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Bring Back Peer Ranking with FU's/Company Tiers

Rez the Old

Best Answer Julius Sedaire, 17 December 2018 - 01:03 PM

Genie is already out of the bottle bub, ain't no putting it back. Good or ill.

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Kei Amadis

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Probably better off looking for other ways to encourage RP between people. Families obviously are a big one. Factions another. Dominions another. Events, Character/Social Development. Fleet/Ship Dev, PVP another etc. 

Just keep adding to that list. Trying to define a few new ones that fit universally as concepts, for others to then run with. I know these don't come up overnight and are trial and error.


Let's be honest though, people still earn respect from roleplaying with others. It means a lot more than any rank tag ever will under the avatar, pretty as they are to look at.

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