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The Jedi Remnant

Jedi Remnant

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Intent: The Jedi Organization aligned with the Resistance

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Organization Name: Jedi Remnant

Classification: Religious Organization | Paramilitary Group | Law Enforcement Agency

Loyalties: The Resistance

Organization Symbol:



Description: The Jedi Temples that had stood for years are no more. The New Jedi Order and the Silver Jedi were driven from their long-standing homes on Sullust and Voss, following the Jedi Order of the Republic and others in the last decades. The Jedi Remnant consists of those Jedi and other Light-Side oriented fringe groups that chose to align themselves with the Resistance. Militaristic and driven, the Jedi Remnant are aware of their primary goal: Stand against the Dark Side at all costs.


Wisdom is not inaction, but knowing when to act. The pursuit of knowledge and the precise execution of its lessons.


Consisting of several satellite temples residing on escort frigates scattered throughout the galaxy, the Remnant forgoes the traditional temples and libraries of the Jedi, preferring self-imposed exile. The broken order has only a handful of Masters to guide and direct the newer generation of Force Users, the bulk of its numbers formed from younger blood who are generally more reckless and harbor a desire to be more active in conflicts alongside their allies.


Discipline is the ability to control one’s self, to strive beyond your limits in times of need and to restrain yourself in times of suffering and pain.


The Jedi Remnant has organized the protection and training of Force Sensitives, gathering the Force Sensitives they are allowed to, in the hopes raising up the next generation of Force Users to fight back against the Sith Empire and First Order from the nomadic fleet they operate from. Most students are taught in groups with some formal classes, most are allowed to develop their own approach to the Force and individual studies. The Remnant places a heavy focus on learning by doing, as its members are usually older and more experienced than many Jedi groups throughout the galaxy, being more akin to Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Praxeum in that regard.


Courage is about finding the will to help those in need and the conviction to protect them from harm even at cost to yourself. Courage comes from within.



Headquarters: RNS Solemn Purpose

Realm: The Jedi Remnant has no permanent control or offices in any system, moving from place to place and only stopping for supplies when absolutely necessary.


Domain: The Jedi Remnant is an underground movement, utilizing a handful nomadic Temple Ships across several regions of space throughout the galaxy. These small ships, usually EF87 Nebulon-E Carriers, roam through their dedicated region attempting to assist the populations that live there as best they can.


Notable Assets: EF87 Nebulon-E Carrier Frigates | CR112 Corvettes | AE-C1 Hammerhead Corvettes



Hierarchy: The Jedi Remnant, being a loose conglomeration of Jedi, Rogue Jedi, and other Light Side-Oriented Force Senstives, lacks a formalized Council or Jedi Grandmaster, Marshal or the like, instead its upper echelons consist of a number of Jedi Masters. Some of these Masters participate as members of the Resistance Advisory Council, providing guidance to the Provisional Government. These few are normally masters elected from within the Remnant sent to represent them upon invitation from the Chief of State, and are generally considered to bear heightened authority by the rest of its membership despite having no official command.


The Temple Masters, assigned leadership over the handful of satellite Temple Ships that go out from the Solemn Purpose are the only ones with official command. While it varies from Temple to Temple, the Temple Master is more or less the ultimate authority for the Remnant within their region of space, assigning missions, recalling Jedi Knights assigned to them, and attempting to maintain the resources, supporting forces, and information over their own ever-changing numbers. Often they will appoint a small number of other Jedi Masters to assist them as a small, impromptu council with the Temple Master at the head. What few other Masters exist within the Remnant will often come and go out of their scope of space as their own missions call them across the galaxy, however they are not granted any official authority, just the respect that goes along with their title and rank.


Jedi Knights form the bulk of the Remnant’s forces, being sent out alone, in small units, commanding Jedi lead task forces of the Resistance, or as subordinates to Resistance Commanders at the direction of the Masters, dispatched whenever and wherever necessary. Normally they are assigned to the satellite temples, which they operate out of, however their missions may call them outside of that sphere of responsibility or they may simply wander from planet to planet regardless of their official assignment. What older Padawans exists, are either assigned in pairs or trios or placed under the tutelage of a knight or willing master. Most padawans and younglings are sent back to the RNS Solemn Purpose for training and safety until they are old enough to begin their life in the field.


The Remnant maintains a small detachment of supporting forces, normally volunteers from the Resistance Military or former Guardians of the Whills who focus on crewing and maintaining their Temple ships, performing as mechanics and technicians to repair Jedi ships and starfighters, and non-force sensitive medical personnel to care for the injured. A small group of associated armed forces provide security, act as escort pilots, or as operators alongside Jedi are assigned to each temple under the Temple Master and his subordinates, usually under an officer who acts as the liaison to the Temple for the Resistance.


Membership: The Jedi Remnant accepts any Jedi or Light Side oriented Force Sensitive that aligns themselves with their sect of the shattered remains of the orders within the galaxy. Most are only accepted if they can be vouched for by upstanding members of the group or are discovered by its existing members at a young age. The Remnant takes in war orphans on occasion, but prefers to take in teenagers or young adults on a volunteer basis through a vetting process as it does not have the resources to expend on raising children, nor does its leaders want to establish multiple generations of war time Jedi.


Influence: The Jedi Remnant holds little influence over the space its temples and Jedi patrol. Most have only limited connections within that space, some keeping ties with more benevolent underworld groups, others having some influence within underground criminal cells, but none have any official control or authority outside the Remnant itself.


Climate: Members of the Jedi Remnant are usually treated with respect within the Resistance and their own ranks, though there are many who consider them exiles more so than central figures. Their skills and abilities make them valuable assets to most, but there is still some suspicion and distrust from the Resistance Officers who work alongside them. They are militaristic in nature, hoping to take a more proactive role in the war effort despite the disapproval of some of its members.


Reputation: The galaxy has many Jedi based organizations within it with varying popularity or infamy. Some are considered too weak, others to warlike, and thus the denotation of Jedi carries very different weight depending on who or where it is used. The Remnant is overall a more aggressive, militaristic version of the Jedi Order with no official government backing.


Rules: The Jedi Remnant follows the Jedi Code set down by Grandmaster Luke Skywalker of the New Jedi Order, albeit the majority of its leadership possess a more militant interpretation of its tenets, believing that the turmoil within the galaxy calls them to take measures to defend the innocents from the many threats in power and on the rise proactively rather than react.


Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy.

Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect.

Jedi respect all life, in any form.

Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy.

Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.


Doctrines: They’ve aligned themselves alongside the Resistance, but officially they are a separate entity believing that it is not their place to lend their unyielding support to any government but to advocate for justice and peace when possible, and to fight for it when necessary regardless of which government is in power. The Remnant is careful given its active participation in warfare and conflict, likening themselves to warrior-monks and law enforcement who are required to enter into conflict in order to fulfil their duties, following an altered version of the Jedi Tenets to resemble their wartime attitude in the hopes that these tenets will assist their members fulfill their responsibilities without restricting their ability to act.


A Jedi should never draw their blade until all other viable paths have been explored, but when they do ignite their blade, they should not hesitate to use it.

Jedi should hold respect for all life, devoted to protecting the defenseless from evil.

Jedi will not kill defenseless enemies, nor for vengeance or hatred. A Jedi will enact justice when necessary.

Jedi must place the needs of the community above the needs of individuals.

Jedi are not bound to governments, people, or popularity, but to the Will of the Force.

Jedi should not rule, but must forge the path ahead as a guide for others

Jedi use the Force for knowledge and defense, never for aggression or personal gain.

Jedi should be self-reliant, they should not hoard wealth or possessions unnecessarily.

A Jedi may have attachments, but their ultimate loyalty must always be to the Balance of the Force.


The Jedi Code calls for Jedi to act only in defense and never in aggression, however being a paramilitary organization and with large portions of its membership calling for active participation in conflict, the Remnant follows the interpretations of several legendary Jedi, such as Corran Horn, Ganner Rhysode, and K’kruhk, who advocated for proactive defensive measures in their time as well.


"In a tactical situation where disabling an enemy's ability to respond would guarantee the safety of others, the strike is defensive."


"A preemptive strike at a target, for example, is merely proactive defense."


When we as Jedi draw a line, any that choose to approach it are the aggressors.


Goals: The simplistic overall goal of any Jedi should be to eradicate or redeem the Sith in all their forms and promote the establishment of governments supporting the people they represent. The Jedi Remnant holds this true, but maintains a more believable short term goal of resisting the Sith, the Dark Side, and evil in all its forms in order to save as many sentient beings as they are able to. The Remnant supports the Resistance Provisional Government in this goal and much of its hierarchy is either on or allowed to speak before the Advisory Council.



Master Kol Varon

Laira Darkhold

Saeza Bolok’Vang



The Jedi Order has gone through dozens of incarnations, both before and after the Gulag Plague. In the Old Republic the Jedi Purge saw the Order set to ruin and largely wiped out. The New Jedi Order that followed struggled for over one hundred years before a second Jedi Purge forced its members into conflict. After the Gulag Plague the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Alliance both built their own Jedi organizations in an effort to combat the growing Sith powers and influences in the Galaxy.


The Jedi Remnant formed shortly after the Burning of Thyferra and the following collapse of the Galactic Alliance, around the same time the Resistance was declared by its Provisional Government. Though aligned alongside the Resistance, the Remnant holds no official support or control and provides none to the Resistance. It was originally formed by those Jedi who either believed the Galactic Alliance was no longer capable of protecting its territory or the people residing within it, and by other disenfranchised Force Sensitives who preferred the more militaristic and proactive views of the new founded remains of the old orders.


The Remnant lacks a formal structure such as a High Council or Grand Master, as most previous incarnations of the post in the post-Gulag Era had either been ineffective in their role, inactive in defending the galaxy, or were eventually corrupted by the influence of the Sith. Instead the Remnant is maintained by a loose group of Masters and other experienced Jedi to govern themselves and those aligning alongside them, only appointing a handful of trusted individuals to safeguard its satellite temples with the body merely acting as guides for the Jedi under their supervision in a role more similar to the ancient Jedi Praxeum. The loose conglomeration was only officially established in the months following the final collapse of the Galactic Alliance and the New Jedi Order with it. 



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Okay, yeah, this looks great. I always like when more Lightside stuff pops into the Codex.