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Sacrificare-Class Super-Heavy Assault Walker

First Imperial Death Trooper Death Trooper Walker Sacrificare Walker

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"Sacrificare Walker: Online. We are the protectors of his realm and the bringers of death. Let our enemies capitulate to the sight of our glowing barrels"

-Droid Brain belonging to "Dies Judicium"



  • Intent: Give the Death Troopers of Project: Afterlife and Project: Revenant a potent and distinct bipedal combat walker they can use when operating beside First Imperial Armoured Forces.
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  • Primary Source: Droid BrainNeural Interface Device, Walker.





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  • Deflector Shield Design Characteristics: The Deflector Shield Generators of the Sacrificare-Class Walkers only interdict projectiles accelerating towards the walker at a velocity equal or greater to thirty meters-per second or one-hundred and eight kilometers per hour. This leaves the Walker vulnerable to hand-thrown adhesive explosive charges, which usually travel beneath this threshold to be intercepted by the energy field. Additionally, this vulnerability carries over to most melee weapons, most notably lightsabres and given that the materials the walker are constructed from are not impervious to Lightsabres it makes force wielders in close proximity to the Walker a great threat with the potential to bring the walker low and force its' Death Trooper pilot from their cockpit.
  • Ground Pressure: Sacrificare-Class Walkers weigh a tremendous amount and distribute their weight over a relatively small area in square meters, this translates into a staggeringly high ground pressure making the walkers unsuitable for crossing the likes of ice lakes, where sinking may not be operationally desirable and quagmires like those seen on Dagobah. It makes defeating the Walker possible without necessarily having to overcome its' Death Trooper pilot and the considerable firepower at their disposal.
  • Ion Cannons: Anti-Vehicle weapons such as Ion Cannons have above-average effectiveness at draining the Sacrificare's deflector shield generators and can make short work of them under sustained fire. Sufficiently powerful Ion Cannons and Electromagnetic Pulses have the capability to temporarily disable the Walker's power supply unit forcing the droid-brain to perform a re-boot to regain control over the Walker and leaving the pilot blind due to the lack of power.

Description: The Sacrificare-Class Super-Heavy Combat Walker was designed by the First Order Corps of Imperial Engineers specifically for this situation, weighing nearly ten times the weight of an All-Terrain Scout-Transport while not being much taller although certainly several times wider, these Walkers were designed specifically for the enhanced physiology and capabilities of Death Troopers giving them the vehicle they need to participate in armour operations without being found lacking for sufficient firepower or protection. Its' pilot must interface with the Walker by connecting themselves with a specially-designed neural interface device, turning the Walker into an extension of the pilot's body behaving not unlike the Death Trooper's own powered assault armour. This permits the Walker to move and react as fast as its' pilot can think which given their Physiology makes for an impressive display. To aid in the facilitation and processing of such complex instructions and information from its' organic pilot to the Walker a unique droid brain is constructed for each seperate Sacrificare-Class Super-Heavy Assault Walker, the First Order as a matter of policy doesn't purge these droid brains of their memories or contents which leads to the individual walkers developing unique personalities which more often than not is influenced by its' pilot given the connection via neural interface.




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