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Clanker Droid Tribal

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NAME: Clanker

FACTION: Independant


RANK: Battle Droid


SPECIES: B1 Battle Droid


AGE: Four years old


SEX: Masculine Programming


HEIGHT: 1.93 Meters


WEIGHT: 180 lb


EYES: Yes.


HAIR: Nope.


SKIN: Rust brown, painted over with red tribal markings







  • Flimsy Body: Due to the droid’s base design being meant for swarm tactics, he is actually quite fragile and can be easily destroyed.


  • PTSD: From having his memory-wipe interfered with, he sometimes receives flashes of a battle which he participated in where many of his fellow droid comrades were ripped apart by jedi. Outbursts of violence tend to ensue during these flashbacks.

  • Damaged Circuits: Due to damage from a crash, random functions tend to fail at random times.

  • Tactical Database: Has a prototype algorithm in his brain which allows he to calculate detailed vulnerabilities and probabilities in battle. This algorithm only becomes faster and more accurate with experience.

  • Marksmanship: Due to inherit programming, this droid is skillful with most common ranged weaponry (blasters, etc.).

  • Spearmanship: Due to being taken in by a tribe of natives on an undeveloped planet, this droid has trained and become skillful with polearms, both melee and thrown.


A mostly basic-looking B1 Battle Droid, however has red tribal markings painted on his plating. Is typically seen with a small metal buckler shield and a spear.



Clanker was originally a basic mass-produced battle droid for some minor faction, though which is unknown. After long and tragic battle in which he had witnessed horrific scenes of fellow droids which looked exactly like himself ripped apart by the invisible Force, as well as being ripped apart himself, he had formed something akin to PTSD and was due for a memory wipe. Unfortunately, the ship that he was being repaired on malfunctioned and crashed into a nearby moon populated with a tribal people. Clanker was found and, upon realizing he still functioned, repaired himself with other droid parts. Due to being unknown to the natives, they thought him some sort of holy warrior sent by the heavens, painted him, and welcomed him as their own.

After a while, the droid was stolen by scavengers who noticed the crash a few years later and took him as loot.