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XJ-90 Stealth X-Wing Starfighter

- - - - - The Resistance

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Intent: To create a new model X-Wing

Image Source: [x] | [x] | [x] | [x]

Canon Link: T-65B X-Wing Starfighter | StealthX-Wing

Restricted Missions: Not Applicable

Primary Source: Sprite-class X-Wing | X-90 Stealth X-Wing



Manufacturer: The Resistance

Model: XJ-90 Stealth


  • Aesthetics
  • Weapons

Affiliation: Closed Market

Production: Semi-Unique



Classification: Starfighter

Length: 12.5 Meters

Width: 10.1 Meters

Height: 3.2 Meters

Armament: Average

[High Full Power to Weapons]

  • Laser Cannons (4)
  • Variable Payload Warhead Launchers (2)
  • Ground-Buzzer Light Blaster Cannon (1)

Defenses: Average

[High Full Power to Shields]

Squadron Count: None

Minimum Crew: Astromech Droid

Optimum Crew: 1 + Astromech Droid

Passenger Capacity: None

Cargo Capacity: 50 Kilograms

Consumables: 10 Days

Maneuverability Rating: High

Speed Rating: High

[Extreme Full Power to Engines]

Hyperdrive Class: 1



The XJ-90 features sensors, computers, and other technology comparable to other Elite Starfighters and can be regularly updated with new software and replacement units to keep it in line with evolving technological standards.



Hyperdrive System


Stealth Suite


  • Power Converter: New Incom Models now include Power Converters and a small reserve Power Generator, which allows them to boost one of their combat systems in battle, or assist with a rapid startup sequence.
  • Stealth: The XJ-90, based off the T-90 and the StealthX combines the flexibility of the T-90 with the stealth systems of the StealthX. Gravitic modulators, photon absorbers, thermal dissipators, and sensor negators combined with the passive energy and static dampeners of its sister design render the vessel difficult to detect with normal sensors at standard sensor range and beyond.
  • Elite: The XJ-90 features systems, speed, and maneuverability above and beyond most other Starfighter.


  • Unassigned Energy: In combat, the reserve power must be assigned by the pilot or droid or it is not utilized or directed. This means when ambushed by enemy craft, the vessel is not able to perform at its full potential for a time.
  • One System at a Time: The fighter’s power converter can only direct its reserve power to a single combat system at a time, taking several seconds to stop the flow of energy to one system, redirect it, and begin the flow of energy to the next system.
  • Stealth Limitations: Although normally colored in the Starry Night matte black pattern, the X-90 does not visibly Cloak and thus can be seen. In addition at closer ranges visually tracking the target, locking on to energy emissions from its weapons and shields are much easier to detect and track during dogfights even if weapons locks are difficult, and comm waves and active sensor pings will attract notice to the vessel. More Powerful and specialized sensors are also better able to detect the starfighters at greater ranges.


The latest model of X-Wing, designed by Incom as the next step in the venerable starfighter’s evolution, intended for use by Force Sensitive Pilots. The classic aesthetics and major design features of the StealthX and the T-70 model all found a home in this streamlined stealth oriented vessel, fitted with the computer and sensor systems of modern technological standards for an elite vessel of its kind. Unlike many previous models, this one can be operated entirely with non-electronic controls in the case that the cockpit becomes damaged or ionized, allowing a pilot to use pedals, gear-wheels, and a manual control of the vessel.




Four powerful laser cannons form the primary weapons for the XJ-90, each resting at the wingtips of the ship. They feature gimbal mounts capable of resetting the Zero mark where all four laser blasts intersect with relative ease. Two variable warhead launchers mounted on either side of the nose cone, each capable of firing a series of different warheads from an internal magazine. Proton, Ion, Plasma, and Mag-pulse torpedoes, Proton Rockets, Intruder Missiles, Shadow Bombs, and Concussion Missiles are all able to be loaded into the magazine. The magazine is capable of unloaded and reloading weaponry quickly, allowing the pilot to change the next ordnance to be launched during combat. The Magazine holds between six rockets and twelve missiles when fully loaded. As a final weapon, the new XJ-90 has a light blaster cannon concealed in its chassis that can be lowered and rotated three hundred sixty degrees. While not overly powerful it is capable of firing backwards at pursuit craft and firing at ground attackers.


The XJ-90 features an array of active and passive stealth systems that assist in making the vessel very difficult to detect and track. Energy Dampeners, Static Jammers, and Emissions dampeners blur the vessel’s sensor signature, making it difficult to track at longer ranges while Photon Absorbers, Sensor Negators, and Gravitic Modulators dissipate incoming sensor pings and scanner signals. It can also use these systems to appear as little more than naturally occuring space phenomena and blend in easily with background noise or as other vessels if desired. Using Programmable paint, the X-Wings are able to use the Starry Night scheme, standard Resistance Military schemes, and a personalized scheme and change between the three with ease. Gaining target locks on the vessel is much more difficult for enemy targeting computers as well. However, weapon’s fire and active shield emissions cause signatures that are more easily detected at normal sensor ranges, meaning combat flying at those ranges reduces the stealth capabilities of the craft.


Much like other models produced in recent years, the XJ-90 features Power Converter and Reserve Power Generator, a concept borrowed from Alderaan Engineering and miniaturized for starfighters. This Converter and reserve power allows the pilot of the X-90 to amplify their combat abilities during flight, such as switching power to weapons when making an attack run, boosting shields while being pursued in a dogfight, or turbo-boosting engines in order to escape capture from a tractor beam.

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