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Admiral Fennut's Battle Baton

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  • Intent: To provide an item for an upcoming gift exchange

  • Image Source: here

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Unknown, speculated Admiral Fennut of the Hast Defence Force

  • Affiliation: A soon to be disclosed recipient

  • Model: Fennut's Battle Baton

  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Impervium Body, spunplast grips, internal components of a sonic pistol


  • Classification: Battle Baton / Sonic pistol

  • Size: Small

  • Weight: Average

  • Ammunition Type: Power cell / gas canister

  • Ammunition Capacity: 50 shots

  • Reload Speed: Average

  • Effective Range: Average (Point Blank in 'blastsword' mode)

  • Rate of Fire: High

  • Stopping Power: Average (Extreme in 'blastsword' mode)

  • Recoil: Average


  • Sonic Weapon: Fennut's battle baton is essentially a sonic pistol in a wand form, which unsurprisingly, can have its frequency and wavelength altered somewhat to allow it to adapt to different environments.

  • Bludgeon: Despite its appearance, Fennut's Baton is durable and thick enough to be used as a baton. The Baton even incorporates a 'push' trigger in its tip much like a blastsword. Consequently, jabbing someone with the button will cause the batton to emit a high-pitched and intense sonic shockwave at point-blank range with a similar effect to a sonic disruptor.

  • Historical Weapon: Fennut's battle baton is a well-known historical artifact, though it is unknown if Admiral Fennut actually owned the weapon, which brings with it a certain amount of class and respect from those from Hast or Mon Calamari.


  • Ceremonial Weapon: The Battle Baton is a badge of office, which makes it apparent just from its presence that its user is a someone of high rank. In worse case scenarios, it can also be used as a bludgeoning weapon just like the originals.

  • High Rate of Fire: Fennut's battle baton incorporated some of the latest circuitry and capacitors of its day, allowing it to fire fairly rapidly even by today's standards.

  • Extreme Stopping Power: Fennut's battle baton's contact-emission mode, sometimes referred to as is blastsword mode, is exceptionally powerful, and much like a sonic pistol, can shatter dense objects.


  • Awkward Handling: While the battle baton is essentially a pistol, it's ergonomics are very different from that weapon, and it is difficult to use at extended ranges even by those experienced with using battle batons between the unusual grip and the lack sights.

  • Short-Range: The battle baton is intended as a personal defensive weapon, and even in its ranged weapon mode, is fairly short-ranged, comparable to a typical blaster pistol, which pales in comparison to many rifles wielded by soldiers and other combatants.


This modest-looking battle baton was supposedly wielded by Admiral Fennut, one of the foremost officers in the Hast Defence Forces during that world's emergence from the Gulag Plague. Admiral Fennut was most well-known for his almost cerebral mastery of 3D tactics, such as at the Rout of ILC9464. But the early years of the reestablished HDF also meant that they were short of spaceworthy vessels, which mean that ships were boarded and captured whenever possible. During those operations, Admiral Fennut turned to his people's cultural weapon, the battle baton, and gradually modified it over the years into its current potent form.


The baton itself is made out of turned Impervium, making it exceptionally dense for its size and well-suited for dealing bludgeoning blows. It also makes the baton fairly durable, allowing it to parry many weapons, including brief glances with lightsabers. The rear of the baton sports what appears to be a simple, spunplast grip. Comfortable and hardwearing in many environments, this spunplast actually conceals a pressure trigger for the weapon's firing mode. Lightly squeezing the baton fires it. The impervium pommel acts as a dial-like safety device: during it a full quarter turn of the pommel will either activate or deactivate the baton's firing mode.


While it appears that the baton at one point concealed a blaster mechanism like many battle batons, it appears that eventually Fennut replaced these internals with those of a sonic pistol. Unsurprisingly, this weapon's ranged performance is largely identical to such weapons, such as the SD-77, though its handling is a bit more awkward between its grip and lack of sights. Fennut or one of his technicians appears to add a pressure stud to the tip of the baton. When pressed against an object or person, this stud acts as a pressure trigger much like that of an Adumari blastsword. This contact mode causes the baton to emit a very short-ranged but very intense sonic blast which can shatter many solid objects or cause devastating internal injuries to organics.


Fennut's battle baton was formerly kept in a Hast Defense Force museum ship before it was raided and plundered by pirates. Eventually, the weapon returned into native hands once again after the raiders were subsequently caught by then Commodore Quee. While the man kept the weapon as a symbol of his rank and ties to Hast during his time as a Galactic Republic and then Directorate officer, he has since planned on awarding it to someone else who might make better use of its abilities, as the man much prefers a more conventional gun for actual combat use.


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