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- - - - - Matsu Maple Dungeon crawl

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Maple Harte

Maple Harte
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Arriving at: Haruun Kal

With: Siva, Matsu Ike

Armed with: Staff (thread takes place before modifications and before even meeting Sawa)

Nine-millimeter smg

Wearing: Maple's custom armor

"We're set to drop soon, Uri..." Siva the Twi'lek announced as she walked into the room Maple had been preparing in aboard Matsu's ship. Maple was geared up, her staff in two and slung over her back. Skip. The empire controlled the whole galaxy and she had spent her life well into her nineties as nothing but a slave. Skip. Zombie Anakin Skywalker was kicking down her front door to eat her. Skip. Butterflies! Skip. Back to normal. Back to the things Maple could never be truly certain was happening. Even Matsu, wonderful though she was, Maple could not be certain she was any more real than anything else she experienced.

There were long periods where she was fairly grounded, and long periods where she didn't trust anything. This was a long stretch of relative lucidity for her. She needed it to last a little longer. When she had first met Matsu she had been coming out of a long stretch of 'question' everything.

The cold chill came up her spine as Siva spoke to her. The doctors had told her these lucid periods would eventually get shorter. And shorter. And shorter...

Eventually, Uri would become lost in her insanity, and permanent institutionalization would be unavoidable.

She was fethed in every way it is mortally possible to be fethed.

Siva being here, despite being a welcome presence among current company, was one more painful reminder that they'd never be able to be happy. The illness would tear her from everyone and everything she loved eventually, until they only lived on as fragments in whatever delusion she'd be stuck in. Or a dying dream.

The sudden panic at her inevitable fate made her do something stupid. She turned around from her workbench, having been assembling a bargain bin smg with basic silencer from the supplies aboard Matsu's wonderous ship, walked over, and pulled the green skinned woman into her arms. Siva fell into their old pattern easily, kissing her without hesitation, Maple smelled apples from Siva's skin. She always liked Siva's scent.

That kiss...she remembered their first one. Soft...Siva had shamelessly flirted with her a thousand different ways, and Uri had been flustered as to how she felt until one day, after ejecting that Sith Lord she'd trapped in his own escape pod into the local star, Siva had flirted with her one time too many and Uri had abandoned all restraint with the Twi'lek. They had desecrated that
Sith ship with what they had done once that restraint was gone between them.

The future had looked so bright back then...she'd leave The Marksmen, elope with Siva, spend the rest of their days on the spacelanes catching bounties together, and die old and frail on some planet that was sunny and way from the madness of the galaxy and its endless warfare. Its endless chaos.

But the diagnosis had dashed those hopes. Now Maple was stuck with the painful fact she had to tell this wonderful woman who had re-awakened her soul--her first love--that madness would wreck everything and tear them apart in the end.

Maple had not been certain what she had really hoped to achieve, hiding away in that cabin on Alderaan. She would only have gone crazy in silence. Maybe that was the point.

Maybe that was her penance. The Force balancing everything out by punishing a killer. Fitting, if that was the intent: Engage in something with an inherently insane premise expecting a result other than what you keep seeing and then actually go crazy as a result. From Uri's selfish, heartbroken perspective, unable to be with Siva without eventually breaking her heart was totally unfair.

If one took into account everyone she had slain (Even if many of them had been bastards, and had done far worse than she)...then it was entirely fair...maybe even deserved.

The Marksmen chose their targets, and their missions. By and large, they answered almost exclusively to themselves. Perhaps that had been the problem all along. Maple had thought she was defending democracy and the innocent...but at some point, some point she was not certain exactly when she had crossed it...it had degenerated into murder. Simple murder. Barely better than a Sith Assassin...maybe not even barely. Maybe just the same.

Maple pulled away from the kiss, and her doubts, about herself and reality.

"Uri..." Siva said gently, tilting Maple's head up to her, her apple green eyes and skin only magnifying her natural beauty.

"Talk to me. Please. Whatever's bothering you...let me help...I'm there for you."

"Its enough that you're here, Siva...and what's bugging me right now...you can't help with that..." Maple said, feeling horrible for kissing her and leading the poor woman on. But she needed Siva. She needed familiar. Everything was being torn away from her. Would be torn away eventually.

Maple's wet green eyes stared straight in Siva's.

"I missed you..." Maple said quietly. "But we have asses to kick..."

Siva nodded. The battle always came first with Uri. She saw a bit of the cold warrior still locked away in the human woman's eyes, that methodical killer that would never really leave either of them. That would always be in the background.


Later on...

Maple walked out to the main hold, fully armed.

"Matsu? You ready? These Kanzer feths ain't gonna kill themselves...


Matsu Ike

Matsu Ike

    Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist

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Maple Harte


Matsu had spent the time preparing herself while she was on the ship itself. The rooms were smaller and the jedi master herself laid there in the one bed as the sounds of the ship came. THey had picked up a small team along the way and she was laying there breathing in the scent. Blonde hair in front of her face, warmth around her torso as she was covered with a blanket of her black and the golden locks of Hanna. Where they were working around before she was enjoying the feeling. The small hapan contingent was being brought to them with information and they would be able to help them in infiltration and fighting just in case.


"YOU are not coming with us." She said it as a statement and laying there only heard a groan but the jedi master spoke more serious letting her eyes focus a little even though she was in the arms with a ticking warmth on the back of her neck. THe jedi master rolled over and looked at her. "You are a politician not a fighter and the Kanzer are dangerous in ways few can really believe or understand." She said it when she was moving around for a moment but could see the eyes for a moment hidden under the curtains of hair. "I mean it as well, Magda will be keeping you here on the ship to be safe. I am better at infiltrating and we don't know what might be there."


She got a sad look but she kissed the woman giving a better look and she slowly backed away getting out of the entwined bodies before she checked out a few of the things. She stood there and changed into the bodysuit, black and silver tactical form fitting. She had her lightsabers on her hips and was moving with the equipment packs when she moved around. In the ship though walking to go and join Maple and the twi'lek looking over at it. This chance they had brought them back into the unknown regions and this far out even Sasori didn't have a huge enough reach. It was wild and unexplored with dangerous worlds the kanzer controlled. "Ready?"

Maple Harte

Maple Harte
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(Character Theme Song Power Up)

Theme Song: GoldenEye, by Tina Turner

Maple was impressed with the team Matsu Ike had helped them gather while in transit. The ship alarm sounded in the main hold and told them they were fast approaching their main target site.

"These Kanzer are extremely deadly and have a well defended position. Taking this place down will not be easy. But we have a way in...an old mining quarry in the jungle where the Kanzer use slave labor and profit off the conflict gems they sell. Thats our best way in, because the gems are sent directly into this samctum. Loud bits of machinery which would help mask our presence well is here as well, so we should take full advantage of that..." Maple spoke as the holoprojectors displayed the terrain.

"There's a high cliff with heavy foilage on the south east that will give us a good over view from the sight below..." Siva added, strapping on a parachute. "We're doing this at night, so make sure your night vision is working properly...we're doing a HALO jump."

Maple grinned at Matsu as the ship slowed in the atmosphere. She and Siva immediately went to the hatch as the other squad got ready. She had memorized the terrain. She knew when to pull the chord. She leapt out without hesitation, Siva following soon after...


Twenty year old Uri Udinia fell from the burning Imperial Star Destroyer after having sabotaged its reactor. Burning pieces of it fell to The Korriban Desert below. She was clad in a black combat suit, torn and ripped and burned in some places. Uri had a black eye from the ship captain, whose live body she had used to sabotage the ship reactor. Even Laertia had admitted it was impressively creative.

Laertia Io fell with her to her right, clad in a heavy, silvery armor equipped with a jet pack, her face obscured by a helmet with a red visor.

Ursula fell to her left, clad in her all white combat suit, using a parachute. Uri looked at the ever stoic, frosty Twi'Lek woman with purple skin and sharp blue eyes, who normally was focused solely on the objective, share a small smile with Uri as the flaming wreck above hurled itself to the ground.

There were still Sith trying to escape though. Ursula took out her pistol, nodding formally to the both of them. Uri unslung her own pistol as they fell while Laertia activated her crossguard lightsaber.

The three focused on the Sith trying to escape the giant wreck slowly falling with parachutes of their own, and they narrowed their body profile to increase speed. Laertia teleported to her first target and quickly closed the five meter gap limit, slicing the falling officer in two before teleporting back to the formation, waiting for the hundred meter range limit of her teleport to soon include other falling targets.

Uri took aim next with her own pistol, spotting an intact fuel tank next to a cluster of falling Sith.

Uri took aim, tongue sticking slightly out of her mouth to the side as she concentrated, brows scrunching together. She fired and the tank erupted, consuming every sith nearby in a fireball.

Ursula spun as she fell and, solely relying on the Force, successfully shot every Sith she fell past, Laertia began to teleport every where in her radius, stabbing Sith above and below her, Uri killing with precision head shots and dodging scattered return fire.

Meanwhile flaming wreckage hit falling imperial storm troopers and jet troopers, some determined to try and take the three marksmen with them before they went splat on the ground.

Uri reoriented herself to fire above her, hitting jet packs , groins, visors, anything that came in front of her pistol site, gritting her teeth as she relied on the Force to tell her when to shoot, her short brown hair billowing in the wind, wet green eyes locking on and killing whatever she stared at that wasn't her, Laertia, or Ursula, twirling out of the way of falling star destroyer parts, watching the main hull break up above her lighting the sky up in fire. She saw an intact TIE fighter tumbling and had to flip out of the way to avoid it. Uri decided to try something cool.

Uri narrowed her self in profile, going aerodynamic as she shot down to try and catch the tumbling star fighter, manuvering past falling hull pieces and the remains of its gigantic ion thrusters.

Her hand stretched out, feeling Ursula's thoughts as her master telepathically expressed her curiosity.

What are you doing, Uri?

We gotta find a way to get clear of that wreckage. Uri answered back.

Get Laertia first...

Ursula may not have always showed it, but she did care for Laertia. At the same time, Uri had this occasionally odd suspicion that on some deep level...Ursula also feared the thuggish shadow with an unnaturally high command of the Lightsaber.

Uri dived, the ground creeping ever closer. She at last managed to catch the ion panels and then pull herself to the entry hatch.

A piece of wreckage clipped it at the wrong time increasing its spin, and Uri tumbled backward in the sky, forcing her to orient herself again and dive, realizing every meter she lost was a meter closer to death. The fighter had a dangerously fast spin and As Uri caught up to the whole sky was nothing but a rainstorm of burning ship. Some stormtroopers were still alive and as she launched a force push at the fighters panels to slow its spin down, blaster bolts slipping by her as she caught the craft, firing behind her three times and hitting three targets before throwing open the hatch and pulling herself in, the world tumbling violently as she oriented herself in the cockpit seat and desperately trying to activate it...after a few seconds it sputtered to life and she rocketed up ward to where she sensed Laertia, still teleporting, having not stopped killing at all, finishing off remaining stormtroopers as Uri telepathicaly told Laertia to catch the fighter, cutting power to the thrusters, halting its momentum somewhat. Laertia teleported onto its frame, holding on for dear life as Uri sped the TIE downward. Ursula was four thousand meters from hitting the ground.

Uri sped towards her, watching her master continuing to kill those she fell past.

Laertia trailed behind her, hanging on for dear life as the chance to clear the wreck got smaller.

Uri sped past Ursula, manuvering under her.

Catch! Uri exclaimed.

Ursula went aerodynamic and soon caught it at less than two thousand meters. Uri had to go slower in order to manuver safely enough her two passengers would not be ripped away from the hull. Measurements had to be precise when adjusting, the throttle hard to control, requiring all her strength to keep the craft steady.

Six hundred meters...three hundred...seventy five...

At twenty five meters, she finally safely completed the arc and skimmed the ground, just as the star destroyer hit, the inferno chasing the star fighter as Uri outran the crash.

There was a burst transmission from Laertia's comlink.

"Uri Udinia, yooz 'iz completely fethin' kraayzee!"

Well done, Uri... blared Ursula mentally.


Maple realized she was only four hundred meters from the ground and pulled the chord on her chute in the night. She barely slowed to a safe speed before she managed to land.

Siva had already landed, pulling out her blaster pistols as Maple rose and cut her chute, making her journey to the overhang in the forest.

"Made landing. Matsu? Get to my position..." Maple whispered as other team members landed, cutting their chutes...

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Matsu Ike

Matsu Ike

    Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist

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Maple Harte


Matsu sensed something from Maple as she stood there and listened to her.... letting the information about the layout go into her mind then she was moving to the drop and sensed something from Maple...... She wa distracted when they jumped and the jedi master used the force to control and slow her descent itself. THe jedi master could HALO drop with the force and get in there but she watched for Maple to ensure she was safe as something flashed across her mind... something she could see and it seemed her friend was remembering something as finally she came to and opened her chute dangerously close. Matsu controlled her descent and landed within a cushion of force energy that slowed her speed down into just a small plop on the ground. She was then moving quickly and allowed the force to conceal her and then extend outwards to conceal the others... mind making it more into a shield they could use when she was sensing the Kanzer within itself. She felt their heartbeats and a sense of darkness that was almost choking when her hand touched something and came up with slime and ooze. "Eww." She moved with one hand going towards the mine and directing the small team they had with them as the Hapan soldiers were much for as force users in their armored robes.

Maple Harte

Maple Harte
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Maple and Siva scrambled ahead in the jungle. Siva snickered a little as she heard Matsu Ike express disgust at having touched something slimy. Priceless. It was little things like that which made the job worth it.

Maple occasionally stole glances at Siva as the apple green Twi'lek in her black combat suit moved as quick as she did as the reached the overhang. Maple went still and the stealth system in her suit went active, cloaking her as she stared at the mining site below with range finders Siva had brought. Maple barely understood most of the suit that Matsu had made for her. She hadn't exactly had time to sit down and read the manual, so she was taking it slow.

"No lightsabers...so far..." Maple spoke as she watched all those Kanzer she'd soon be killing.

"Means nothing. All it means is they don't bother with the slaves..." Siva growled, having cheated this fate for her and her now departed younger sister to not instinctively hate the act of slavery upon sighting it.

"This is how we met, if I recall..." Maple asked tentatively, not just because it was a sensitive topic, given how she knew Siva had been forced to kill to stay out of slavery, but because given how unreliable her memory was, she could not exactly trust her own recall of events to be accurate.

"Yeah...I remember you shot a guy's trigger finger before he could execute a slave..."

"Would have aimed for the head, but I could not guarantee a non-reflexive shot..."

"Its what made me like you, y'know..." Siva whispered, marking hostiles as she spotted them. "Always a creative solution..."

"Trick shots, Siva, nothing more..." Maple replied, embarrassed. She spotted a small incline and crawled down it.

She spotted a man nearby and decided to take advantage of the local vegetation. She stretched out, struggling to focus, but her madness made the task three times as difficult at times, like now. Maple spotted the biggest man with a gun and all but begged the Force to ensnare him.

But it was so difficult...she gave up after a moment, and panted. Skip. The demons locked her in the iron maiden. Skip. Back to reality. Rewound then fast forwarded back to current events...

"Okay...new plan...shoot 'em..." Maple ordered.

Siva smiled, rose from her hiding place and took aim at the slave drivers with both pistols, coldly aiming and firing at slave drivers.

Maple sprayed accurate bursts with her submachinegun, still distressed by her failure to use the Force. It was easier to use during a state of heightened emotion.

In other words the very mindset she had killed so many others for. The irony of it left a bitter taste in her mouth as she sprinted from hiding, cutting down Kanzer slave drivers, the alarm klaxon sounding as Maple gunned down Kanzer Assassins that came out of the turbolift, the same type that had entered the abandoned citadel and tried to kill her and Matsu.

Maple wasn't screwing around though, and as tough as Kanzer were, Maple wasn't playing by their rules as she ruthlessly aimed at the upper torso, knowing the spray of automatic fire would likely take a little of the skull with it but was not bothered by this as Siva joined her side and charged together, the two acting in synchronus, taking out whoever the other missed, Siva even more frighteningly precise with a pistol than Ursula was, and Ursula had been a Master pistol fighter.

The pair began to lay waste to the Kanzer defending the mining tracks into the facility, Maple and Siva feeling a strange contentment fighting side by side as two halves of one warrior...


Matsu Ike

Matsu Ike

    Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist

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Maple Harte


Matsu looked at the two of them and raised an eyebrow but she was wiping the slime off of her hand. SHe was used to some things but that wasn't like something from a slug or melted things decomposing. She wasn't exactly certain what that was while she was moving and watched the Kanzer who were there for a moment before the two of them were going all out it seemed. The jedi master moved and focused the force into her body so she could move around quickly. She let the force move her body as she didn't bring out a blade but used a small stun stick on them first. Observing some of them and what they had been doing to the slaves here.


"Careful." She said it while moving around with the stick and the buzz from the energu made the scent of something burngn as ooze poured from their ears and nose. Matsu stopped and was looking at it as she could see the slave brands on the neck but spoke. "THey are doing something to the slaves to make them fight." SHe looked more at it and activated the chevron pad letting her be able to see more parts of it. She was getting readings and squinted before she was smacking another kanzer who was trying to attack her. "Higher concentrations of exotic matter in the nervous ssytem and brain. Reading are rozzum."