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The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE Controlled Copero OOC

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Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

    Jedi Pope

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Jedi? Where?




Darth Tacitus

Darth Tacitus

    Evil Genius

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Darth Animus Cool. Lemme' know when you wanna' do this. I also have some NPC troops with me, but those will be left to do their own thing when we duel and won't be involved in the fight.


KZWZ4wX.gif GNeiEC9.gif hgdLBTM.gif



Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

    Madalena Antares

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I've landed on the planet, near the government building where the civilians were being slaughtered by the TJE forces.


Anyone up for a dance? :D

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