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Akvase City

- - - - - Jenates Jenari TJE Metropolitan city

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* Intent: To further flesh out the details of Akvase City

* Image Credit: 
* Header custom made by me
* Sith Citadel
* Sith Citadel 2
* Imperial Military HQ
* Imperial Alliance Hall
* Jen'ari Museum
* Akvase City Plaza edited by me
* Gerti Cantina
* Akvase Spaceport

* Canon: N/A

* Links: N/A

* City Name: Akvase City

* Classification: Metropolitan

* Location: Jena'tes

* Affiliation: The Jen'ari Empire

* Demographics:
* Humans: 65%
* Other: 30%
* Sith Species: 5%

* Wealth: High - The Cities income is rated high due to the constant income from Crystals, Casinos, Bars, Nightclubs, as well as the Jen'ari Empire institutes a tax upon all citizens of the Empire and businesses to support Jena'tes and Akvase City

* Stability: High - Akvase City is under strict complete control of The Jen'ari Empire and is under constant Imperial Military control. The Dark Council strikes fear into it's citizens to obey Imperial Law, those that break the law are subject to severe consequences such as imprisonment at the Jen'ari Imperial Prison hidden in the Jena'tes Tundra Section. On occasions one will find execution as a result of crimes.

* Description: From a distance Akvase City is seen as the biggest city on Jena'tes. A massive metropolitan imperial city shrouded in the darkside and constant cloud cover making the city seem very dark, even darker at night. The city lights up bright with the constant lightning flashes in the sky.

\\ Jen'ari Imperial Sith Citadel //

The Jen'ari Imperial Sith Citadel was designed to be 100% Identical on the outside to the Reconstituted Sith Empire's Citadel. The inside back in the old republic was a Labyrinth of tunnels to confuse anyone trying to sneak inside. This time around Darth Vyrassu had a different interior design. The Citadel was filled with several useful things such as: Sith Archives (Sith Grand Library), Sith Combat Dojo, Grand Sith Entrance Hall, The Sacred Black Library, Sith Lord Offices, Dark Lord Offices, Dark Lord quarters, Dark Council Chambers, Imperial Tactical planning rooms, galactic map room, briefing rooms, Sith quarters, Meditation chambers, medical bay, armorsmith, weapon crafting rooms, Ministries department, minister offices, R&D labs, Area S4, Emperor's audience chamber, Emperor's quarters, Emperor's Throne Room. The citadel is constantly under guard by Imperial Sith Troopers, Imperial Commandos, The lethal Sith Marauders and various other sith.

\\ Imperial Military Headquarters //

The Imperial Military HQ is the capital of the entire Jen'ari Imperial Military. Inside the building includes barracks for those stationed at the HQ, Tactical planning rooms, offices, shooting ranges, gyms, armory, and a detention center. The building is under constant guard by Imperial Sith Troopers, Imperial Officers and various Sith. The Spheres of Imperial Offence, Defence and Logistics work through here.

\\ Imperial Alliance Hall //

The Imperial Alliance Hall, or also known as the galactic trade center is where business can be conducted with The Jen'ari Empire by other factions of the galaxy in peace. The building includes a signing room, galactic map room, meeting room, cafeteria, private sleeping quarters and a mini shopping mall.

\\ Jen'ari Museum //

The Jen'ari Museum stands as a defining moment of Darth Vyrassu being alive for over 5,000 years. Vyrassu has collected relics and artifacts through out his life from all eras and has placed them here, the museum features items from the great hyperspace war, the great galactic war, the cold war, hundred year darkness, clone wars, galactic civil war 1 and 2, as well as personal artifacts he has collected.

\\ Akvase City Plaza //

Akvase City plaza was a social center. A big open plaza surrounded by various shops. In the center of the plaza was a big fountain that has a 100 foot high broze statute of Darth Vyrassu. Around the fountain was neon hologram trees and various other sculptures of art. Many citizens of the Jen'ari Empire came to the plaza to socialize and enjoy the art as well as to shop at the various unique shops.

\\ Gerti Cantina //

The Gerti Cantina was 3 things in one building, a bar, a restaurant and a night club, each feature on a different floor. The bar was a place for socializing, listening to music live or by jukebox, have a drink and relax. The restaurant was a very fancy place serving the best kind of food in the outer rim imported from all over the galaxy. The Nightclub usually always had a live band, had a small bar, a dance floor in front of the band stage, and around the room was various circular stages with poles where various female species did exotic dancing.

\\ Akvase Spaceport //

The Akvase Spaceport is the biggest Spaceport on Jena'tes. All major planetary traffic, visitors, civilians, tourists, and guests come through here. Each individual that comes here without a Jen'ari Empire citizenship card is required to check in with the Imperial port authority to register their ship, name, cargo and purposes on Jena'tes, failure to do so results in detaining or execution.
Security Rating: Maximum
The city is under guard constantly by several factors that keep the city safe such as:
* Anti Air Turrets
* Ion Cannons
* Turrets
* Anti air missiles
* Sith Troopers
* Sith Commandos
* Sith Marauders
* Sith Inquisitors
* Order of the Jen'ari (Sith Order)
* Imperial Shadow Guards
* Imperial Officers
* HK Assassin Droids
* Radar scanners
* Security Cameras
* The city is very secured all ships coming into the city must be scanned and documented with ship name, pilot, crew and purpose of being in Akvase City. Anyone visiting the city is subject to be searched as well, and visitors and civilians are not permitted weapons within city limits unless given a weapons permit from the Imperial HQ.

Akvase City now stands where a dense jungle once was. Vyrassu discovered Jena'tes back during the Cold War in The Old Republic. He always envisioned building on Jena'tes for the Reconstituted Sith Empire, but he was never able to follow through with the plans due to war. Now over 5,000 years later Vyrassu resurrected the Reconstituted Sith Empire using the name The Jen'ari Empire and came to Jena'tes with his Empire and captured the planet. Vyrassu ordered and led a campaign to clear a massive portion of the jungle and kill the wild life to make way for the Jen'ari Empire capital city. It was a long process but the hard work came into fruition with a massive metropolitan city named Akvase City that would serve as the capital central city of the Empire. A large portion of the city was designed as a copy of the only city Vyrassu came to know as a home, Kaas City on Dromund Kaas. The city's tallest most prominent building was the massive Sith Citadel in the heart of the city, a monument of The Jen'ari Empire's power, the exterior designed identically to the Reconstituted Sith Empire, however the interior built to suit much more of the Empire's needs.

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