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Mig Gred: The Mando'ad'jetii

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Mig Gred

Mig Gred

    Alor of Clan Gred, Mando'ad'jetii

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Mig Gred: Mando'ad'jetii




Imange from http://images4.fanpo...248-400-400.jpg



Image from https://www.devianta...aster-304328957 (Closest I could find.)




NAME: Mig Gred

FACTION: Mandalorian Empire


RANK: Alor of Clan Gred




AGE: 27


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 5' 10"


WEIGHT: 150 lb


EYES: Right: Naturally Silver, Left: Blue/green cybernetic


HAIR: Brown


SKIN: Lightly tanned



Force Telekinetics

Force Lightning

Enhanced Reflexes

Enhanced Senses

Force Blast (neutral)







Mig is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, a strong Force user, and has a keen knowledge of tactics. In contrast, Mig is a horrible pilot, cocky, and not very stealthy.


Muscular but slim, slightly scarred. Wears light weight Mandalorian armor with only the chest/back plate, gauntlets, shin plates, armored boots, shoulder plates, loose thigh armor and a standard body glove. This armor is painted grey with black detailing.




Mig showed great potential in the Force at a young age, and was quickly trained to weld his gift, as well as a Trayc'kad. While he had a normal, Mandalorian childhood, he was thrusted into a position of leading his clan when his father was killed during an attack that took 3/4 of the Mandalorian population. This event has not changed him much one the outside, bu he does hide his true fears under his helmet. He has now found himself having trouble trusting those outside of the Mand'alor and his own clan due to his link to the Force.


Fighting for Mandalore:

Mig, despite being young, has already fought in many battles for the Mandalorians. From slavers, the raiders, he had done his best to fight off those wishing to harm the citizens under the United Clans of Mandalore. His first major chance of assistance was at Junction, where he joined Yasha Cadera and Gilamar Skirata in diplomatic talks. While he would argue that he almost ruined them, the Alor had admittedly gotten a bit heated with the leader of the world, particularly his views on the Mon Calamari and Quarren. After an attempt on everyone's lives, Mig would join the failed hunt for the would be assassin.


One of the next major evens for the Gred being captured, and forced to fight along with other Mandalorians in the colosseum of Nyriaan. This was where he first meet, Tamar Fitz Kierke and the Mand'alor's daughter Adara Raxis, who were used a path to freedom by blood for the gladiators. Mig used both his melee Force prowess (including sending enough Force Lightning into the colosseum shields to fry a generator) to keep the pair save, and captured Mandalorians managed to survive. Mig then discovered he wasn't the first Gred to be i the colosseum. He ended up giving his fallen Vod's Trayc'kal to Yasha and Kaine Australis as a thanks for being the major players in saving everyone, and the highest honor he could give them for it, though he'd later question giving Kaine one of the blades. 


During this time, he also began training Beth Cadera .


The Storm of Eshan:

Quite possible one of the biggest moments for the Alor, Eshan was a powder keg to begin with. Mig and his clan had originally gone simply to learn of the culture their clan originated from, but the poodoo hit the plasma vent. Mig did his best to focus on attacking only the raiders, and avoiding attacking the citizens there, and was called to investigate something happening at the embassy. Mig, Ilik, Talyn, and Ordan, the Gred's cousin, went to find out what happened at the embassy. The small team was caught in a blast from inside the building, leaving most of them injured, and Ordan dead. Ilik quickly set up a triage to help the wounded nearby, but Ordan's death had given Mig a deep cut. Also, do to the explosion, he didn't learn about the bombardment until later.


Mere weeks later, he was back in an attempt to stop a CIS invasion of the world, and met SJO padawan Kat Decoria. Instead of fighter, other than Mig taking a slash after Kat knocked out a clan mate, the two ended debating the entire situation from both sides. In the end, Mig felt that the Force drew him to give the Echani Ordan's Trayc'kal, explaining the honor and protection that came with it. In a surprising twist, she gave the Mandalorian her brother's Vibroblade.


After Eshan:

After Eshan, Mig seemed to calm down for the most part, and has started dating Tamar.


EQUIPMENT: Lightsaber Trayc'kad (http://starwarsrp.ne...d/#entry1891817), Echani Vibrosword given to him by Kat Decoria , Mandalorian amor, comms unit, Slick Anti-Acid Coat.




UNDER COMMAND: Arachnid-AT, 4 Yoma-AB, 20 Claymore Tank Destroyers, 200 SLaMs, 16 Princeps-Class Light Tanks, 12 Mandalorian Viper Interceptors








Fighting For Mandalor:








Personal Missions:









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"You can't ignore your emotions, but you also can't let them control you."