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Amra-Type Aggressive Recon Droid

- - - - - Imani Corp Lion Droid Aggressive Recon Doonium

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Njau Imani

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  • Manufacturer: Imani Corp.
  • Affiliation: Open-Market 
  • Model: Amra-Type ARD
  • ProductionLimited 

  • Modularity: Slightly
  • Material: 
    • Doonium
    • Kyber Crystal
    • Dampner Treated Canvas
    • Durasteel
    • Droid Parts


  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Height: 1 Meter
  • Movement:Quadrupedal
  • Armaments: 
    • Blaster [Mouth]
    • Retractable VibroTeeth
    • Retractable VibroClaws
    • Micro Missile Tubes [Shoulders]
    • Dart Launcher [Tail]
  • Misc. Equipment: 
    • Olfactory Sensors
    • Electrobinocular Vision
    • Video and Audio Recording
    • Gabonna Memory Crystal
    • Audio Amplifier
    • Voice Modulator - Canine Sounds
    • Micro Solar Panels 
    • Multi-Vision Photoreceptors


  • Heuristic Processor :Allows for the droid to learn over time, giving each droid a more personalized experience and allowing the droid to complete more complex tasks over time. 
  • Data Converter/Transmitter: Allows the droid to process and transfer data collected to various droid coordination devices and other Imani Corp droids.
  • Isku Coordinator Vision: Allows for the Amra-Type to transmit both audio and video directly to a person utilizing Isku coordination gear.


  • Stopping Power: The blaster inside the mouth of the Amra-Type ARD held the stopping power equivalent to laser cannon
  • Doonium Armor: The Amra-Type ARD held impressive defensive capabilities and could take more than a few shots from a light or low powered blaster


  • Kyber Crystal: Broken kyber crystals were volatile and liable to explode if the blaster were to fire.
  • Gas Guzzler: The more powerful blaster/laser required much more gas and needed to be reloaded after only twelve shots.
  • Hacked: Without extensive modification, the droid suffers from the same issue as most of Imani Corp's products. Its data transmitter is easily hacked, making it possible for slicers to hack one droid and infect an entire pack or even jump back to the coordination device and hack that whether it be a coordination station or one of Imani Corp's portable droid coordinators.
  • Ion Weapons/EMP: Ion weapons work how you would expect them to on a droid

The Amra-Type ARD was a droid developed for the Zanj defense force. Designed to resemble the Zanji themselves, the Amra-type droid was a heavier armored and slightly better armed variant of the Way'ego-class Patrol droid. The droid was meant to follow soldiers into battle and provide tactical information, covering fire, and overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers. Often groups of the droid were lead by a single "male" type which had heavier armor plating around its neck and head to protect the various sensors, cameras, communications gear, and droid control units that they housed. Through these systems they were able to coordinate quick strikes with other nearby Amra-Type droids. They were also able to communicate with other Imani Corp. droids such as Way'ego and LH-Kufu droid platforms. The "Female" type Amra droids held less armor but also lacked the complex sensor and communications gear but retained the weapon systems. Blinder-like devices equipped to the droid also allowed for coordinators utilizing Isku droid coordinators to see through the eyes of their droids from long distances.


Similar to the Way'ego the Amra-Type ARD held a single blaster in its mouth, though this one was much more powerful than the one used in the Way'ego as it utilized kyber focusing technology. Its power output was more akin to a laser, though with the advantage of being able to utilize the small parts of a blaster. The heavier armor also allowed the droid to take more punishment than the Way'ego. Doonium armor plating along with blaster resistant mesh protected the droid from slight weapons fire. Its doonium teeth and claws were connected to vibration motors, similar to those found in vibroblades which made them able to shred through durasteel and other materials with ease and wreaked havoc bodies. Almost exclusively sold to militias, the defense force, and ruling families as status symbols, the Amra-Type ARD was a symbol in the Zanji's culture. They were often seen as slightly less dangerous exotic pets to rich off-worlders and cost a fortune to export off the planet. 



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