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A Call for Help - SJO Dominion of Noverskaa (Hex AC26)

- - - - - SJO

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Asaraa Vaashe

Asaraa Vaashe

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Location: Noverskaa
Objective: 1
Currently: Deploying with the Reapers in support of Valkren Calderon, Yuroic Xeraic, Syd Celsius and Kiso
The thrum of lightsaber blades filled the air as Yuroic pulled out his blades, the familiar thrum-hiss of lightsaber blades coming to life cutting through the surroundings. Asaraa dared not spare much time to glance back at him, trusting the man to not bounce any additional bolts in her direction, the stream of blasters flowing down at them was more than enough for her to deal with. The sith troops who had fortified the street ahead of them, individually they may not amount to much compared to the rangers, it just seemed like there was a never-ending supply of them. The sheer weight of fire was almost enough to drive her backwards, to overwhelm her defences...almost. She could feel the weight of fire slacking as the bright wall of light created by Yuroic's blade cut a pattern through the air, the rebels splitting their attention between the two of them. 
It wasn't much of a break, but it was enough for Asaraa to follow through with the colonel's last command, keep moving forward. One step in front of the other one step at a time she advanced down the street, blaster bolts bouncing off the wall of light her lightsaber etched in front of her. The wall of the Armoury was in sight, the goal so close that she could almost taste it, only, if they kept this up it would take forever to cross the distance, time enough for the sith to breach and make off with the weapons stored within. Something had to change, something had to be done otherwise this would only be the start of a larger mess. The young Jedi could only imagine the kind of devastation that would be visited on the planet if a protracted campaign was carried out. Closing her eyes she took a step forward, trusting in the force to guide her hands, to block the incoming fire as she reached out behind her, thing strings of the force reaching out as small silvery spheres floated out of the supplies of the troopers who had lined up behind her, leaning out of cover to snap a few shots of their own down the street. The grenades flicked forward, arching down amongst the protestors before they went off, loud flash bangs mixing with the smoke of the Achlys grenades leaving the majority of the crowd stunned and reeling as she hurried forward. "Watch the buildings, they might still have people hidden in there." It was always better to stun and capture people than it was to outright kill them, and luckily the protestors and troops weren't so heavily armoured that there hadn't been another way.

Yuroic Xeraic

Yuroic Xeraic
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Location: Noverskaa
Objective: 1, Hold the Line!
Allies: Asaraa Vaashe | Valkren Calderon | Syd Celsius | Kiso

Things had gotten tricky. Not impossible, never impossible. Yuroic had faith in his allies, things could get tough but they were battle hardened and plenty of experience in sticky situations. Even Asaraa, between his training with her and Josh's training, was prepared for situations shifting against them. Taking a deep breath, Yuroic used the Force to speed his movements as he took a strong Shien stance. Deflecting as many blaster bolts that dare to near him. Flying them back when possible and allowing his two Lightsabers to absorb the bolts when not. Sweat soon appeared on his brow as his body exerts a lot of energy blocking bolts hitting others. Grunting, he refuses to allow his people, his friends down.

Yuroic felt his limbs started to ache and he was forced to duck into cover. Deigniting his Lightsabers, he lets out a sigh as he collects himself. Pushing himself to the limit with blocking bolts, Yuroic looked over to see Asaraa chucking several grenades over to disperse the Sith rebels. He grinned to himself as he watched his former Padawan. "If you wanted to stun, you should have said! There's a Force Power for that you know!" Yuroic was talking about Force Stun, though it would take one more skilled in it than himself to Stun this large a number of people. Yuroic rose and blasted a powerful Force Wave to knock the Sith rebels on the ground and knocking some out. Igniting his Lightsabers once again, he called to Valkren.

"We need to finish this while they are down. Get us in that Armoury!" Yuroic called as he walked over to Asaraa. "Are you hurt? Did a bolt hit you?" His eyes showed his concern to the younger Knight.

Syd Celsius

Syd Celsius

    Ghost of Flames

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Syd, taking advantage of the momentary lull in fighting, half of her psychic shell's face disintegrated already, leaving one whole half of her head covered in blazing flame and her mid-section leaking little streams of it, spotted a nearby building that had caught fire and walked into it, kneeling.

One of the soldiers sent by the others but she waved him off as she resided in the fire, her psychic shell slowly sealing back up. She could only repair it while in flames, her magical nature feeding off the energized particles in the air. It was part of the reason she was so deadly to the unprepared, not only could she create and guide her own element, but because she created so much burning stuff in general, it was rare to be in a situation where she could not find a blaze to repair.

Fortunately, there was this excellent blaze to speed things up.

Fully healed in a matter of minutes, the Ghost of Flames rose and floated over the soldier that had kept watch while she healed. She flew, taking off at high speed, both lightsabers active as she flew into blaster fire from the now breaking up lines of Sith rebels and soldiers, watching the grenades that had been used to disperse the protesters go off. Syd had never understood what the common individual saw in propping up the Sith Lords--wasn't there enough data in this day and age to show how ridiculously bad an idea it was?

The old generation could be almost forgiven for falling for Sidious's madness...he had proved the old Jedi Order and Republic completely incompetent at nearly every turn, playing the Chosen One himself like a fiddle. In a way, the galaxy itself was still paying for Sidious breaking the old order up...they'd been the only ones keeping everything from turning into the kaleidoscope of light and dark the galaxy was nowadays.

But as she saw protestors and rebels fight for the very people that would crush them without a second thought, Syd realized, at last, how short the galaxy's memory was.

Even now, there was always someone too short sighted when it came to wanting the bully to run things.

Syd, at that very instant, lost whatever sympathy she had for what the rebels were being put through. She preferred dead Dark Adepts, but she suddenly didn't feel quite so guilty for merely cutting up or burning their pawns. It came with the territory. The natural life cycle of your average fodder.

Syd landed close to the others and sure enough, the buildings were not clear, and some started taking shots at both her and other soldiers.

Her golden, chrome covered hand out stretched.

"Ashla, send an unruly flock to harrass my foes..." Syd chanted.

A burst of purple light erupted from her hand and a swarm of flaming purple bird constructs began to swarm and harrass the shooters in the building constantly. A blast of fire from her palms was sent to the windows, hitting some and catching the building ablaze, which she quickly took advantage of, concentrating and willing the fire to spread to other buildings people were firing at the others from, each building serving as another leaping off point for the flames. Some rebel grenades cooked and there were blasts on the second story of the first building she torched, made easier by the fact she had basically topped off not too long before.

Syd's sabers went to her hands again when she flew toward rebels still trying to fight on the ground cutting through their weapons and them soon after, blades spinnging around her body defensively as she advanced, trying to get as much of the aggression on her as possible once more, drawing rebels trying desperately to halt the advance of the SJO by any means out from cover, trying to hide among the fallen and still stunned protesters.

Syd almost sneered at what had deeply ingrained to be perceived as a coward's tactic as she began deflecting vibrosword attacks, breathing fire on rebel faces and dropping them where they stood though some desperately tried to put the flames out.

Another trade of strikes with a rebel swordsman, this one lasted twenty strikes, and Syd had to genuinely evade his power attacks and found he twitched far too quickly for her liking. She tried to breath fire on him and end it there but he dodged the blast and nearly struck her unprotected head but managed to slice into her shoulder, and it began to leak fire. She brought down her blades and tried to cut him in half but he rolled to the side and swiped at her knee, opening a trail of fire across it.

Syd backed away, even as she felt her shell rip from another slice across her belly, the rebel, despite his ramshackle gear, was very skilled. A pity he fought for tyrants.

She evaded his next slashes but he was just as wary, dodging weakened blasts of fire from her mouth, and Syd began to tap more into the form one of her hybrid style, her sweeps becoming wider and less precise, but faster, faster than he could compensate as one finally took his head off.

Syd retreated into a burning building, the flames healing her, even as she began slicing through rebels still trapped in the building. The intensity of the blades made the cuts an easy fix and Syd burst out through a window a minute or so later preluded by a bunch of on fire rebels, and went to finish assisting the push being made by Valkren Calderon, Yuroic Xeraic, Kiso, Asaraa Vaashe. The front door of the armory was in spitting distance in the hellish landscape, and Syd continued to cut down any rebels in her way to reaching those people. Stragglers, mostly. The ones to stupid to flee as the living weapon continued her grim work...

Valkren Calderon

Valkren Calderon

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Objective: One - Rebellion

Location: Noverskaa - Ground, moving towards armory

Assets: First Ranger Special Tactics Unit. (Radama Raiders) x12

Luna dropship (Overwatch 2-1)


An explosion directly to the left of Valkren threw debris and dirt all around him, warning indicators throwing up flags on all sides of his heads-up-display. After leaning out of his foxhole to the result of the detonation nearby him in the street, he was relieved to see Lieutenant Harris and Specialist Lowder racing to secure their wounded. One of his own had caught the bad side of some shrapnel but was soon out of harm's way.
Well, it was at least the best situation for their wounded. He could safely say this as Lowder activated his Ancile shield above the wounded, effectively shielding off several enemy bolts as Harris leveled his rotary cannon overtop the shield. The two working together made for a lethal combo, and gave their field medics the time they needed to yank their wounded comrade out of his foxhole and into the next one.


It gave Valkren a sense of relief, that he could fall back on his team's training to kick in when they needed it the most. The colonel turned his focus toward their objective again, giving a glance to the sky as their Luna transport soared back overhead. The rebels turned their attention upward again, lifting their weapons to the sky to hopefully eliminate their air support. This was the chance they needed, and Yuroic's words met the colonel's ears just in time as well.
"I hear ya'! Clark, Bowers: we need an entrance, yesterday!" Valkren lifted his head above his foxhole once more, calling for two of his men before looking forward again to deliver suppressive shots towards their objective.
"Copy Sir, brick incoming!" At this, the two rangers moved to the cover adjacent to the colonels. Clark, however, carried a large MPH launcher, strapped to his back. It took the both of them to remain in cover and safely remove the armament from the younger ranger, but they still got it resting on Clark's shoulder nonetheless.
It didn't take long for them to fire two High-Explosive rounds towards the wall of the armory that was facing the attacking forces. The first one did enough to start at the already damaged wall, but the second hit perfectly enough to force a car-sized hole to crumple through.
Valkren then took the lead, giving a quick wave of his gloved hand toward the building before moving forward.
"Move up! Let's get in there!" He was quick to clamber out of his foxhole and move toward the objective. Most of the rebels were dazed at the sudden aggressive attack, the explosion making for a pretty scene along with Syd's fire. Not to mention, the roar of the Luna dropship was still apparent overhead. All of these together made for a perfect window for the strike team.
After putting out maximum effort to sprint the short distance toward their new entrance, the colonel would stop up just short of the hole. He'd drop to a knee, lifting his rifle up once more and pausing a short moment. After another second of no-motion, two rebels stumbled out of the rubble and dust. They quickly crumpled down over their weapons after Valkren delt with each accordingly, pushing himself from his knees and moving toward the opening again. By this point, more of his unit had circled in with him, following closely behind the colonel as he carefully stepped over the rubble and into the armory's outer perimeter.
The rangers would spread out, sticking to smaller groups to clear out the nooks and crannies of the armory as they breached. Blaster fire echoed from each hallway and room, and continued outside as well. The combat was far from over, but the work the strike team did on the ground effectively let the Rangers push in, with little to no casualties so far.


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Objectives: 1

Equipment: Massiff Blast ArmorRanger Assult RifleSESPLT

Tags: Asaraa Vaashe Yuroic Xeraic Valkren Calderon Syd Celsius  

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Kiso slapped another mag into her rifle as the fighting continued over the top of the fox hole she was currently taking cover in, also quickly running a diagnostic onher systems. Thankfully the few grazing shot had not done any damage, merely singing the fake skin that covered the upper part of her arm the rest being absorbed 100% into the armor she wore. With everything checked over and dealt with it was time to go over the top, the orders from Valkren coming in loud and clear as the Jedi duo and that strange fire lady took the brunt of the enemy fire and well returned with their own, in a literal sense for the read head.


As soon as the explosion from the Ranger's rocket impacted the young women went into overdrive, spiriting with super human speed towards the new hole, diving and rolling over a barricade and beside the new entrance with the rests of the squad, prepping for CQC and clearing. The settling dust and darkened interior did nothing to obscurer her vision or air passage, ear picking up the muffled coughs and panicked foot steps of rebel soldiers on the inside, easy picking.


Waiting for the command Kiso followed their commander into the armory, eyes pealed, checking corners and hiding spots for any possible threats. With a few hand signatures she would indicate for 3 rangers to follow her lead, slowly advancing towards an open door leading into a nearby storage area, Kiso pushing herself up against the entrance, holding her hand in a fist, getting a gauge on the enemy concentration on the other side.


"Prep two flash bangs, two close 3 far, soft cover, shoot center mass, on my go". With one free hand she counted down, reaching one the small cylindrical objects were thrown into the breech, a small clunk followed by a bang and a blinding flash engulfed the rebels on the inside. No sooner had the devices gone off did the ranger squad advance, quickly dispatching those in the room, wounding some but most being dropped to the floor dead. "Cease fire, sweep the room and watch the entrances, give quick first aid to those that are not dead, we could get some answers from them".



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