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- - - - - Destroyer Organic Unique MandalBioEng

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Kaine Australis

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  • Intent: To create an organic battleship
  • Image Source: Link
  • Canon Link: Sekotan Ship
  • Restricted Missions: None
  • Primary Source: None


  • Manufacturer: MandalBioEng
  • Model: None
  • Affiliation: MandalBioEng
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: MBE-made Dovin Basals, Organic Cicuitry and Yorik-Coral analog, Ionite


  • Classification: Destroyer
  • Length: 2000 meters
  • Width: 325 meters
  • Height: 315 meters
  • ArmamentVery High
    MBE Heavy Biocannons
    Yaret-kor Volcano Cannons
  • DefensesVery High
    MBE Dovin Basal defences
    Thick Bio-Organic hull similar to Yorik Coral
    Resistant Bio-Energy field similar to Amphistaff skin
  • HangarNone
  • Maneuverability Rating: Average
  • Speed RatingAverage
  • Hyperdrive ClassVery High : 0.25 


  • Bio-Organic Hull
  • Dovin Basal propulsion and defences
  • Organic internal systems
  • Organic troop compartment



  • Thick organic hull resistant to energy weapons
  • All aspect coverage of offensive and defensive emplacements


  • Repairs are impossible as the vessel and its systems are organic, once a component is killed, it cannot be replaced.
  • No fighter complement of its own, must rely on other vessels

MandalBioEng's magnum opus, an entirely organic vessel, larger in scope than any previously attempted, and their first fully organic starship took a long time in the making, or rather, the growing.

Each component had to be individually designed and grown by MBE scientists, unwilling to use Yuuzhan Vong biots directly, each had to be individually customised by the research teams, until an analog was available for all the ships' systems required, from the wiring all the way to the primary propulsion and weapons systems.

This was to ensure that MBE scientists had a full understanding of each biot, but also to ensure that no outsider would be able to utilize techniques such as Alpha Red on the MBE biotechnology without first modifying it to suit the unique genetic designs of the MBE research teams.

The hull resembles that of a cylindrical asteroid, thick, rocky Yorik Coral, studded all over with primary and secondary weapon emplacements and dovin basals.


Looking nothing like the dangerous spacegoing vessel she is, this living creature is capable of pouring out devastating fire in all directions with her all aspect weapons coverage, while being well protected from harm with a thick resistant hull and gravitic singularities to absorb incoming fire.

Able to function without a crew via telepathic command, or accept a single commander via a cognition throne, the vessel also has a large belly pouch, which acts as a pressurized cargo bay for troops, vehicles and weapons, allowing the vessel to transport strike teams into battle, and even use its boarding organ to board disabled enemy starships directly.

More huge than any of the organisms designed or grown by MandalBioEng, once completed, she became the company's main advertisement to the galaxy. This, this is what we can do now.



'It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but for others, I can kill.'

Gir Quee

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