinetic attacks
  • Melting away - be easily hurt with acid.
  • Jamming Sir - The droid brain can be jammed making the droid less than effective at it's job.
  • Slow - even with six legs it is still a slow droid due to the blaster cannon on it's back due to how heavy it is
  • Friendly or the enemy - it cannot tell friend from foe, meaning it is up to the user to make that distinction and will not be able to sense through people or buildings. 
  • Fire! Damn it, Fire! - Firing speed is very very slow generally meaning it takes it at least 2 posts to get a shot off. One post setting up and one firing.


The Ant droid was built to assist the militia of the CIS, particularly the science division. It is based of designs for the original spider droid only smaller. Rex added shields and scanners to assist it in it's task of holding problematic sectors or defending military or government instillation. Thanks to the shields it is able to take Ion shots that would destroy most droids. It has sensors to detect any hidden weapons on people or droids. The blaster cannon does a lot of damage but also makes the Ant droid heavy and slow. It is also more vulnerable to Kinetic attacks due to it's weight. The bolt is coloured Purple.


However due to Mirdirmorut needing to update it and create a new weapons platform for it's anti matter cannons. As such the droid's original design was scrapped for something more able to support the weapon and still keep it safe. To do so they gave the droid Noverskaan steel and DION Fibre to keep it alive for longer than 2 minutes so it could fire multiple shots. Gave it shielding to help it with any other possible problems and then went a bit out on the sensor data side of things. Giving it the new updated grav trap sensor they had created to help it detect and destroy any hidden persons or buildings.


Add to this that they managed to find crystals that seemed to be able to cut through shielding for long enough that it could get it's shots through the shield. Even with it's slow firing speed, slow movement it is still a monster to take on and should be approached with caution jamming it's brain may stop commands as well as new tactical data but it doesn't stop it from firing apon anything it detects. Just get close and hope it doesn't have supporting forces. 

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