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  • Classification: Anti-Lightsaber, Anti-Blaster, Anti-Force, Utility Armor
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Resistances 
    • Blasters (And other plasma type weapons): Very High
    • Kinetic: High
    • Lightsabers: Very High
    • Direct Force Powers: Extreme
    • Sonic: Very Low
    • Acid: Very low
    • EMP/Ion/Lightning: Average




  • Armor Fit for a Warrior: The armor is specifically designed to be able to resist most conventional personal weaponry. Lightsabers, swords, blasters, slugs, etc. The armor also has multiple layers of weaves, textiles, and leathers to provide a very resilient and lighter armor. Despite the precautions taken using lighter armors, and lighter textiles, Usage of Sith Alchemy increases the weight to be fairly heavy. While still very much operable, you aren't going to be a distance runner. 
  • Force Hound: Terentatek, and Taozin hide are known to be useful as lighter leather forms of Lightsaber, and even Force Resistant uses in armor. This armor uses both of them as well as a Taozin amulet to hide the wearer from the force. Having high resistances to both Lightsabers, and even force usage directed at the wearer. 
  • Utility for Hunting: A HUD system that is filled with all the bells and whistles, Belts for holding weapons, utility items, Various shielding systems, Glove and boot additions for greater mobility and advantages within a duel/fight. All of these culminate to allow Shaun to possibly gain every kind of advantage he can get against fighting others, hunting creatures, people or even a full on battle. 
  • Lightning in My Palm: Sith swords are well known for their ability to absorb lightning to be redirected at the user via making contact with them. This was implemented in the gauntlets/forearms, as well as the boots/lower legs to allow the wearer to absorb lightning into the gauntlets, and sabatons and then kick or punch back with increased force. A secondary link to this, is that EMP & Ion based weaponry can be resisted to a degree, and prevent a surge of energy from damaging the electronic based systems within the helmet, and the arms. 


  • Overcharged: With the use of a Faraday cage, Alchemy treated armor, and super-conductors, the wearer is quite literally, a living Lightning Rod. While the armor can resist most forms of electrical charges, and even overcharged based weaponry, It is still lackluster in a constant stream. Should a force user use Lightning for long periods of time, or if the wearer is in a circuit for longer duration than a couple of seconds, The wearer can still be electrified, or sustain injury to varying degrees depending on how powerful the source is, and how long the wearer is in such a condition. It is not electrically Proof, only resistant to a degree. 
  • Big Red Buttons Everywhere: With so many HUD systems, set ups, and utilities at the wearer's disposal, keeping track of them all, or using all of them at once can overwhelm the user. While a wearer can eventually become accustomed to such additions, It is very difficult to do so. 
  • Batteries Not Included: With so many various technology systems installed into the armor, belts, boots, gloves, shields, HUDs, etc, The armor is very much an energy hog. Even while having Marilite energy sinks connected to every system, it still cannot use all the systems at once. An example would be using Al of the shielding systems at the same time, as well as the HUD, Or using various arm and leg systems with the shields. The variations are endless, but all still require a lot of energy. 
  • Lizards and Stones: As the armor is altered by Alchemy, Many of the various properties will be reduced, or even temporarily removed due to force nullification. While the armor can still retain its durability, unlike Force Imbued, Alchemy based properties such as the Lightning charged fists, will be disrupted. 
  • A Light Unlike Any Other: Beings of the Light Side of the force can use abilities such as Force Light, and Wall of light to damage, render inert, and even destroy the armor entirely. 
  • Environment Trap: The armor is nearly immune to force attacks directed at the wearer itself. However, should a force user discover that the armor is as such, they can easily throw rocks, use the environment, or use the force to indirectly affect the wearer. Examples would be; Alter Environment, Shaping, Telekinesis upon a object, Ballistakinesis, Force Barrier, etc, 
  • Force Hidden: While a Taozin amulet can hide the wearer in the force, it cannot hide the person from scanner based systems, Life form systems, Force Tracking/Psychometry, etc. 

Armor is not for fashion. Armor is not for someone who can sip tea and enjoy the sunshine. Armor is for the person who is willing to stand in the middle of a battle, and fight till there is only one left standing. Lighter armors can be useful for daily use, Medium armors are great for scouts and simple expeditions, but Heavy armors are used for war and battle. Ever since the creation of heavy armors, war sets, and even power armor, Warfare has increased the necessity to have utility in every aspect. Many go the simple route. Using just plate armor or a simple cover to prevent death. This armor is not for such usage. 


Created by "Auberon" this armor is to be used for the direct purpose of war, and battle. More utilities than necessary, Armor enhanced through the force to provide superior protection against most common forms of personal weaponry. However, light enough to be worn by your average person. Sure, you aren't going to be running a marathon, or doing dead sprints for fun. But that is the purpose of heavy armor. To be able to stand in the thickest of warfare, and still standing when all are dead, or cowering at your feet. 


Auberon is not the kind of force user that relies upon the force in battle. The most offensive ability he knows is Telekinesis. Even then, he is barely a Master Level at the skill. More so, he relies upon the tactics, and utility of the weapons and gear to supplement his physical strength, and prowess in combat. Even as an Echani, Auberon sees the necessity as one of the highest ranking members within the Mafia known as "The Family," He is one of the biggest targets. Secondary to this, Warfare, and fighting is what he was hired for. As the Left hand of the Donna, dubbed "The Gardener" or as an executioner and personal bounty hunter of the mysterious woman, Auberon needs a utility, a tool to allow him every advantage possible over those he hunts, and kills. 


Using many different forms of metals, alloys, leathers, weaves, and even hides to have a heavy suit of armor that can protect him from direct force usage, as well as most of your basic weaponry. Housing a Taozin amulet in the chest, the armor can also hide Auberon from skrying effects, and sensing his presence through the force. The armor can also give a punch just as much as it can take one. Utilizing the technique of a Sith Sword's Lightning Rod effect upon the fists and feet of the armor, it can absorb electrical based attacks, and charge up. Allowing hand to hand combat to be more shocking. While there is still a chance for the armor to be overloaded by large blasts of EMP's and even long durations of lightning. 


While Auberon is resistant to the force in many forms, The altering of the area around him... not so much. Even with some slight control on his gravitational situation, and even a repulsor shield to prevent some forms of the elements from affecting him, Auberon can still be affected should these systems be off, or be overloaded. More over, the armor requires substantial forms of energy. Even having sinks linked up to various systems that require more energy, it still needs more. As this downside, not all of the available systems can be used at once. The wearer must pick and choose what systems to use and which ones to forego. While interchangeable to some degree, Auberon must make the choice of what he can use and gain advantages from. 


Overall, this armor was built for one purpose. 


The Horseman of Death. 

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Shaun Castanic Excellent work as always, can't wait to read more of your subs.


Awesome. Pending Factory Mentor Review.

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