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Sparrow Mk 1

- - - - - Droid Life Day Gift

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Seto Du Couteau

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Sparrow Mk1
Intent: Personal Droid, A kind of pet and as a gift
Image Source: Drake by GeoSpooky
Canon Link:N/A
Primary Source: N/A
Affiliation: Knights of Ren, Closed Market
Model: Sparrow Mk 1
Production: Semi-Unique
Modularity: Yes
Material: Durasteel, Droid Parts, Duravlex, Ferrocarbon
Classification: Third Degree
Weight: 21kg
Height: 90cm
Movement: Repulsorlift/Wings
Armaments: Sharpened Durasteel Talons, Vibroblades
Misc. Equipment: Communication Equipment, Advanced Data Scanning Tools
+ Extreme Cold/Heat Resistance
+ Highly advanced Droid Brain; Designed as a perfect escort/companion droid
+ High EMP Resistance 
+ High Maneuverability
+ Medium Blaster Resistance
- Lightly Armored
- Lightly Armed
- Weak Wing Frame
- Weak to Explosives
- Poor Carrying Weight Capacity 
The push for “recreational” droid had at first been frowned upon, but with a slight spin on the Recon Droid purpose, it gave enough reason to be greenlit for both creation and production. A particular Knight of Ren had pushed for said new Recon Droid the most and with certain excitement pushed ahead to quickly get the Droid into production. 
Perhaps due to poor testing, or even this particular Knight of Ren’s own interference, the Sparrow Mk 1’s production was quickly halted. Only a handful exist in working condition and now most likely doomed to be forgotten in the vast library of “Suspended” plans for future production and or modifications for improvement. 
Though, for what the Sparrow Mk1 droid lacked in combat effectiveness, it certainly held a certain grace with its own unique ability to fly. Strange and foremost unique, this particular droid model found itself under a certain Knight of Ren of most varied personality and fondness for the unique and strangeness of this droid. 




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Vigil Rostu

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