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Has it really been this long?

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So, I tend to start and stop in my periods of writing here. Ya'll don't have that figured out by now, you obviously don't know me. Normally it's due to work stressors and life piling things on. But a friend has convinced me to at least throw them a post here and there, and a few wrap up threads to this character in particular, and it got me wondering on my time here.


What do you think of my writing Chaos? From broad to general, specific characters or even threads. I'm curious how I'm viewed, from quality to other aspects, and where and how I can progress in your opinion. As always, I can sometimes be a not terribly sugary person. Don't hesitate to be blunt with me. I wouldn't be with you were this reversed.



Jay Scott Clark

Jay Scott Clark


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As a writer you've always been honest and blunt with me. So +1 for character. As with your characters you've always been bold and inventive. So +1 for style. And, I've never read anything of yours and thought to myself, "Well, that post totally sucked the cabbage." So +1 for not sucking.


Your score is currently holding at: +3 What up dudes. And a: +1 come around more often yeah.


Lulz. Cheers mate! Hope all is well. :D :P