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Ela Saako

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Ela Saako

Ela Saako


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Name: Ela Saako


Age: 28


Species: Neimoidian


Planet of origin: Cato Neimoidia


Height: 5'0"


Weight: 80 lb


Force sensitivity: Affirmative




Ela Saako was born on Cato Neimoidia as one of the lowest ranked members of the Neimoidian caste structure. From the very bottom, she suffered tremendous humiliation at the hands of her social betters. She knew from the very beginning she would have to be genuinely exceptional in order to climb the ranks of the Neimoidian social structure.


From a young age, many noted her unbelievable ability for numeracy. She could rapidly calculate entire equations with the speed of a Givin or a Durosian. Not only that, her haggling abilities and her accounting skills were well-developed as well. This would be a tremendous asset later on, given that Neimoidian society gives hatchlings not as much food as necessary, thus making it impossible for all to survive.


She was petite and she was scrawny, which meant an inability to bully her way through, as many of her male cohorts did. Instead, she would steal food under the noses and store it in places no one could find. Not only was she able to bribe a lot of other hatchlings, but she was able to attract the attention of the Trade Federation, who saw her tremendous natural talent in securing expensive things.


She was also quite gifted at metalworking. In fact, she taught herself jewelry making at a young age. She was also fascinated by ancient relics, particularly old Sith relics.


After her graduation, she joined TBE Antiquaries as a purchasing agent. Her gifts at haggling mixed with her nascent dark side abilities made her genuinely exceptional. Eventually, she rose to deputy head of archaeology.


This would lead her to her faithful encounter with the Sith. When exploring old Sith tombs for artefacts, her party was ambushed by Imperial troops, led by a very angry Sith lord in charge of security. She only managed to survive due to channeling her anger and relying on her connection to the dark side of the force. Unaware of her power, she managed to force push two Imperial troopers to their deaths and cause a rock cavern to collapse in front of the Sith lord. Trying desperately to escape, she was eventually subdued by the Sith lord, who saw her tremendous force power mixed with her potential testimony in court as an excuse to spare her.


Betraying her cohorts in exchange for a pardon (quite a Neimoidian thing to do), she testified against them, causing them to be executed. She was then sent to Korriban to pursue the Sith trials.


Her natural force abilities, mixed with her talent at duplicity, led her to easily outwit the other acolytes. Of the six acolytes who began the trial, only she survived at the end. She killed the first two using a rock slide, fooling the overseer into believing they died in an accident. The third died by being eaten by some cavern creature of his own stupidity, the fourth was killed by being thrown into a gorge by Ela (something that, once again, was unwitting to the overseer, who couldn't find the body), and the fifth was killed in a epic final duel. Her tremendous skill earned her a place as Sith.


As her story begins, she is to meet her master, Darth Hashira, who requested the trial be held. He is eager to meet her, and the feeling is mutual.




[++] Human calculator: Ela is a human calculator who is completely able to solve extremely difficult equations with blinding ease. This is of use in many ways.


{+} Intelligent: Ela is quite smart, making her intellect something to be feared.


[+] Great acrobat: Ela taught herself acrobatics to hide her stolen food in places where others couldn't find it.


[+] Great at security and thievery: Learned from her time on Cato Neimoidia, she is adept at stealing things, lockpikcing and hiding them where no one can see them.


[-] Ferocious temper: It is tremendously easy to anger, and her outbursts are to be feared.


[-] Lack of social finesse: She lacks any sort of filter and will openly berate anyone who gets in her way.


[--] Weak: She lacks physical strength. She's also tremendously short and scrawny. Any attempt to learn Djem So will be in utter vain.