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Admiral Imperial Leader

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NAME: Flitha'urian'alan (Grand Admiral Auriana of House Australis)
FACTION: The Pentastar Alignment

RANK: Grand Admiral
AGE: 53
SEX: Female persona
HEIGHT: 180 centimeters

WEIGHT: 65 kilograms

HAIR: Blue/Black
SKIN: Blue
FORCE SENSITIVE: Non-Force Sensitive


  • Incredibly intelligent
  • Disciplined and experienced
  • Physically unimposing
  • Has a very low level of patience or tolerance for incompetence in subordinates


Auriana is of medium height with short black hair, occasionally blue, with glowing red eyes. She takes care always to appear immaculate in or out of uniform, meticulous about professional appearance at all times.



Auriana was born on Csilla, and grew up in the household of a successful Syndic. Her family served a larger wealthier family, who served as her patron to sponser her entry to the CEDF academy. Her passage was hard, as the daughter of comparitively poor parents, she experienced social isolation. This however allowed her to develop a successful work ethic, and she began to excel, being forwarded to the command training program, and graduating second in her class.

Auriana served with the CEDF, reaching her own command. Political intrigues within the Chiss Ascendancy, however, forced her to resign her commission, and when she was sent on a diplomatic mission to the Core, exile in all but name, she encountered Kaine Australis, and he successfully recruited her to command the Clan's burgeoning fleet.

Serving together in over a dozen major engagements, the two built a relationship of mutual trust and respect, despite their vastly different personalities and approaches to strategy. Kaine and Auriana found their divergent strengths complimented one another well, and the benefit was to Clan Australis.

Auriana was promoted to Commodore, then Admiral, by Kaine, who proudly entrusted her with the role of Fleet commander, with overall command of all Clan naval forces. A role she has served in with pride for the past several years.

When Kaine resigned as Warmaster and took the Clan independent of the Empire, the two parted ways amicably. The Alor gifted his long-serving friend with a new flagship and plenty of resources to aid her in her future endeavours. From there, she left searching out her own future. Auriana was Imperial to the core, and sought out other like minded individuals, instrumental in the founding of the Pentastar Alignment.

The growing Imperial movement attracted attention from other such movements, and the signing of the Triple Alliance marked the beginning of the New Empire.


Personal Vessel :




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