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(Hood and mask Not shown in Image)

  • Intent: To create a new stylish armor that works even better for Vulpesen’s combat style while offering him protection from his main foe type: Force users.
  • Image Source: https://geekandsundr...292510#gallery Art by Joma Cueto @forgingmeanings
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: (Please link and cite the sources which you are modifying for your use in your submission.)


  • Manufacturer: Veran Wilders
  • Affiliation: Vulpesen Torrevaso
  • Model: Varos Cloak
  • Modularity: None
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Phrik, Imbued Shell Spider Silk, blood inscribed runes, and various furs and feathers form Veradune’s wildlife
  • Classification: Light anti-force user
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:

- Blasters: Very High

- Kinetic: Very Low

- Lightsabers: Very High

Bludgeoning: Low

- Sonic: Low

- Slashing: Average

- EMP: None

- Force: Extreme

- Elemental: Low



  • Force Imbuement
    • Highly Energy Resistant
    • Highly Resistant to Force abilities not enacted by the attuned person. (Vulpesen)         
    • More durable than average Spider Silk
    • Attuned person (Vulpesen) will find it easier to affect the armor with the force
  • Shell Spider Silk
    • Capable of deflecting blaster bolts from the average pistol or carbine
    • Naturally somewhat durable
  • Tarentatek Hide
    • Covers only the crotch region for extra force protection
  • Vulpesen’s Mask
    • Made of Pure Phrik
    • Night Vision
    • Rebreather
    • Capable of removing the lower part for eating and drinking
    • Sound dampeners
    • Insulated electronics to keep the main hardware from being fried by EMPS
  • Upper half of cloak/cape is lined with pockets, each about 25 sq. cm.
    • 20 in total
  • Pockets in sash and under looser parts of clothing.
    • 20 in total (ten in flap around waist, ten in sash)



  • Nearly impervious to Energy based attacks such as Lightsabers and Blasters
  • Mask comes with Various Functions
  • Tarentatek hide provides extra protection from force-attacks to a certain area
  • Large number of pockets allows for easy storage of small objects
  • Alter abilities of the force are only capable of passing though the armor if enacted by Vulpesen
  • Extremely Light weight and flexible
  • Force Abilities stemming from Vulpesen are more effective on the armor



  • Time in places which remove the force (such as an Ysalimiri field) will shut down the imbuement’s protective qualities. Extended time (about a week) in such a place will remove it completely.
  • While the force offers some extra durability, most bludgeoning attacks beyond the average punch can be felt through the thin material.
  • Ballistic weaponry can easily pierce through the armor.
  • Armor (with the exception of the mask), offers no protection from EMP to items held within it.
  • If damaged is sustained to nether regions, Tarentatek hide will prevent all attempts to heal said area until removed.
  • Friendly forces incapable of healing or using beneficial force powers through the armor
  • Cuts can move through the armor if there is strong enough force in them. (Slashes are effective. Draw cuts are not)
  • No Protection from Mind affecting force abilities



  • Created through an imbuement process concocted by the Veran Wilders, the Varos Cloak was made as per Vulpesen’s specifications of needing an armor that could survive the dangers of a battle field, while specializing in keeping him alive in his common duels with fellow force users. Using his own blood to attune the cloak to himself, Vulpesen and the wilders used shell spider silk laced with phrik filaments as the basis of their creation, amplifying its energy resistant qualities to create something capable of shrugging off all but the lengthiest of encounters with a lightsaber while also creating something that a sith couldn’t simply crush or electrocute him through.
  • Purposely made of dark and natural colors, the Varos Cloak is made to mark Vulpesen as a Wilder on the battlefield, displaying his respect for nature while also allowing him to disappear into the shadows and employ more cunning tactics, much like he was trained to do before his time on Veradune.
  • Filled with Pockets, the Varos cloak is made to be as utilitarian as possible, allowing the Valde to carry a number of small items onto the battlefield such as grenades, daggers, and even small lightsaber should he need to. There are of course, sheathes and clips on the external parts of his belt, allowing him to clip things such as his main lightsaber more openly for easy access.
  • Being made from a ritual of force imbuement, it is possible to rob the Varos cloak of most of its more protective qualities by simply subjecting it to a force neutralizing environment. While the imbuement ritual is meant to allow some sort of resilience to this, if subjected to about a week in these conditions, the sort of hibernation that the cloak enters will fail and render its abilities inert until the ritual can be undertaken again. This forces Vulpesen to be careful during times such as his extended trips to Myrkr.
  • Due to a fight with a certain sith who attempted to crush his nether regions with the force, Vulpesen saw to it that a few extra measures were put in place to protect the sensitive area while in combat. While possibly unnecessary due to his armor’s resistance to the force, this holdout remains, likely due to some sort of paranoia.
  • A hold-out from all his other armors, Vulpesen’s mask is an integral part of who he is on the battlefield. While technically not a part of the Varos Cloak, it is still worn at the same time, covering his face while the cloak’s hood covers the rest of his head.



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