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VAST Hypermatter Ltd

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Zoe Rosella

Zoe Rosella

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VAST Hypermatter Ltd is the production of Zoe Rosella. Should people wish to do business with the company, arrangements are usually made through communications and/or a meeting and the goods are typically delivered within the week. The company also serves The Family, a crime driven mafia aiming to make good profit. The hypermatter in question is farmed from a gas planet, Helios Maximus, which is situated in the Dohmus System next to the home of The Family, Dohmus Prime. At the moment the main base of operations outside the Dohmus System is Noverskaa, this is where the goods are taken, ready to be shipped to a customer at a moments notice.


Anyone, within reason, can buy Hypermatter providing they can afford it.




VAST Hypermatter Ltd was created by Zoe Rosella as another way of making income for The Family and to help fund Zoe's private endeavours. Realising that the hypermatter that was being mined on Helios Maximus wasn't being sold and was being kept in storage, Zoe saw a business opportunity and decided that selling it would make significant profits for both herself and her bosses.





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