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When Ill News Calls

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Celeste Rigel

Celeste Rigel

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Celeste had remained quiet as she entered the meeting room and had a seat. Her head would swivel back and forth, finding Knight Dresari and Colonel Calderon as they spoke in turn. As the two men went over the specific, Celeste smiled to herself, they certainly did know what they were talking about. And, it seemed that both of them were quite at home with this sort of talk.


It was all a bit baffling to her, the soft-hearted healer that she was.


However, as a question was posed by Knight Dresari, Celeste straightened up in her seat. Her brows rose slightly as she listened, and she blew out a small breath.

“Our healers within the Silver Circle are highly trained, therefore our numbers are quite few.” She said, looking across to the Dusaro and Valkren. “As far as force healers, including myself, we have four Master Healers and two knights, with some apprentices in training...”

She trailed off, she wouldn't want to truly count the apprentice level healers. However, she knew that desperate times sometimes called for such measures. There was something to be said about 'field training,' but she certainly did not want to throw them to the wolves, so to speak.


“We do have a number of trained medical professionals as well,” Celeste continued, “They're a sharp bunch, I think they have wits quick enough to serve them well in such a battle setting. I assume that here are some field medics within the Rangers, too? We can use our healers to bolster the groups, where needed.”


This made her nervous, the protective, motherly instinct was felt deeply within. Celeste knew that her healers were also capable of protecting themselves and others, they knew what they were signing up for, but it troubled her just the same.


Valkren Calderon | Dusaro Dresari

Dusaro Dresari

Dusaro Dresari

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That was... Less than Dusaro was hoping for, to be sure. Jedi were not exactly a common resource he knew, he was one after all. That didn't keep him from wanting to complain when they didn't have enough to go around. Though he had expected them to at least have more healers than that, but he knew first hand how hard it could be to learn how to heal with the force, having attempted and failed to make much progress at all with it, so maybe he had been getting a bit 'greedy' in his hopes.


"The Rangers have their own medics of course, that is no problem. I was just feeling hopeful on how much we would be able to have Healers support them." Dusaro thought for a few moments on the idea of bringing extra medical personnel along that were not Jedi or Ranger Medics. After a moment he shook his head. "We will not have the supplies or the means to set up MASH positions or the like for such personnel. That is why i asked about your Healers, you don't need the extra equipment to stabilize someone who would otherwise need a more proper surgical unit to be saved. As for the apprentices..." Dus's voice trailed off. He had been raised to see battle and war, that came with being raised by a pair of Mercs as parents. But Jedi, healers especially...


"I will leave who to bring along of the healers, up to your discretion. I don't know if you have been in the middle of a battlefield before Master Celeste, but make sure who you pick will be able to withstand the stress of having to pick out which dying man out of three to save." A rather cruel way to put it, to be sure. But it was the reality of the job Medic's and Healers had to live with. He didn't envy people who had that job to be sure.


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