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Zoltan's Stealth Armor

- - - - - Stealth suit

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Intent: To provide Zoltan with a stealth suit.

Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Zoltan

Model: N/A


Modularity: Armor may vary depending on op

Production: Unique

Material: Plastoid, Reflec

Classification: Multi-purpose

Weight: 16kg

Quality: 10



Bends light

Blocks sensors

Enhances agility

Enhances strength



Little protection

Battery life is only eight hours

Weak to EMP/Ion


Special Features: Stealth technology, Exoskeleton




Armour Components:

  • Light bending technology

  • Sound baffling tech (Reduces noise)

  • Special polymer coating (Reflec) which stops sensor technology.

  • Compression sealed Body Glove and Breath mask (For hostile environments)

  • Energy Dispersing Surface

  • IFF circuitry for Identification

  • Security Resonator

  • Genetic Coding Activation

  • Magnetic Weapon Holsters

  • Magnetized boots

  • Retractable Vibro-blade

  • Exoskeleton

Helmet Components:

  • Range Finder

  • Multi-Frequency Target and Acquisition System (HUD, Friend/Foe Designation)

  • Self-preserving Oxygen Filters and Reserve Tank (2 hours)

  • Automatic Polarizing and Anti-Flash Blinding Lenses.

  • Holographic Vision Processors. (Thermal/Night-vision/Ultraviolet/Infrared)

  • Macrobinaculor with range of one kilometer

  • Encrypter Internal Comlink with Three-Phase Sonic Filter

  • Vocoder for audio output.

  • Audio and Video Recorders

  • Cooling and Atmospheric Temperature Control System

Utility Components:

  • Utility Belt equipped with:

  • High Tension Wire

  • Grappling Hooks

  • Spare Power Packs

  • Ion Flares

  • Energy Rations

  • Encrypted Anti-Jamming C1 Military Comm Link

  • Water Packs

  • Medpacs

  • Coded Thermal Detonator


Upon joining the Jen’ari empire Zoltan discovered a whole new world of technology. He was not very strong and mobility and reflex was always an Echani’s strong suit, so he decided to make something that would enhance his own. Then taking from the fabled Tengu who haunted Eshan’s fiefdoms Zee put in a stealth suit. Like the tengu assassins his suit would allow him to stalk his prey with ease. All the while he would go completely undetected. It has a full body glove with plastoid armor pieces. Every part of the suit is covered in reflec and all of the tools are hidden within a small compartment on the back. This back compartment also holds a holster for Zoltan’s foldable dual bladed vibrostaff.

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Can you please fill out the entire Armor sheet required for your submission. If a field that is there cannot be filled, then simply put "N/A" 


The required format is in the spoiler, just copy and paste it to your submission and fill it out please. 




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Please delete this. It was a copy and paste of a poor submission.






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