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EOTH EmpireOfTheHand

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    Kind old Chiss man

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Sometimes referred to simply as “Tsair”


Empire of the Hand


Head of the Council, de-facto Emperor of the Empire of the Hand






62 standard years old






1.87 Meters



89.81 Kilograms



The solid red that is usual to all Chiss






Blue, another standard Chiss feature



Tsair is unable to use the force




Silver Tongue

By no stretch of any means in Tsiar a fighter, old age and a general position at the head of things gives him a grossly lacking ability when it comes to any sort of fight. His true strength lies in a silver tongued charisma, be it come in the form of the skilled baraginer, or the brutal honesty of the idealist within him.


There will be no corruption, nor wavering ideals, when dealing with Tsair. He holds the utmost devotion to the Empire of the Hand and the ideals he laid behind in it’s founding.


Old Age

Tsair is quite old for a Chiss, and it shows in slowed movements and rather pitiful combat ability. His mind has deteriorated none though.

Old Grudges

Tsair is a deserter and traitor to the Chiss Ascendancy, as such he has earned the ire of many more “mainsteam” Chiss that do not swear loyalty to the Hand: or many military leaders within the Ascendancy.



Tsair is generally described as having a commanding presence, with a deathly straight posture and broad shoulders. With a deep voice that has lost none of it’s strength with age.



Tsair was born into the Chiss Ascendancy capital world of Csilla, and the Nuruodo Arisocra. Ever since the boy’s early years he showed a great knack for the art of politics (or more so the charisma associated with it): regardless of this fact a military career was what the boy was trained for, the navy of the CEDF where it seemed his intellect would be put to good use regardless.

There is little great tragedy to highlight Tsair’s life within the Ascendancy, he served, and that was that: favoring a far more diplomatic approach over simply demolishing whatever was deemed a threat. Gaining allies and the like among the many bizarre aliens within the Unknown Regions. It was these very interactions that sparked the true inspiration for the eventual Empire of the Hand: there were many aliens that were far more unresponsive to his passive ways, showing brutally potent destructive power when they lashed out. Dangers of the Unknown Regions that if they so desired could pose a true problem for the Galaxy at large. And the Chiss would never be the ones to stem that tide.

This was the birth, the small kernel within his heart that would form the basis of the Empire of the Hand. But the true birth, that turned that small ember into a roaring inferno was a visit to the world of Nirauan. The world had no true occupation now, the old Empire of the Hand was long gone and dead. But what they built, and more importantly, their history remained. The now old and far more derelict Hand of Thrawn held a mighty reservoir of knowledge: the basis of the Empire of the Hand, it’s ideals, everything. It was perfect. It was just what he needed to begin his great dream, a foundation, he would remake the Empire of the Hand. Better, stronger, the bulwark that would hold back the tide of vile aliens in the Unknown Regions.

And with that knowledge, he rebelled, taking the fleet under his command (who had come to share his own views) and fleeing to Nirauan. They would begin to create the foundation and pull in all the recruits he would need to actually formulate his small little Empire (of a single world): his fleet was more or less entirely scuttled to form a basis for the reconstruction, construction and reconstruction filled up the majority of his life after he went to Nirauan. Many years younger when his fleet arrived, and many years older by the time the Empire of the Hand had ascended to a true planetary government. His new Phalanx Commandos spreading throughout the Galaxy to find any and all willing to join into the new Empire.

And such became life, the Empire of the Hand and it’s upkeeps keep the now much older Tsair greatly busy at almost all times: such is the task he laid into himself, but still, the Empire grows. And hopes his efforts don’t end up being for naught.