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Favorite Chaos Force-users(s)

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Kay Arenais

Kay Arenais

    Care for some tea?

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Always enjoy threading with you Atheus Voidwalker :) Blaming me for your late nights though, are ya? :P Surely there's more than one culprit for that.




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Ew, none. Forcies are gross.

That said,

Atheus Voidwalker because he's not afraid to fight without the Force, and I'm of the mindset that if you can't win without it, you're not winning with it. I'm not sure where he intends to take the character in the long run, but he's one of the most adaptable I've seen on the board.

Veiere Arenais because he has a great attitude about every fight and gets really into it. Plus, his character has conviction, even if Alkor is going to break his nose for it.

Samka Derith because I really do love the character, and I'm interested to see where she decides to take Decitus Ren moving forward. Plus she owes me a (deadly) dance.




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Lady Kay, There are many reasons, but none I blame you for. Most of the time its my own fault. lol 


Alkor Centaris, Thank you for the words. Glad to see that our feelings are mutual. 

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Runi Verin

Runi Verin

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Ember Farseer - Probably by far one of my favorite all time Jedi characters on the board. I really loved his entire character arc and his strong commitment to a more traditional belief system.

Jairus Starvald - 10/10 would end up in a one sided mentalism fight with again. Darth Sithilis is definitely a nuanced dark side character that can only, for me, be overshadowed by his paramour Irajah Ven who really is one the best written characters on the board. Put them together and its always a fantastic read.

@Jon - I don't think I need to list characters at this point. I think I can just go ahead and blanket say that I have loved reading all his force users. His characters are always innovative and flawed in all the greatest ways, and really brings back a sense of mysticism into the force. I seriously love seeing them rock up in a thread.

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Kixi Rajki

Kixi Rajki

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Not in any chronological order...

Me, myself and I. ;-)

But in all seriousness I liked George O Rourke. Miss writing with him.

Nena Ka, my padawan and a character created by George O Rourke.

Ballen-Ist, the stories between he/his characters and my Cynna Jade Sunrider were enjoyable and a pleasure.



Mira Rekali

Mira Rekali
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Over my time in Chaos, I've had the privilege of writing with some talented Force users. 


So, I'm just going to say anyone I've wrote with will pretty much narrow it down without naming names. 



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Gherron Dragonsflame

Gherron Dragonsflame

    Space dad

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Seen a lot of really good ones since I joined the site, but as far as ones I’ve personally written with:

Josh Dragonsflame (biased as hell, he helped me out a lot after all)
Darth Kryptus/Jacen Cavill
Morna Imura
Nickolas Imura
Thurion Heavenshield (I believe I was in his first thread actually)
Spencer Jacobs
Alexandra Feanor

And most likely quite a few more I can’t think of.

Oh, and who can forget that one psycho cannibal Sith lady way back when. Yeah, creeped me out but she was fun.

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Romi Jade

Romi Jade

    Jedi Beauty

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Jedi Thanos

Argis Volmir



    Mr. Sandman

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I'd like to thank the academy, my parents, and all the people who didn't nominate me! :angry:


I honestly feel like the sheer volume of FUs on the site makes it far too difficult for me to actually choose any for a list. :lol: 



Dax Fyre

Dax Fyre

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This is like opening a Pandora's box of compliments.


Lets see...my list...


  • Kimiko Taiyo
    • Definitely biased...nope not at all
  • Nate Phantoms
    • or about this one
  • @Jorus Merril
    • He's a legend c'mon
  • Coren Starchaser
    • Who doesn't love this guy?
  • Zak Amroth and Zark
    • Pfft. Zak's an adorable idiot, and one of the most amusing characters I'v ever had the pleasure to read.
  • Joza Perl and the rest of the Perls
    • I guess three years of putting up with you, I have to like you by now don't I? :P
  • Srina Talon
    • KHALEESI!!!
  • Darth Metus
    • I'm still waiting for my invitation to CIS 0_0
  • Samka Derith
    • You've always been one of my favorite characters
  • @Lady Kay
    • Always wonderful *thumbs up*
  • Kyrel Ren
    • Haven't had the pleasure to actually thread with you, but I've always enjoyed reading your stuff during invasions

I could keep going but I'll save us all from that pain. You're all amazing though :D

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