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Vexia's Beskar'garm

- - - - - CIS Beskargarm

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Allya Vi'Dreya

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Out Of Character Information:


Intent: To create another armor set for Allya Vi'Dreya.

Image Source: Commissioned by me, drawn by the talented Ravnos

Canon Link: http://starwars.wiki...ndalorian_armor

Primary Sources: http://starwarsrp.ne...s-combat-armor/, http://starwarsrp.ne...ozin-beskargam/




Manufacturer: Allya Vi'Dreya and CIS Armor makers.

Affiliation: Allya Vi'Dreya

Model: N/A

Modularity: No

Production: Unique

Materials: Glasteel, Beskar, Armorweave, Baffleweave, Titanium, Duraplast, Taozin Amulet, Insulated Circuitry




Classification: Multi-Purpose

Weight: Average



Blasters – High

Kinetic – Very High

Lightsabers – Average

Sonic – Average

EMP/ION – High

Elemental – Average

Cold – Low



Special Features:







Highly Resistant to Blasters and Ballistics: Beskar'garm is highly effective at stopping blasters, shrapnel and various ballistic weapons that come into play.

Insulated Circutry: The sensors and circuits throughout the technologically advanced armor are shielded from Ion and EMP attacks, by using insulating materials.

Taozin Amulet: It helps mask her force presence from a large distance, and potentially to protect her armor from attacks by shatterpoint.

Fireproof: Her cloak and armorweave body glove are nearly impossible to catch on fire.

Undetected: The armorweave/Baffleweave mix cloak is very good at hiding her weapons from scanners.

Technology: State of the art technology fills the suit, making it far more effective than most.



Unprotected areas: Like most Beskar'garm, this armor has areas exposed, most notably around the joints, and legs, where only the armorweave is protecting.

Weakness to Cold: A personal weakness of Allya's that tends to make it into her armor, cold attacks are more effective than normal against this set of armor

Easily Identifiable: Her armor is in CIS colors, and is clearly that of a Mandalorian, making her stand out right away.

Technology dependent: This armor works well due to the sheer amount of technology found in it, however, and the insulated circuitry helps block the most likely forms of taking it out. However, if it does manage to go out, the armor becomes a hindrance rather than an ally.

Fire Still Hurts: While her cloak and bodyglove are hard to catch fire, it doesn't stop her from feeling the heat in the slightest.




Due to the attentions of her father, Allya became more attached to her Mandalorian heritage, and less caring of rejecting that aspect of herself. As well, after the battle of Triffis, she realized the limitations of her previously created armor. She needed more. To that end, she created a traditional set of Mandalorian Beskar'garm, based on a previous design her father had made a life time ago.


She started off with a fire resistant armor weave body glove, followed by a titanium frame, and beskar armored plates. Duraplast helped to extend the armor into the weak zones some, offering more protection around her joints, arms, and legs. Two Mandalorian vambraces would go around her wrists, enhancing her defensive and attack abilities tremendously. Taak'tabi boots would be on her feet, protecting and adding even more abilities. Taozin Amulets were built into the armor, helping to hide her force presence from others. A specialized belt for yet more technology and storage was then added on. However, halfway through the development, she realized the limitations and weaknesses of her creation.


It's most glaring weakness was its heavy reliance on state of the art technology. To protect it from the most common ways to knock it out, insulated circuits and wiring were put in, to help stop EMP and Ion attacks. Finally, she put a lot of technology into the helmet, sensors, comm units, oxygen tanks, and so much more. The armor was completed, but it wasn't finished. When done, she wore various cloaks over the armor, made of a armorweave/baffleweave composite. It wasn't really better than traditional Beskar'garm, however, it was hers, unique, and special, and emblazoned in purple and black.


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