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Jaycob Flesio

Pilot Commander The Resistance

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Jaycob Flesio




NAME: Jaycob Flesio

FACTION: The Resistance


RANK: Pilot; Commander




AGE: 22; Born 13 ABY


SEX: Male; Heterosexual


HEIGHT: 6'2"


WEIGHT: 205lbs.


EYES: Brown


HAIR: Straight, short brown hair; usually messy due to helmet


SKIN: Dark Tan











  • Passionate - Cares deeply for his teammates and friends
  • Intelligent - Able to use top-grade flying techniques to outwit his enemies
  • Noble - Does what he thinks is right according to his morals


  • High-tempered - Gets irritated easily, especially if he doesn't get his way
  • Impatient - Wants to complete his tasks as quick as possible without taking into account the consequences
  • Emotional - Lets his personal feelings get in the way of what's more important


Describe your character's physical appearance. While your avatar should represent your character's appearance, there might be some things not apparent in it for use in role-playing. Height, weight, eye color, hair color, and skin color may also be listed here.




Born in 13 ABY, Jaycob was part of a flying-oriented family on the Outer Rim world of Nar Shaddaa. For the first few years, he lived an average life with his older brother Jaysen. With his mother, Kona, and his father, Jaaron, Jaycob was raised to do one thing. Fly. While his brother was hesitant, Jaycob took the dive headfirst into training with older models of ship simulators used for training the Empire years ago. He quickly gained a deep adoration toward the art of flying and did whatever he could to make sure he was always off the ground.


Teenage Years

After many years of training with the simulators and smaller training ships, Jaycob eventually took his natural-born skill to the illegal racing ring held in the underground of his home planet. Sporting an RZ-1 A-Wing used by the Rebellion years prior, Jaycob was able to make a name for himself, being best known for his impressive maneuverability and super-human speed. Soon enough, an informant for The Resistance approached him after one of his races and invited him to join the fight against the oppressive First Order, stating that he'd be a perfect fit for the New Republic Navy. Primarily seeing this invitation as just for fun, he accepted.



After joining The Resistance alongside his brother, Jaycob was able to climb the ranks of the Navy after participating in several lower-priority reconnaissance and aid missions throughout the galaxy. Showing intelligence, skill, and leadership, Jaycob displayed remarkable signs of being a top tier threat against the First Order. He was promoted to Commander in 33 ABY and given the task of leading the A-Wing corps of Blue Squad. Nicknamed, "Hotshot" by his counterparts, his first real battle came during the Battle of Takodana, where he had to lead his squad to escort VIP transports and intercept First Order transports trying to flee the battle. The biggest challenge of this mission however, was dealing with the death of his brother at the hands of Kylo Ren shortly before. His brother's passing further ignited his hatred against the First Order, which in return, flipped his reputation upside down. Instead taking a more reckless route whenever he felt necessary, he was a liability to both the First Order and his Resistance comrades.


Life in The Resistance

When Jaycob first joined in 32 ABY, he only had himself and his brother, Jaysen. They mainly stuck to themselves for most of their assignments, but due to some occupational differences, this had to stop. With Jaysen wanting to join the Army corps, Jaycob had to replace his "sibling" figuratively. Fortunately, a fellow Resistance pilot stepped into that spot. Her name, was Jessika Pava. As soon as she introduced herself, the two were bound to be the best of friends. Poe Dameron also began to associate himself with Jaycob acting as another big brother to him. This dynamic trio were able to accomplish remarkable feats, and soon became the biggest enemies of the First Order Navy.


It only took Jaycob a mere one year to get promoted to the rank of Commander and get tasked his own squadron of A-Wings. During this time, he fell in love with one of his squadmates, Tallissan Lintra after the Battle of Starkiller Base. The A-Wing pilot couple wouldn't last long however, as during the Evacuation of D'Qar, Jaycob took a crippling hit to his leg rendering him unable to fly. He was bedridden in the medical bay of the Raddus for several hours before he was able to "self-diagnose" himself as active on the Navy roster. Unfortunately, when the First Order tracked the Resistance fleet through hyperspace, he witnessed Tallie get destroyed in front of his eyes by Kylo Ren, sending him flying backwards and gravely injured once again.


Fast-forward to after the Battle of Crait, Jaycob was sent to Dathomir with two other Resistance operatives in order to investigate why The Resistance's Outer Rim allies never came to their aid. After a dire mission to Base Ominous, Jaycob eventually returned to the temporary staging ground for the Resistance's operations, Yavin IV.


Present Day

Years after 34 ABY, Jaycob was sent on a mission to recover a carbonite freezing chamber on an unknown world in the Unknown Regions. Unbeknownst to him, the planet was still under heavy First Order occupation and Jaycob was captured and frozen into carbonite.


Decades went by with no sign of Jaycob and the Resistance was forced to move on without one of their strongest pilots. Decades turned into centuries, and The Resistance dramatically changed from what it was when he first started, with all of his friends, family members, and squad-mates seemingly fading away into time, Jaycob was absolutely alone in a universe he didn't recognize.



During the year 34 ABY, Jaycob was re-assigned to lead an entirely new squadron, White Squadron. Consisting of entirely Mark II variants of the B-Wing, Jaycob quickly began associating himself with his new starfighter, the ASF-02 B-Wing Starfighter.



Even though that time period has long passed and newer ships have come out, Jaycob still has a soft spot in his heart for the versatile, gyroscopic fighter.








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Greetings Jacobdflores!


Nice Profile and Welcome. I have to say I love that ship art-Very cool!  


I did notice though that you seem to have a lot of references to the "Resistance/13 ABY/34 ABY" era. Star Wars Chaos is actually quite far in the future. It's about 800 or so years past the events that you've mentioned. Below is a link to the Chaos Timeline where you can see some nice details that aren't otherwise completely obvious at first glance. If you need any help with anything please feel free to ask or you can consult our handy-dandy Getting Started Guide as well.^_^


I hope that you enjoy Chaos. It's awesome to see another pilot!


Chaos Timeline

Getting Started Guide

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Yeah haha, another member made me aware of the timeline and I’m gonna start working on fixing that problem soon. But other than that, thanks for the support!