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Wild Space Jedi Forces

Resistance Jedi Remnant

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Intent: A Jedi Organization aligned with the Resistance

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Role: Jedi Remnant Division

Links: Outer Rim Jedi Forces



Group Name: Wild Space Jedi Forces

Classification: Paramilitary Organization | Religious Organization

Headquarters: RNS Solace of Conviction, EF87 Nebulon-E Carrier Frigate

Loyalties: The Resistance | The Jedi Remnant

Group Sigil:



Description: The Wild Space Jedi Forces, sometimes called the Wild Space Remnant or the Wild Space Jedi are a division of the Resistance-aligned Jedi Remnant operating primarily in the part of the galaxy between Chiss Space and the Braxant Run. Sometimes its membership will wander beyond these loose borders, chasing whatever mission they have embarked upon or roaming elsewhere in the galaxy, but they will always have a place to return to should the need arise.


For the most part they use the RNS Solace of Conviction as a mobile temple, drifting within their sphere of responsibility so that the Jedi who do venture from it have a place to rest, resupply, and seek guidance from the more experienced Masters assigned to the division. Jedi Knights mostly operate independently, but are on rare occasion summoned back and issued orders by the Masters, undertaking missions for the Remnant and the Resistance as needed.


Several dozen Jedi Knights and teenaged Padawans are assigned to the Temple ship in addition to the three Masters that act as its unofficial council, who come and go at will. At least one Master remains with the ship at all times, and there is always a handful of Jedi staying on the ship at any given time while the others are deployed. Other Jedi from other regions or sects will also come and go, being provided refuge as the Wild Space Jedi are able to provide it.



Hierarchy: The Jedi Remnant aligned with the Resistance operates out of a small handful of Temple Ships, sending the vessels to certain regions of the Galaxy to oversee operations there and provide a place of rest for the migrant Jedi of the Remnant. For the Wild Space division there are three Jedi Masters assigned to the division oversee the organization, maintaining the resources, support forces, and their own ever-changing numbers. Temple Master B’rahk is the overall leader of the faction, often quick to leap into action however he is held accountable by his two subordinate council members, Ungatt Ryn and Leona’veras, who share the burden of leadership with him. Other Masters will come and go out of their scope of space as their own missions call them across the galaxy, however they are not granted any official authority, just the respect that goes along with their title.


Beneath these three, Jedi Knights, Rogue Jedi, and other light-side oriented Force User’s form the bulk of the Wild Space Jedi Forces. They often travel alone or with small crews of their own from system to system, ranging far and wide through their sphere of responsibility going wherever they feel they are needed, sometimes even beyond into the wider galaxy. Officially they remain members of the Wild Space Jedi no matter how far they roam, unless they put in for a transfer.


Very few younglings are kept aboard the Solace of Conviction, as it is one of the less supplied and stable division of the Jedi Remnant with few resources available for teaching young children. However, teenage and older padawans travelling with their Jedi Knights or in small groups aren’t uncommon to wander the ship’s corridors, attending training sessions and lessons between field missions. The support forces, consisting mainly of crewmen, mechanics, and technicians aid in repairing and maintaining the ship, as well as medical personnel to help care for the injured and sick. A handful of Resistance Soldiers and Pilots provide security and form the body of action groups at the discretion of the Temple Master and his appointed subordinates. They are represented by Captain Anton Teem, the Resistance liaison to the Temple.


Membership: The Jedi Remnant accepts any Jedi or Light Side oriented Force Sensitive that aligns themselves with the shattered remains of the orders within the galaxy. The Wild Space division of the Jedi Remnant consists of members of the Remnant that are assigned to it, recruited for it by its Masters, or simply operate from its Temple as it is the closest to where they chose to live and carry out their missions.


Doctrines: The Wild Space Jedi follow similar codes and beliefs as the Jedi Remnant, utilizing the code set down by Luke Skywalker to his Jedi Praxeum and an altered version of the traditional Jedi tenets as a whole. Temple Master B’rahk representing the far militant style of the Remnant and his subordinate Masters, Ungatt and Leona’veras, both of the more moderate mindset.


Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy.

Jedi use their powers to defend and to protect.

Jedi respect all life, in any form.

Jedi serve others rather than ruling over them, for the good of the galaxy.

Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.


Curios: Most Jedi Remnant members carry their own specially-crafted Lightsaber reminiscent of the older and more formal Jedi Orders. With the more militant style of the Remnant, many Jedi wear some form of armor, however spacer’s outfits are more common. Additionally they are given Ghostwave Communicators in order to contact the various temples and communicate with their peers.


Goals: The Wild Space Jedi Forces of the Remnant have a limited scope in their mission, hoping to improve, defend, or liberate the worlds in Wild Space between Chiss Space and the Braxant Run as well as drive back the Sith presence there. Master B’rahk one day hopes to link his sphere of responsibility with the Tingel Arm division of the Remnant, but he understands these are high hopes in eras like this.



Master B’rahk is the Acting-Jedi Commander of the Wild Space division, and Temple Master of the RNS Solace of Conviction. B’rahk has a straightforward militaristic view on the Jedi Code and its tenets, preferring to teach his students to understand that direct conflict with the forces of darkness has become necessary in the current age, advocating heavily for decisiveness and quick action rather than meditation. Instincts must be trained and disciplined to guide a Jedi through these turbulent times, as the future remains clouded to even the wisest farseer. He is stern and stoic, not known for easily forgiving failures and being slow to allow others to regain his trust. His views made him popular among the Resistance Military for his proactiveness and pragmatic understanding of their mission against the forces of evil.


The whiphid Jedi Master is fairly lean and on the short side for his species, though he towers over the average human being standing at two hundred twenty centimeters tall. He is covered with greying fur, betraying his middle age to those that look upon him. His arms and torso bear numerous scars from many battles, normally obscured by his long brown robes.


B’rahk is a lightsaber specialist, using fundamental Force abilities to enhance his effectiveness in combat similar to the abilities commonly seen throughout the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War. He prefers to use a single intense blade, but is knowledgeable with several Lightsaber styles even carrying a shoto in addition to his primary weapon, preferring the Strong Style with a mixture of Shien and Djem So which benefit the large frame of his species.


Master Leona’veras is a Consular and the Master Healer of the Wild Space division. She primarily operates in helping establish new cells and making contact with others in the area of space afforded to her, dispatching the Jedi Knights under her command as they are available to aid them. She is much more reserved than her counterparts in her judgement, holding to the belief that open battle should always be a last resort, however she understands that once it has begun it must be fought to the end. Leona has been described as kind and confident in her demeanor, aiding in healing those she can spending most of her time assisting in hospitals with a warm bedside manner. As a Jedi, she prefers to be polite yet stern with her subordinates, radiating authority and commanding respect.


Leona’veras is a fairly attractive light-green skinned Twi’lek in her early thirties having only recently achieved the rank of Jedi Master. She is lithe in her frame, standing roughly one hundred seventy centimeters tall. Her lekku are tattooed with black markings down to her cheek bones similar to many of her species.


She has a fearsome potency with uses of Malacia, Force Slow, and Crucitorn paired with a strong understanding of anatomy making her very dangerous if she ever chose to be. Rumors of her capabilities abound, however she insists she is simply a precision scalpel rather than the battle axe most Masters and Sith are, able to affect others much more accurately but not necessarily more potently. Her Lightsaber skills are subpar for most Jedi, focusing on the Form III defensive style of Soresu with a dual bladed lightsaber to maximize the space she is able to cover.


Master Ungatt Ryn is a conservative Jedi of the Remnant, preferring measured actions and patience in all he does, being charismatic and charming. Even his enemies have described him as much kinder and more polite than they would have expected. While some of the more proactive Jedi might consider him inactive or indecisive due to his relatively soft-spoken manner and humble demeanor, Ungatt is purposefully deliberate in his decision making but not afraid to act. He bears a friendly and kind demeanor exuding understanding and gentleness despite being a towering feline of muscle and sinew while residing at the temple, and a beacon of power and courage on the battlefield inspiring others and banishing fear from his comrades.


The towering white maned togorian standing almost three meters tall with a muscular frame. His deep blue eyes contrast his white and golden fur. Ungatt prefers to wear white and blue clothing, normally simply a skirt or fauld and a hooded cloak with a standard brown leather belt like many Jedi. His most striking attire is usually a pair of large golden pauldrons he has worn, claiming them to be a symbol of honor among Togorians ever since the first Massacre of Togoria carried out by Darth Vornskr. He rarely wears anything on his feet, and when he does he likes to use custom waterproof thermal socks.


Ungatt wields a large bladed weapon native to his Togorian Culture, not unlike a double-headed Mythosaur Axe, which is Force Imbued in the same manner as basic Force Imbued Blades allowing it to carve through metal like a lightsaber, damaging to and able to banish darkside spirits. He is skilled with it, but is no duelist in battle so much as he is a natural leader. Instead he specializes in aiding others on the battlefield with skills such as Battlemind, Force Valor, and creating Protection Bubbles leading from the front alongside other fundamental uses of the Force associated with Jedi.


Laira Darkhold

Saeza Bolok’Vang



When the Jedi Remnant resolved to form on its own, independent of the other Jedi Organizations in the galaxy, they elected to remain a loose formation without a formal Council or Grandmaster in an effort to avoid the corruption they had noticed in the Orders of the Galactic Republic and Galactic Alliance. The Masters and other veteran Force Sensitives within the Remnant set about the difficult task of organizing themselves without providing any one of their number with too much influence or power. In the end, they settled on appointing Temple Masters from among the most trusted members to oversee the safety and operation of the satellite temples that could be recalled if their practices were brought into question.


The Wild Space Jedi Forces, being between Chiss Ascendancy Space, a long time Imperial supporting group who lend forces and political influence to several imperial-esque organizations since the Gulag-Plague and the Braxant Run controlled by the Sith Empire and before the Primeval, the Remnant understood that its forces would be in grave danger. Understanding this inevitability, they appointed B’rahk, a militant Whiphid Jedi as the Temple Master in part for his good standing with the Resistance armed forces also in the region. With precious few Master’s within the Remnant, only two others were able to be sent along with him, Ungatt Ryn and Leona’veras, both more moderate and patient Jedi to counter and compensate for the warrior they elected to command.

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